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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Heres 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2015 Preseason Schedule
Aug 14at Cincinnati L  23-10
Aug 22    Jacksonville W 22-12
Aug 29    Jets"L  28-18
Sept 3at New England"W 12-9
"Giants play these teams in regular season.

2015 NY Giants Games
Sept 13at DallasL  27-26
Sept 20    AtlantaL  24-20
Sept 24    WashingtonW 32-21
Oct 4 at BuffaloW 24-10
Oct 11    San FranciscoW 30-27
Oct 19at PhiladelphiaL  27-7
Oct 25    DallasW 27-20
Nov 1 at New OrleansL  52-49
Nov 8 at Tampa BayW 32-18
Nov 15     New England PatriotsL  27-26
Nov 29at Washington RedskinsL  20-14
Dec 6     New York JetsL  23-20
Dec 14at Miami DolphinsW 31-24
Dec 20    Carolina PanthersL  38-35
Dec 27at Minnesota VikingsL  38-35
Jan 3     Philadelphia EaglesL  35-30

2015 Final Standings

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese
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2016 Preseason Schedule
Fri 8/12    Miami7:00 PM Sat 8/27at Jets7:30 PM
Sat 8/20at Buffalo4:00 PM Thu 9/1    New England7:00 PM
2016 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/11at Dallas4:25 PM Mon 11/14    Cincinnati*8:30 PM
Sun 9/18     New Orleans1:00 PM Sun 11/20    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 9/25    Washington*1:00 PM Sun 11/27 at Cleveland1:00 PM
Mon 10/3at Minnesota*8:30 PM Sun 12/4at Pittsburgh*4:25 PM
Sun 10/9at Green Bay*8:30 PM Mon12/11    Dallas8:30 PM
Sun 10/16    Baltimore1:00 PM Sun 12/18     Detroit1:00 PM
Sun 10/23at Los Angeles9:00 AM Thu 12/22 at Philadelphia8:25 PM
Bye Week Sun 1/1 at Washington*1:00 PM
Sun 11/6    Philadelphia1:00 PM *playoff teams.  Complete Schedules - All Teams
First impressions of Giants 2016 Schedule Giants game-by-game breakdown

NFL Draft - Round 1: April 28, 8pm. Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 29, 7pm. Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 30,12pm
2016 NFL Draft - New York Giants
1Round 1 - 10th pickEli AppleCB
2Round 2 - 40th pickSterling ShepardWR
3Round 3 - 71st pickDarian ThompsonS
4Round 4 - 109th pickB.J. GoodsonLB
5Round 5 - 149th pickPaul PerkinsRB
6Round 6 - 184th pickJerrell AdamsTE
NFL Draft tracker by round - All the picks  |   NFL Draft - Team-by-team picks    

July 28 Giants Training Camp Guide: What you need to know.
The Giants report to training camp. Here's a primer of questions facing the team.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin, former Giants coach, joins NFL's football operations department.
Hakeem Nicks signing with Saints as 3 ex-Giants earn pre-camp deals.

July 27 Everything you need to know about the New York Giants annual training camp that begins July 28. After limping to the finish line last season-figuratively and literally-the New York Giants renovated their coaching staff and their roster.
After a dozen years of Tom Coughlin running things, it's now Ben McAdoo's first camp in control and he's got almost a quarter of a billion dollars worth of free agents to help him turn things around and get the Giants back into playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season.
Ben McAdoo made it clear right away with his "evolution, not revolution" mission statement. And, when asked about the clocks in the team facility – which for a dozen years famously had been set five minutes fast – McAdoo sounded proud to declare: "We remain on TC time." For the most part, though, TC time is at an end.

Victor Cruz has heard all the doubters. The Giants wide receiver is aware of the skepticism about his ability to return to Pro Bowl form after missing most of the past two seasons with injuries.

NFL News
Speculation has been rampant for months that the NFL will hold the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia.

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July 26 Giants fans hoping for their team to snap a four-year playoff drought are thinking too small. Odell Beckham is thinking big, as in Super Bowl LI big - as in he apparently aspires to be as royal and revered in New York and the NFL as LeBron James is in Cleveland and in basketball.
Beckham has alluded to having "divine feelings” about Super Bowl LI and his quarterback, Eli Manning, went public with his opinion earlier this month that the Giants have built a playoff contender.

July 24 The five biggest questions facing Giants entering training camp.

July 22 Odell Beckham Jr.'s comments about Josh Norman in the August edition of GQ are receiving a lot of attention, and understandably so.
Players won't report to NFL training camps for several days, but Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman are talking trash like it's September already.

Giants fans who were hoping their team would sign Eugene Monroe now have to look elsewhere. Monroe, the free-agent offensive tackle who was released by the Baltimore Ravens last month, announced his retirement from the NFL.

July 20 Giants to induct Tom Coughlin, Justin Tuck, Ernie Accorsi into Ring of Honor on Nov. 14. The Giants will waste no time in giving Tom Coughlin his due recognition.
In something of an olive branch following his de facto firing at the end of the 2015 season, the Giants announced they will be inducting Coughlin, along with former defensive end Justin Tuck and longtime general manager Ernie Accorsi.
The Giants careers of Tom Coughlin and Justin Tuck intertwined with Ernie Accorsi from the beginning. In 2004, Accorsi, then the team's general manager, was instrumental in the hiring of Coughlin as head coach. A year later he drafted Tuck. |  Ring of Honor Giants.

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July 18 When the Giants open training camp later this month, they'll do so with the hopes of putting their recent injury woes behind them and returning to the sort of success they're used to. Additionally, they'll also be aiming to get new players - acquired via both free agency and the NFL Draft - acclimated prior to their Week 1 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

July 17 Can QB Logan Thomas succeed with Giants? The Giants seem to be seriously searching for a third quarterback to keep on their 53-man roster. How else do you explain the constant shuffling of the third quarterback throughout the spring?

NFC East News
NFC East preview: The New York Giants might be the most intriguing team.

July 14 The Giants announced the schedule for their 2016 training camp. The camp will feature 11 practice sessions open to the public at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, which is located on the MetLife Sports Complex. There is no admission charge for watching training camp workouts.
The camp will keep in effect a new autograph policy. Autographs are now restricted to fans 12 and under, and only the first 400 fans that sign up and receive a wristband will be able to line up for the post-practice signing.

Jason Pierre-Paul is suing Schefter and ESPN for publishing an image of his medical records in July of 2015 when Schefter reported Pierre-Paul's right index finger had been amputated after his hand was severely damaged in a fireworks accident. Two hospital workers were also fired for inappropriately accessing Pierre-Paul's records, although one is now suing Jackson Health System.

From Rashad Jennings to Andre Williams to Shane Vereen to Orleans Darkwa to rookie Paul Perkins, there's certainly talent for head coach Ben McAdoo to use. Yet, based on last year, no one player looks capable of standing out and becoming the lead guy.
Big Blue will need a strong season from Jennings and the entire running back corps to complement what's expected to be a strong passing game. Last season, the Giants finished 19th in the league, averaging just 100.6 yards per game on the ground.

Will Tye ready for 2nd season: 'I'm going to get better every year'. After season-ending injuries to veterans Daniel Fells and Larry Donnell, Tye went from the practice squad to the starter's job, registering 42 catches for 464 yards and three touchdowns over 13 games with seven starts.

July 12 The Giants were pleased with what Brad Wing gave them last season as their hand-picked replacement for longtime punter Steve Weatherford. Now they are making an investment in Wing, announcing Monday a three-year extension that runs through the 2019 season.
Wing wasn't much of an improvement in that category, though. The LSU product, who played two seasons with Odell Beckham Jr. in Baton Rouge and is good friends with the wide receiver, ranked 25th in the league last season with a net average of 38.9 yards.

The Giants will wear white pants with blue jerseys for all eight of their regular season home games, the team casually revealed on its official website on Monday afternoon. The white jersey/gray pants road game combination remains the same.
This is the first major, permanent uniform change that the Giants have made since after the 1999 season. Going into 2000, the team switched from white pants to gray. That being said, someone in the organization clearly likes the white pants because they've been slowly creeping back into the team's uniform rotation in recent years.

July 10 Keep it, or give it up? One of the most important decisions facing Ben McAdoo entering his first season as head coach of the Giants is whether or not he will call the plays on offense. This may not, on the surface, seem like a big deal, but it is.

Former Giants
Bill Parcells says McAdoo likely to call plays.

July 8 Odell Beckham Jr. was ranked the No. 10 player in the NFL by his peers on Wednesday night. That seems like a high honor for a player just two seasons into his career. But apparently Beckham has his sights set higher.
No player in NFL history has recorded more receiving yards than Beckham (2,755) in his first two seasons. With Beckham and Manning, the Giants had at least two representatives in the "Top 100"
for the first time since 2013. That year, Manning (43), defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (55) and wide receiver Victor Cruz (58) made the list.

Former Giants
Kenny Phillips, who was the Giants' first-round pick in 2008 and later their starting safety during the run to Super Bowl XLVI, has retired from the NFL.

July 7 It would have been news had Eli Manning said the Giants would miss the playoffs for the fifth straight season since winning Super Bowl XLVI. But when he was asked Wednesday if he believes the 2016 Giants are playoff-bound, Manning responded as you would expect from the quarterback.

July 5 Ben McAdoo, 2016 Coach of the Year? That's what one outlet is predicting. Sporting News' preseason NFL preview magazine has hit newsstands, and its crystal ball says McAdoo will be honored as the league's top coach in his rookie season after leading the Giants back to the playoffs.

Amazon - Great prices!  Get started on the season.
Yes we know about RIO and about the number 16.

July 4 Why 2016 will be a career-defining season for Jason Pierre-Paul. We know he can still impact games. Pierre-Paul miraculously demonstrated that during his abbreviated 2015 season, giving the Giants' punchless pass rush a clear lift from Day 1. But he also showed clear limitations. Pierre-Paul only finished with one sack in eight games.

Why do Giants refuse to address their most glaring need? Offensive line - Returning players: Ereck Flowers, Justin Pugh, Weston Richburg, John Jerry, Marshall Newhouse, Bobby Hart, Emmett Cleary, Adam Gettis Key newcomers: Ryan Seymour (free agent), Byron Stingily (free agent), Dillon Farrell (free agent) Assessment: Really? The front office did not add one player who can step in and start, or at least step in and compete for a starting job?

July 3 The NFL will soon be uploading, in full, archived broadcasts of 96 classic games - three for each team - to YouTube. The league held fan votes for each fan base, and here are the trio of classic Giants games that made the cut: - Super Bowl XLII vs. New England Patriots - 2007 NFC Championship vs. Green Bay Packers: - Super Bowl XXV vs. Buffalo Bills.

July 1 Special Report - Playing quarters: An early review of the 2016 schedule. Sure, the Giants and everyone else in the NFL just broke for their version of summer vacation, but looming in the distance is this thing called the 2016 regular season. There is a common notion, only sometimes credited to former head coach Tom Coughlin, that the season can evenly be broken into quarters and that the goal of each team should be to win three out of four games in each quarter, which would, in turn, result in a 12-4 record.

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June 30 A year after a life-changing fireworks accident, Jason Pierre-Paul is trying to make sure those celebrating the holiday stateside hear his story, and think twice.
Jason Pierre-Paul is using himself as a warning. Nearly a year after the Giants defensive end mangled his right hand in a July 4 fireworks accident, Pierre-Paul is producing public-service announcements about the dangers of them.

Giants writers answer 30 questions in 30 days before the start of Training Camp. hich draft pick will start the most games in his rookie season? Which free agent signing will have the biggest impact on the team in 2016? What was the biggest storyline of the offseason?

June 29 Offensive lineman John Jerry speaks candidly about how he's improved under the watchful eye of LeCharles Bentley at the O-Line Performance Center, how Marshall Newhouse is underappreciated, and how the Giants offensive line is going to be a lot better in 2016.
For three straight years, the Giants used either a first- or second-round pick on an offensive lineman. This year, they need that investment to start paying off. Right tackle is the spot the Giants would like to upgrade.

Former Giants
Phil Simms: Playing Buddy Ryan's defense 'was misery'. Ryan passed away Tuesday at the age of 85. Simms appeared on CBS Sports Network to reminisce about his experiences competing against Ryan and defensive units that "made it impossible for many years to do anything against him."

June 26 Why is Mark Herzlich still a Giant? Reasons more profound than blackmail. Who does he know? He laughs. Just four players have been with the team longer: Eli Manning (entering his 13th season), Zak DeOssie (10th), Jason Pierre-Paul (seventh) and Victor Cruz (seventh).

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June 25 Local children will have the chance to learn from Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. later this summer when his inaugural football camp will be held in New Jersey.

Former Giants
Leonard Marshall has emerged as a major advocate for medical marijuana, and he recently sat down with The MMQB's Kalyn Kahler for a fascinating question-and-answer feature to discuss his stance.

NFL News
NFL 'monitoring' UK situation with 3 games (including Giants-Rams) there this year.

June 24 Odell Beckham Jr. is the best in the league after the catch. Beckham was the only elite receiver in the Top 15 of YAC+. Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant and others all finished well behind Beckham in this statistic.

The Giants return the core of their special teams in 2016 after a record-setting season for the outfit. From Josh Brown turning in one of the top-five scoring campaigns in team history to Dwayne Harris doing something no other Giant had done since 1955, there's no overlooking the third phase of the game heading into 2016.

Beeping football may reduce fumblitis. Coaches have taught ball security for decades, but this technology adds another element.

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June 22 The Giants and Jets are scheduled to play their annual preseason game on August 27, but the summer showdown between the crosstown/in-state/across-the-parking lot rivals may be losing its name.

If you have two corners in this league, you're short one because of how often teams use three wide receivers. That was part of the thinking that went into drafting Eli Apple, who joined veterans Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins in the cornerbacks room.

Orleans Darkwa spent the spring on the shelf. OTAs and minicamps went on without him. Darkwa said he could've practiced and played if necessary, but they took the safe route in the spring even though it put him at a disadvantage. This summer will be different.

Former Giants
Rich Seubert, a former New York Giants offensive lineman who helped the team win Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots, has been named the next head coach at Watchung Hillsay.
Lawrence Taylor on Joe Theismann: 'I did him a favor'. Giants great Lawrence Taylor claimed that he did Joe Theismann a favor by breaking the Washington quarterback's right leg on a gruesome sack sequence in 1985 that ended Theismann's career.

June 21 Eli Manning overpaid? That's what Pro Football Focus thinks, as it laid out its case for why the Giants' franchise quarterback is the NFL's most overcompensated player on Here's what PFF had to say.

June 19 For 10 weeks, the Giants gave new head coach Ben McAdoo all sorts of data, which will help him piece together a depth chart for his first training camp running the show. They stayed healthy throughout their offseason workouts and practices, incorporated their free agent defensive trio of Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins and Damon "Snacks" Harrison, and were given an early indoctrination into McAdoo's methods.

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June 18 The Giants swapped quarterbacks at the back end of their roster before the end of the spring when they were awarded Logan Thomas on Friday off waivers. Thomas was released Thursday by the Miami Dolphins. He replaces quarterback B.J. Daniels on the Giants roster.

Cornerback Donte Deayon impresses Giants. Janoris Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, first-round pick Eli Apple and Trevin Wade would seem to have the top four spots on lockdown. The Giants will keep at minimum five corners and perhaps even six with the chance that they could sign another veteran such as Leon Hall, who visited earlier this spring, in advance of the season.

How Ben McAdoo and the Giants handled playcalling this spring. It was on again and off again, here and there, not with any sort of consistency or permanent designation. When McAdoo wasn't calling the offensive plays at Giants practices this spring it was offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan's turn.

Why undrafted rookie Romeo Okwara has a good shot to crack Giants roster. While they are set with starters Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon, the Giants have some uncertainties and depth concerns at defensive end after their two stars.

It takes a few years to properly evaluate a draft class, so it is silly to make any pronouncement after six or seven weeks. But (you knew there would be a "but") it is not too early to offer an admittedly hot-take prediction for the 2016 draft picks.

June 17 As the Giants break for six weeks following the completion of minicamp on Wednesday, coach Ben McAdoo hopes they will "all make smart and wise decisions."
Running back Rashad Jennings said he and a few other older Giants met with the younger players to "remind them that they worked their entire life to get to this position and find themselves in one of these buildings and how it can be taken away so quickly."

Five reasons it feels like this will be the Giants' year . Odell Beckham was asked to stop and think ahead for just a moment this week, to dream of a time when he and Victor Cruz and rookie Sterling Shepard would all be on the field together.
Players return from their break on July 28 for the start of training camp, and then it's off to the races. Meanwhile, vacation is a relative term for coaches. Here are five things we learned at minicamp.

June 16 Thirty-two. 31. 30. 25. No, those aren't the numbers on a Powerball ticket. They are the Giants' respective league rankings a season ago in overall defense, pass defense, yards-per-play, points-per-game and run defense. It all added up to the NFL's worst defensive unit.
The numbers were pitiful. Last in the league in yards allowed. Thirtieth in points allowed and in sacks. The second-most passing yards allowed in NFL history. It really is no wonder that the 2015 Giants didn't make the playoffs. Steve Spagnuolo doesn't want to hear about that, though.
Steve Spagnuolo had a steely look in his eyes when asked how confident he is that the days of owning the worst defense are over. "They're done," he said. "We're gonna be better. We're gonna be better because of players. We're gonna be better because of better coaching, less mistakes.

Like defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said, it's funny how you have to add a last name to "Eli" now at practice. That's because cornerback Eli Apple, the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, is making a name for himself.
Apple, the Giants' first-round draft choice this year, probably won't be a two-time Super Bowl MVP, and isn't going to set team passing records like Eli Manning. But the talented cornerback from Ohio State should contribute as a rookie and for many years afterward.
Eli Apple stood across the line of scrimmage from Odell Beckham Jr. awaiting the snap count. First-round pick from 2016 vs. first-round pick -- and eventual All-Pro -- from 2014. Here we go.
On Wednesday, the Giants' first round draft pick, playing mostly outside, had his best practice of the spring. He broke up passes intended for Odell Beckham Jr. and Roger Lewis, knocking Beckham off balance. Apple then prevented Myles White from coming down with a touchdown in the corner of the end zone.

The Giants have spent the offseason looking for an upgrade at right tackle. Now, with the offseason almost over, they may have found their man.
The Giants are in the market and have inquired about Eugene Monroe, who on Wednesday was released by the Ravens.
Monroe, a native of Plainfield, New Jersey, was a first-round pick of the Jaguars in 2009 and was traded to the Ravens in 2013.
Monroe has season-ending shoulder surgery last season, and has not practiced this offseason. But he recently said he has been medically cleared.

June 15 Victor Cruz has never been so happy to get insulted. Victor Cruz was getting some grief from his teammates Tuesday, and loving every bit of the ribbing.
Cruz said he feels his recovery is "right at that turning point" and that "the plan is definitely to be 100% full go" for training camp.
Cruz ran routes and caught passes. He felt the camaraderie that comes with being able to work alongside Odell Beckham, Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants. Who is the new guy?" teammates joked as he ran through the gauntlet drill.
All parties retain their optimism tinged with caution, because Cruz and the Giants traveled a similar path a year ago, and that ultimately led to nowhere.

Hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Odell Beckham felt he didn't get enough attention, when he craved the spotlight that some of his fellow receivers had. "I tell people now," Beckham was saying on Tuesday, "'Be careful what you ask for.'"
After an offseason that has seen Beckham pop up in tabloids for a variety of reasons from flirting with Khloe Kardashian to training at the house of the rapper Drake, Beckham said he wouldn't mind some of his former anonymity.

June 13 When his position coach reminds him about his veteran status, Giants tight end Will Tye looks around to make sure Kevin M. Gilbride is talking to him. When Larry Donnell is referred to as an elder statesman among the other tight ends, he flinches a bit. No one knows for certain what is going on with the Giants at tight end, as they have collected youngsters with little or no NFL pedigree. Of the five on the roster, only one, Jerell Adams, was even drafted.

It's Monday morning. Time for another edition of Monday Morning Giants to get you caught up on all the weekend's news, and ready for a busy week ahead.
The Giants minicamp will wrap up the team's offseason program this week. The minicamp, which runs Tuesday through Thursday, will follow the same rules as the OTAs as far as having no pads or contact.
Throughout the spring, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has rotated different guys at the slot cornerback, including first-round pick Eli Apple, and projected starters Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, then I don't blame you.

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June 12 Special Report - It is not commonplace for NFL teams to find a gold nugget on their roster, especially one who was not drafted out of college. But the Giants might have made just such a discovery with wide receiver/H-back Darius Powe, who is 6-3, 220 and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49. The fact that he attended the University of California and caught passes from the NFL's top overall selection, quarterback Jared Goff, makes him slightly more interesting.

When the Giants close out their offseason program this week with mandatory minicamp at the Quest Diagnostic Training Center, wide receiver Victor Cruz may be doing some real work with his teammates. He could be practicing to some degree for the first time since last November.

Former Giants
Leonard Marshall swapped Big Blue for leafy green. The former Pro Bowl defensive end will appear as one of the keynote speakers at the three-day Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo - coming to the Javits Center on Wednesday.

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June 10 Nine down. One to go. As spring football winds down, the New York Giants held their ninth practice of organized team activities on Thursday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. On a windy day not uncommon to East Rutherford, the longest-tenured Giant on defense intercepted the longest-tenured Giant on offense for the highlight of the afternoon.

Eli Manning was revealed as the No. 47-ranked player Wednesday night on NFL Network as Nos. 41-50 of the 2016 edition continued its rollout.
After a two-year absence from the controversial list, Eli Manning has once again been voted one of the Top 100 players in the NFL. The Giants' quarterback, who last appeared on the list in 2013, made his third career appearance on the NFL Network list.

June 8 Entering his third season running McAdoo's offense, Eli Manning in 2016 is looking to follow up two of his best statistical campaigns. The Pro Bowler threw three touchdowns in practice, including a pair from the red zone to tight end Larry Donnell and rookie wide receiver Sterling Shepard.
There has been a buzz around rookie wideout Sterling Shepard since the Giants drafted him in the second round. And former Giants wideout, Super Bowl XLII hero and Montclair native David Tyree says it's obvious why when you see him in action.

Landon Collins was the first rookie safety in franchise history to start all 16 games and the first rookie defensive player to do so since Barry Cofield in 2006. Collins led the Giants with 108 tackles and unquestionably progressed as the season went on, but will probably best be remembered for failing to secure what would have been a game-clinching interception of Tom Brady in what devolved into a crushing 27-26 loss to the Patriots.

Jason Pierre-Paul to warn kids of dangers of fireworks in advance of 4th of July. Two sources familiar with his plans told the Daily News he is planning to do some type of public service announcements in the coming weeks as a way to get the word out that he's serious: Fireworks are dangerous. Kids shouldn't play with them. After all, look what happened to him.

Former Giants
Rueben Randle's first offseason with the Eagles hit a bump when he learned that he needed to have his gallbladder removed.
Rueban Randle had limited opportunities to showcase his talent to the coaching staff this spring because had his gallbladder removed in late May.

NFC East News
NFC Least? Not when it comes to wide receivers as Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham lead the way. Here's a closer look at how the division is catching on.

NFL News
NFL commissioner: No deal with Tom Brady.
NFL Twitter hacker kills off Roger Goodell.

June 7 Head coach Ben McAdoo has consistently insisted that there is no depth chart, nor will there be, at least for a while. Well one guy who seems to be taking full advantage of his opportunities is rookie safety Darian Thompson, who once again split reps on the first-team defense with third-year player Nat Berhe.
In the early moments of red-zone play during Monday's OTA workout in East Rutherford, Thompson, the club's third-round pick, watched an Eli Manning pass deflect off the hands of receiver Odell Beckham Jr., then alertly made the interception.

When Justin Pugh defended teammates Marshall Newhouse and John Jerry from their very loud critics last week, it may have been one of the most important blocks he has thrown. Not because it stopped people in the outside world from fretting over that right side of the line, but because of what it meant inside the Giants' offensive line room.
Marshall Newhouse started 14 games for the Giants last season. By now, many observers figured there would be a new right tackle on the scene, but there is not. On Monday, Newhouse again lined up with the starters during another Organized Team Activity practice.

The sound of a familiar voice barking out assignments brought some comfort for undrafted cornerback Donte Deayon in his quest to stand out among the Giants.
His name is Donte Deayon, nickname Neon, given him by his mother, a Deion Sanders fan, and he stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 160 pounds.

You won't have to worry about Jason Pierre-Paul this Fourth of July. "I'll be gone," the Giants defensive end said of the holiday coming up next month. "I won't even be in the United States. Where I'm going, they don't celebrate the Fourth of July."
JPP can and should celebrate this: He's alive, he's playing football, and he's done his absolute best to turn a horrible negative into something positive. In truth, he's handled his tragedy better than anyone ever imagined he would.

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