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Dec 17, 8:00 pm (ESPN) - Giants at Cowboys
Game 15
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 0 0 7 10 17
Cowboys 7 6 0 0 13
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The New York Giants are the NFC East champions.
Giants win with a come-from-behind 17-13 victory over the Cowboys.
Giants became the first team to clinch a division title this season.
Giants held the Cowboys to just 75 total yards rushing.
Giants sacked Anthony Wright five times, all in the second half.
Head coach Jim Fassel has led the Giants to be division champs for the 2nd time in his 4 year carrer.

The Giants win the Division Gamegirl.
"Yes, isn't it great!. They gave Dallas hope and us fans a lot of worries in the first half. It seemed like the refs were against us. They weren't exactly making bad calls, but it was like all the Giants players were under a ref microscope. Other things weren't working out, like the Giants moved downfield pretty good on the opening drive, only to have Daluiso's kick get blocked after making 12 straight. Then you knew you were in a Dallas - Giants war for sure, when the Cowboys took over and scored 7 on their first drive, using their brand-new quarterback.

Wright drove the Cowboys 65 yards in 8 plays giving the Cowboys a 7-0 lead.
"But then things changed. It's not often the Giants can spot a team 13 points and then come back and win. One thing's for sure, now's the time to learn how to do those kind of things that are expected of a playoff team, and thank God for Tiki Barber. When in doubt, get the ball to Tiki, and now it looks like he has a real shot at getting a thousand yards for the season."

Tike needs only 62 yards. Emmitt Smith is going to have a lot tougher time.
"Emmitt Smith is really an amazing player. He came out and ran for 15 yards on his first carry. I thought he was going to tear up the Giants the way he did last week, when he carried Dallas on his back that whole game against the Redskins. Luckily, the Giants settled down and were able to control him, and he wasn't able to do it against Giants defense They really dug in, and the offense came up with the points. Now I'll have to shell out for playoff tickets, but that's just fine with me."

How did you like Jason Sehorn introducing the players?
"It was great. I make no secret that I love the way he looks, and he was dressed up real nice for it too. I would have missed it if this was a home game. If they make it a permanent segment, I'll tape it every week! "

It was some game all in all.
"You call that a game? It was a riot. The refs almost needed to call squad cars onto the field the way it was going, and it's a good thing the Giants kept their cool, although they had their moments. It would have been a shame to blow this game. Just look where things stand now. The Giants are Division Champs. They've shown they can come from behind in a game and win, and all is right with the universe. "

It was the first time this season the Giants trailed at halftime and won.
"Yes, but it's about time the Giants step up and show they can do it, don't you think? Of course Kerry Collins is the key player in all this. He is recognized as the leader on the field, and when he's jumpy, things don't work. For someone who has 'been there before', I'd say he needs to show a little more composure. Dallas quarterback Anthony Wright looked calmer in his first start than Collins did. Maybe Wright just didn't know to be afraid of the Giants, but he found out later in the game. Collins on the other hand has barely been sacked this whole season. Relax Kerry, you can do it."

Collins threw one to Howard Cross.
"Yeah, on the second pass of the opening drive, and it was on a 3rd and 8 play. Cross picked up 9 yards. What's the deal with that? Does it confuse the defense? Does it somehow keep them honest that they throw to Cross once a game here and there? My point is that if it works to throw to Cross, do it more. It's funny, but you realize that Howard Cross came away from the game with better receiving stats than Ike Hilliard (1-7), and Greg Comella (1-7)."

What's next?
"Since Minnesota lost to Green Bay, the Giants can wrap up the top overall NFC playoff seed, and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, if they win this Saturday against Jacksonville. Even if the Vikings beat the Colts on Sunday, the Giants will win out based on their 9-3 record in NFC games, since the Vikings are 8-4 in NFC games.
On the other hand, the Giants can lose to the Jaguars and still be the No. 1 seed if:
The Rams lose to the Buccaneers on MNF, and then the Rams beat the Saints on Sunday, and the Vikings lose to the Colts. The Giants and Vikings both would be 11-5, but the Giants would win on the conference record tiebreaker. "


Giants - Kerry Collins 12-26 for 140 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.
Cowboys - Anthony Wright 13-25 for 119 yards, 1 INT.

Giants - Tiki Barber 20-80, Ron Dayne 8-19, Ron Dixon 1-1, Kerry Collins 2--1.
Cowboys - Emmitt Smith 24-46, Anthony Wright 4-26, Robert Thomas 1-3, Michael Wiley 1-0.

Giants - Amani Toomer 3-58, Tiki Barber 4-47, Pete Mitchell 2-12, Howard Cross 1-9, Ike Hilliard 1-7, Greg Comella 1-7.
Cowboys - James McKnight 2-45, Jackie Harris 3-28, Wane McGarity 2-17, Michael Wiley 4-14, Jason Tucker 1-13, Robert Thomas 1-2.

Giants - Emmanuel McDaniel 1 for 4
Cowboys - Phillippi Sparks 1 for 0.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon 4 for 91.
Cowboys - Jason Tucker 4 for 61.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 2 for 35.
Cowboys - Wane McGarity 1 for 5.

Missed field goals
Giants - Brad Daluiso 45, 40.

Opponent's fumbles recovered
Giants - Jessie Armstead 1, Jack Golden 1.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Michael Barrow 10-1-0, Jessie Armstead 6-0-1, Michael Strahan 5-1-2.5, Keith Hamilton 4-1-1.5, Sam Garnes 4-0-0, Ryan Phillips 2-2-0, Dave Thomas 3-0-0, Cedric Jones 2-0-0, Shaun Williams 2-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 2-0-0, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 2-0-0, Christian Peter 1-0-0, Jason Sehorn 1-0-0.
Cowboys -
Darren Hambrick 6-1-0, Phillippi Sparks 6-1-0, Dexter Coakley 6-0-0, Dat Nguyen 3-2-0, Michael Myers 1-2-0, Ebenezer Ekuban 2-0-1, Greg Myers 2-0-0, Barron Wortham 2-0-0, Brandon Noble 1-1-0, Izell Reese 1-1-0, Alonzo Spellman 1-1-0, Ryan Mcneil 1-1-0, Dimitrius Underwood 0-2-0, Kareem Larrimore 0-2-0, Greg Ellis 1-0-0, Joe Bowden 1-0-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 99
Cowboys - 75

Net yards passing
Giants - 126
Cowboys - 71

Time of Possession
Giants - 28:36
Cowboys - 31:24


DAL - Emmitt Smith 1 Yard TD Run (Tim Seder Extra Point), 4:20. Dallas 7-0
DAL - Tim Seder 47 Yard Field Goal, 12:37. Dallas 10-0
DAL - Tim Seder 43 Yard Field Goal, 2:16. Dallas 13-0.
NYG - Amani Toomer 33 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 2:29. Dallas 13-7.
NYG - Tiki Barber 13 Yard TD Run (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 8:15.
N.Y. Giants 14-13 NYG - Brad Daluiso 44 Yard Field Goal, 1:49. N.Y. Giants 17-13.


Giants can clinch the NFC's top seed with a victory Saturday at home against Jacksonville.

Cowboys had four personal fouls, three for unnecessary roughness and one for unsportsmanlike conduct, all in the second half.

Cowboys' Emmitt Smith, coming off his best game in two years, was held to just 46 yards on 24 carries. Emmitt had 29 yards on his first 8 tries, before the Giants adjusted to stop him.

Emmitt Smith needs 123 yards rushing to tie Barry Sanders for 2nd on the career list. .

Giants went 7-1 against the NFC East and were 7-1 on the road. That ties the team record for road wins, set when the 1930 squad went 7-2.

Giants place-kickers, Jaret Holmes and Brad Daluiso, were active for the first time this season. Holmes handled all the kickoffs and Daluiso kicked the PATs and FGs.

Tiki Barber became the Giants single-season all-purpose yards leader. He now has 1,967 yards on the season, topping the previous mark of 1,807 set by David Meggett in 1989.

Next Game
Dec 23, Jacksonville at Giants, 12PM (CBS)

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