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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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Sept 21   HoustonW 30-17
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Oct 5    AtlantaW 30-20
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Oct 19at DallasL  31-21
Nov 3    IndianapolisL  40-24
Nov 9 at SeattleL  38-17
Nov 16   San FranciscoL  16-10
Nov 23   DallasL  31-28
Nov 30at JacksonvilleL  25-24
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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin
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The New York Giants' 2015 opponents.   |   Experts predict Giants 2015 Draft pick.
How tough is Giants schedule in 2015?   |  Giants in mock draft.
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Mar 28 Coughlin hints at larger Giants role for Shane Vereen. Not one Giants running back had a reception of more than 27 yards last season, but Vereen topped that three times with the Patriots in 2014.
In an era where the instant evaluation of free agent signings is commonplace, even before they play a single game for their new team, criticism of the Giants acquisition of wide receiver/kick returner Dwayne Harris is as easy as an extra point.
The Giants have already begun working out prospects ahead of the draft, and reportedly attended the workout of one player who was kicked off of his college team for a variety of off-the-field incidents. David Irving sat out the 2014 college season.

Mar 26 Tom Coughlin sat at a table surrounded by a handful of reporters at yesterday morning's NFC coaches breakfast. He struggled to pick up his potatoes with a soup spoon, joked about his frustrations trying to get driving directions from his iPhone, and chatted casually about the state of basketball at his alma mater, Syracuse.
Coughlin believes Beckham, who had a spectacular rookie year, is "just touching the surface," of what he can do. He then said, "He can throw the ball, run the ball, he can catch the ball in all situations, he can kick, he's your backup extra point/field goal guy, he's your backup quarterback, he can run the scout team if you want, working on the zone option.

Tom Coughlin said he believes Victor Cruz will return to play at a high level, he's excited about the Giants' offseason acquisitions and like everyone else, he is interested in who will step forward at safety.
Giants coach Tom Coughlin owns iPhone, doesn't like GPS lady. The Giants coach, who is not exactly technologically advanced, has an iPhone. He then related a very funny story about using the know-it-all Siri function on his iPhone to get directions.

Mar 24 Rashad Jennings has huge expectations for the Giants in 2015. After they finished 10th in yards and 13th in points per game in 2014, the running back believes the Giants offense can be much better. Jennings welcomes the addition of Shane Vereen.

The NFL's super-secretive compensatory formula awarded extra picks in the 2015 NFL Draft to 14 teams, totaling 32 new selections. The Giants, Eagles and Jets did not collect any of them.

Eli Manning will be on the field just before the start of Super Bowl 50, one way or another. That's because the NFL plans to honor all 43 Super Bowl MVPs in a ceremony prior to the Golden Game on Feb. 7 at Levi's Stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area. Manning won MVP for both of the Giants' two recent victories in the game, and he'll be joined by other Giants MVPs Phil Simms and Ottis Anderson.

NFL News
The NFL rule book may be the most complex set of rules in American sports. The 97-page document is full of exceptions and exceptions to the exceptions, vexing fans who want simply to understand what they see on the field.
NFL league meetings: A look at all the potential rule changes.

Mar 23 The Giants are not any closer to working out a contract extension with Eli Manning and appear content to let him play out the final year of his deal, according to a report.
The Giants still believe in Manning as their quarterback, and their primary goal is to keep him a Giant for the remainder of his career. But there's no advantage in moving on this deal right now.

There has been a lot of talk this offseason that 2015 will be a "win or else" year for those who run the Giants -- that coach Tom Coughlin and his staff are out if they miss the playoffs again (which is likely) or even that Reese himself could be in danger of losing his job (far less likely).

NFL meetings: Giants co-owner John Mara, a member of the league's rules committee, gave a rundown of what to expect. He included his opinion that more playoff teams are inevitable, even if it's not this year.

Former Giants
Kevin Boss - Long-term concussion fears haunt retired former Giant.

Mar 21 George Selvie leaves the Cowboys to sign with Giants. The Giants keep adding small pieces to the puzzle in the hope that, when they're all put together, they create a much-improved team from last year.
The Giants are signing defensive end George Selvie, a pass-rusher who had seven sacks two years ago and three last season for the Cowboys, and who played his college football with Jason Pierre-Paul at South Florida.

Mar 20 The Giants have not signed any big-time names in free agency this year. John Mara said that's partly because of the dearth of big-time talent in the market.
Mara maintained that he is much more comfortable building the roster through the draft as opposed to splurging on big names in free agency.

Not since Ahmad Bradshaw have the Giants had a running back with the receiving ability that Vereen boasts. Even Bradshaw wasn't used that way and isn't as talented as Vereen in that area. The former New England Patriots player is going to add a new dimension to what the Giants can do because of his relatively rare skill set.

The Giants haven't done anything in free agency to address their need for pass-rush help, but they are looking. They will be paid a visit Thursday by defensive end George Selvie, who started every game the past two seasons for the Cowboys.

Mar 19 The Giants strengthened their run defense when they signed free agent defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis. The 6-4, 346-pound Ellis comes to the Giants after playing his first four NFL seasons with the Jets.
Ellis will have the chance to compete for a starting job, but he will also almost certainly be part of a deep rotation that includes Cullen Jenkins and Johnathan Hankins. Markus Kuhn and Jay Bromley, the Giants' third-round pick last year, will also battle for spots.

Add Daniel Fells to the list of returning Giants. The veteran tight end agreed Wednesday to return on a one-year deal. Fells, 31, is coming off a solid first season with the Giants.

Former Giants
Osi Umenyiora, a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Giants who spent the last two seasons with the Falcons, met with the Jets on Wednesday.

NFL News
9-point NFL touchdowns? There's a proposal out there to change scoring

Mar 18 The Giants raised regular season ticket prices for season ticket holders, but other adjustments will actually result in a reduction in pricing from 2014.

General manager Jerry Reese talked last year of there being three waves of free agency. The initial burst he spoke of, where you target a few players and go out and get them, is over. Now they're into the second wave, which will drag until the draft.

There is still plenty of time for Reese to bring in one of the available safeties on the free agent market, and he certainly should not ignore the draft as a way to improve the depth at that position.

Of the five new players the Giants signed early in the free-agency period, it's possible none will be a starter in 2015. But running back Shane Vereen has the opportunity to affect the offense as a third-down back and a short-range pass-catching option out of the backfield.

Mar 17 It would be unfair to criticize the Giants for not making moves. It's more appropriate to criticize them for the moves that they've actually made.
The Giants announced that they have re-signed guard John Jerry and cornerback Chykie Brown, two people who played for the team in 2014 and did nothing that demanded an encore.
Dwayne Harris might not be a wise investment for the Giants. For a returner who was not even in the top ten in return yards average, $7.1 million is a hefty guarantee for Harris.

Mar 15 The Giants have scoured the market for a safety, and even made some offers. None were good enough to provide some stability at a position with so much uncertainty. And now, they turn where? This year's draft features a weak crop of safeties.

Scanning the offseason depth chart -- which can be as useful as sandpaper in the ocean -- it looked as if the Giants needed to fill six holes in their lineup. It is a fairly long shopping list, and thus far the Giants have been strolling up and down the aisles but their basket is nearly empty, and the choice items are getting plucked from the shelves.

While he might have been an excellent scout, Jerry Reese behaves erratically on the resource-management front. He did this same thing last year, signing Rashad Jennings to an over-market deal on the first day of free agency instead of waiting out the running back market and taking the best option from a group of Jennings-like players once the prices settled.

For more than a decade, Manning, Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers -- the third quarterback in the 2004 draft-day drama -- have been linked, compared to each other on the field and eyeballing one another when it comes to their contracts. So the bar is set for the Giants. If they want to extend Manning, it will cost them $20 million a year to do so.

Mar 14 The Giants continue to shop for a new safety option, but Rolle doesn't seem to think they'll find one. Asked if any safety could be better than him, Rolle had a quick answer. "At the end of the day," he said, "nobody."
Rolle did not want to leave the Giants, but once free agency hit and he had not heard from the team, he knew he was headed elsewhere. Sure, that hurt, but Rolle signed a three-year, $11.25 million contract with the Bears and has not uttered a bad word about his former team.
Rolle revealed in a farewell interview with WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts that he spoke to the Giants "very late in the free agency process," but at that point he was at the Bears facility in Chicago and close to signing his three-year, $11.25 million contract.
The true end of the Antrel Rolle era came Friday when he said his farewells in one final appearance on "The Joe and Evan Show" on WFAN. Radio Rolle has left the building. But not before bringing the kind of honest, insightful and passionate dialogue that marked his weekly appearances on the program, sometimes even overshadowing his impact on the field for the Giants. His finale included everything that we've become accustomed to hearing from him.

The Giants sure are taking an interesting approach to free agency. Rather than shaking up a team that needed to finish strong to reach 6-10, they continue to bring many of the same pieces back for at least another season. The latest example is offensive lineman John Jerry.
John Jerry gets a team-high bonus for starting 16 games during the 2014 season. Jerry was signed on the cheap last offseason after being involved in the Jonathan Martin scandal in Miami. When guard Chris Snee retired before training camp and Geoff Schwartz injured his toe in the preseason, Jerry grabbed a starting spot. It was a role he never relinquished.

Mar 13 Antrel Rolle is now a Chicago Bear, and there appears to be no hard feelings on his part about the Giants making a halfhearted effort to keep him in New Jersey. But Rolle was still somewhat surprised that the Giants, with only two safeties under contract, didn't make more of a competitive offer.
Rolle, 32, was one of the veterans chosen by Tom Coughlin to make certain he was communicating well with the players. If the coach had a message to be sent, it was often Rolle who delivered it. Yet there is no evidence that the Giants came close to retaining him.

For the second consecutive year, GM Jerry Reese allowed defensive captains - players who were integral contributors, on and off the field, to Super Bowl winning-teams - to walk out of the building, never to return. No Tuck. No Rolle. Will one of these three Giants step up to lead the 'D'? - Jon Beason, Jason Pierre-Paul and Dominique Rodgers- Cromartie.

The last time Shane Vereen put on a uniform, he was playing for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The next time he suits up, it will be coming out of the backfield for the Giants. "This is not a step down. If anything, it is a step up," Vereen said Wednesday.
Vereen went on to praise Bill Belichick and all that he learned with the Patriots, but it's the "step up" quote that will probably raise some eyebrows in Foxborough. To be fair, Vereen was probably just caught up in the excitement of signing a new contract with $4.75 million in guarantees.

Mar 12 Despite three straight playoff-less campaigns, Tom Coughlin will not be on the hot seat in 2015. The Giants and their longtime coach agreed to a one-year extension on Wednesday, setting Coughlin up to coach through 2016.
Since becoming the Giants' coach in 2004, Coughlin is 96-80 (.545) in the regular season and 8-3 (.727) in the postseason. He led the team to championships with victories over the New England Patriots in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI.

The Giants have agreed to terms with linebacker Mark Herzlich. The Giants also agreed to terms with fullback Henry Hynoski. One of the most feared defensive players in college football in 2008 as a junior at Boston College, Herzlich was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma (a form of bone cancer) and missed the entire 2009 season.
The Giants re-signed linebacker Mark Herzlich, fullback Henry Hynoski and running back Chris Ogbonnaya. Fifth-year pros Herzlich and Hynoski joined the team as undrafted rookies in 2011, while Ogbonnaya was signed late last season.

Antrel Rolle's departure inevitable, but Giants will miss him. Rolle and the Chicago Bears have agreed to terms on a three-year contract worth $11.25 million with $5 million guaranteed.
The Giants are currently without a safety on the roster who has started an NFL game. The Bears, who have struggled to fill the safety position in recent years, appeared to target Rolle from the start of free agency.

Mar 11 Counting the cash: Contract terms for Giants' free agent acquisitions. They may not have been names you've heard before or the players you wanted, but they made some moves.
Giants Free Agency Tracker, a running list of the Giants' 2015 free agency activity - Who's coming - Who's going - Who's staying.

The Giants had three of their own linebackers -- Mark Herzlich, Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams -- eligible for free agency, and of the three it looks as though either none or one will be back.

Antrel Rolle's free agent tour will begin - and may end - in Chicago.Rolle has not ruled out a return to the Giants, but it seems increasingly unlikely.

Mar 10 The Giants are hosed at safety. This year's free-agent safety market was basically Devin McCourty and a bunch of guys, and McCourty stayed in New England despite the best efforts of the Giants (and the Eagles) to lure him away.
That search could lead them to Ron Parker, who in some ways is eerily similar to the 2010 Antrel Rolle. As free agency kicked off this past Saturday, with teams allowed to open negotiations with agents, the Giants were one of more than a handful of teams -- including the Jets -- that inquired about Parker.

NFC East News
Eagles - Wide receiver did not appear to be a major area of need for the Eagles at the end of the season. The sudden departure of Jeremy Maclin, however, changed all of that.
Eagles - Head coach Chip Kelly has said goodbye to three players who amassed a total of 5,576 yards and scored 33 touchdowns over the past two seasons. Kelly seems to believe his system will be successful, no matter who is on the field.
Cowboys - The Cowboys made it clear that they were going to allow DeMarco Murray to test the market and attempt to match. While there has already been plenty of negotiating throughout the league involving several big names, Murray hasn't been involved.
Redskins - Under new general manager Scot McCloughan, the Redskins' approach to free agency may end up different than in past years. McCloughan has said he would prefer to build a roster through the draft and exercise caution with regards to signing other teams' players.

Mar 8 The Giants don't have a safety on the roster that has started an NFL game and it's unlikely Antrel Rolle will return. The Giants are going directly to the top of the board at the free safety position with the hope of landing either New England's Devin McCourty or Denver's Rahim Moore.

The Giants have a little over $13 million in salary cap space right now, but while that number seems low, it shouldn't limit them in free agency. They can always create more cap space by renegotiating with players under contract, or by backloading any free agent contracts to soften he cap hit in 2015.

Mar 6 Antrel Rolle said he has not yet had any conversations with the Giants about a return for the 2015 season. Rolle, 32, has said he would like to play for the Giants for the rest of his career, but he seems to be coming to grips with the reality that he probably won't.
With Antrel Rolle likely gone, Giants could explore these free-agent safeties.
If Rolle bolts, these 4 safeties could help Giants secondary.

Minor injuries reported as plane skids off runway at LaGuardia; Giants' Larry Donnell unhurt.
Donnell had made the trip to the New York area to sign his new contract with the Giants.

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Mar 5 The clock is ticking on Giants' free agents as Rolle, others head towards open market. Antrel Rolle is one of several Giants free agents who don't seem likely to re-sign by Tuesday.

The Giants and Jon Beason are negotiating a pay cut, but the linebacker said he is confident he will remain with the Giants for the 2015 season.
Beason played in parts of four games last season because of a foot/toe injury suffered during the spring. Beason is serving as his own agent.
Beason said, "I want to be a Giant. They took a chance on me when other people may have thought I was done. You want to go out and hold up your end of the bargain."

Coming off a breakout season that the Giants hope will be the stepping stone to a good NFL career, there was no doubt tight end Larry Donnell was returning next season. On Wednesday, they made it official.

The only question that Giants fans want Victor Cruz to answer this offseason "Will you be able to recapture your Pro Bowl form?" Cruz indicated that the toughest aspect of his rehab is more mental than physical.

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Mar 4 How bad has the Giants' offensive line been in recent years? So bad that, one massive offseason overhaul later, it still has a handful of serious problems. The ground game still ranked just 23rd in the NFL. And Manning still absorbed 28 sacks.
More upgrading is needed on a line that played a part in the running game that finished only 23rd in the league with 100.2 yards per game and only 30th in yards per rushing attempt (3.6).
The club met with several speedy rushing options at last month's Combine. They may also look to the free agent market for a change-of-pace weapon, especially since there could be several intriguing options - Four players to keep in mind.

Odell Beckham Jr. created plenty of buzz. His sensational one-handed touchdown catch ecame a worldwide sensation thanks to endless highlights and conversation on social media. But on Monday, the Giants wide receiver seemingly had enough of the endless talk.

Steve Weatherford to donate brain to research after his death The Giants punter thinks it's vital for him to join x-Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice and countless other NFL players -- he'll donate his brain to be studied after he's gone.

Fullback Henry Hynoski read books to students in North Bergen The hope is that his future will be with the Giants after a season where he played 18 percent of the team's offensive snaps in its new offense. Hynoski finished with seven carries for 13 yards in 16 games.

NFC East News
Eagles - Chip Kelly now has final say on all of the Eagles personnel decisions, and on Tuesday news emerged that the team was parting ways with cornerback Cary Williams, outside linebacker Trent Cole and running back LeSean McCoy.
Eagles - LeSean McCoy's relationship with Chip Kelly had 'become strained' Ladainian Tomlinson says. McCoy and the head coach seemed to butt heads from time to time last season on the practice field.


Mar 3 Moments after the Giants committed to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (for a lot of money) for at least one more season, they ended their relationship with center J.D. Walton.
Walton was one of three offensive linemen to start every game last season, joining left tackle Will Beatty and right guard John Jerry.
Walton's reward for finally staying healthy and avoiding the Giants' injured reserve bug? The Giants released him Monday.

Mar 2 - UPDATE JPP will play in NYC for at least one more year. JPP received a non-exclusive franchise tag, so other teams can still work to sign him until April 24.
The tag also allows the front office to continue negotiating a long-term contract with Pierre-Paul's representatives without the external pressure of having other teams interested.
Pierre-Paul will be free to sign an offer sheet with another team but the Giants would receive two first-round picks from that team if they choose not to match.
The Giants have until July 15 to negotiate a long-term contract. That's the tactic used in the past when the franchise tag was employed with Brandon Jacobs and Steve Weatherford.

Mar 2 The Giants will try in 2015 to turn back the defensive clock to a better time, bringing back former coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to try to return the defense to the championship form he instilled back in 2007. Could some other old friends return to try to help Spagnuolo do that? Are Umenyiora, Canty, Cofield fits for the Giants?

Here's how Giants should handle their top five potential free agents. They have one superstar that they want to retain. And then come the questions. Get ready for the start of a different Giants offseason.

As veterans around the league are cut at a frantic pace, the clock is ticking on the Giants and middle linebacker Jon Beason. If it were easy to replace a veteran middle linebacker who serves as the quarterback and leader of the defense, the Giants likely would. Beason is an injury risk and comes at a costly price negotiated last year when he was a free agent the Giants desperately wanted back after a stellar 2013 season.

Feb 27 Detroit Lions release running back Reggie Bush; Giants interested?
Giants offseason move tracker: Signings, cuts and contract restructures.
Giants released defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka - D-Line options.
5 Things the Giants should do before the start of Free Agency.

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Feb 26 Peyton Hillis' tenure with the Giants is over, and most likely so is his career. The one-time Madden video game coverboy was released by the Giants on Wednesday.
By releasing Hillis now, the Giants save $945,000 on this year's salary cap. A day earlier, the Giants released Mathias Kiwanuka, their longtime defensive end/linebacker, slashing $4.8 million on the salary cap.

What the Giants knew and learned about Odell Beckham Jr. at last year's NFL Combine. The Giants landed Beckham with the 12th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. But not before holding their breath every step of the way.

Hobart offensive tackle Ali Marpet had the fastest 40 time among the offensive linemen at the NFL Scouting Combine, and if he had his druthers, Marpet would be clearing the way for New York Giants running backs next season.

Feb 25 In a widely expected move, the Giants released longtime defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka.
Mathias Kiwanuka had spent his entire career with the Giants and was a part of Super Bowl teams in 2007-08 and 2011-12.
It lasted nine seasons, 120 games and included 412 tackles, 38.5 sacks and two Super Bowl victories. It was a solid run for Mathias Kiwanuka and the Giants.
Mathias Kiwanuka was a member of the Giants' Super Bowl XLII and XLVI championship teams. He was on injured reserve for XLII and played in XLVI in his hometown of Indianapolis.
Kiwanuka was drafted as a defensive end but also played linebacker when it was in the best interest of the team (and not always his own). In an interview with Newsday last summer, Kiwanuka said he would advise young players to not switch positions as he did.

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Osi Umenyiora started his career with the Giants. And despite his many ups and downs with that franchise, he wants to retire a Giant.
He spent the first nine years of his career as a pass-rusher, recording three double-digit sack seasons. The Giants won two Super Bowls during his time with the team.
Even though general manager Jerry Reese considers Umenyiora one of his all-time favorite Giants players, that does not mean a reunion is about to happen.
Would an Osi Umenyiora return to Giants make any sense? Umenyiora, at this point in his career, would surely come cheap.

Are the Giants skeptical about the use of analytics? The analytics movement has come slower to the NFL than the other three major sports leagues, and apparently slower to the Giants than most other franchises.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford is treating five Dickinson High School students to the prom experience of a lifetime. The five students who write the top essays will be treated by Weatherford to an all expenses paid prom including tuxedos and gowns, hair stylists and accessories, and limo service to and from the prom.

Feb 24 The New York Giants will use their franchise tag on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul if the two sides fail to reach a long-term deal by March 2.
Given the current state of the Giants roster, they can't lose a player of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul's talent. They won't lose a player of his talent.
Franchising Pierre-Paul also does not preclude the team from continuing to discuss a long-term contract. But it would keep Pierre-Paul off of the open market.
Under the franchise tag, other teams can still make offers to Pierre-Paul, but if they lured JPP away from the Giants, they'd have to surrender two first-round picks.
The Giants have used the tags six times: three franchise and three transition. They are: Jumbo Elliott (franchise) in 1993. Carl Banks (transition) in 1993. Howard Cross (transition) in 1994. Rodney Hampton (transition) in 1996. Brandon Jacobs (franchise) in 2009. Steve Weatherford (franchise) in 2012.

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Feb 22 Giants not putting all their eggs in the Victor Cruz basket. The hope is to have Odell Beckham Jr., Cruz and Rueben Randle as the top three receivers. Healthy and focused, that would be a strong receiving corps.
No one expects Cruz to never play again. Reese said he seems to be doing well in his rehab, which is as tedious and slow as everyone expected it to be (Cruz is not even running yet). The doctors say he is doing well, Reese said.
Despite having a solid depth chart at receiver with Beckham, Rueben Randle, and Victor Cruz coming back from a knee injury, general manager Jerry Reese said that the Giants would not hesitate to add to the position, through free agency and the draft.

For at least one day, the legend of Odell Beckham Jr. did not grow. No, Jerry Reese brought it back to earth just a little bit. The Giants' superstar receiver did not play through that entire monstrous 2014 season with tears in his hamstring that were never fully healed.
Reese also said that if their burgeoning star did, in fact, have two tears in his hamstring, he probably would not have been permitted to play in the Pro Bowl or the string of meaningless games down the stretch in the regular season.

The Giants safety position was a revolving door of mediocrity in 2014. Jerry Reese suggested that the team could look to improve at that position could from within, with two of their recent draft picks in the mix to compete for a starting job - Cooper Taylor and Nat Berhe.

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Raiders and Chargers are willing to share a stadium near Los Angeles. The proposal is the latest in a string of bids to put a team in Los Angeles, which lost the Raiders and the Rams 20 years ago.

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