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2014 Preseason Games
Sun 8/3      Buffalo8:00 PM
Sat 8/9      Pittsburgh7:30 PM
Sat 8/16at Indianapolis7:00 PM
Fri 8/22at Jets7:30 PM
Thur 8/28     New England7:30 PM

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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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2013 NY Giants Games
Sept 8at DallasL  36-31
Sept 15   DenverL  41-23
Sept 22at CarolinaL  38-0
Sept 29at Kansas CityL  31-7
Oct 6    PhiladelphiaL  36-21
Oct 10at ChicagoL  27-21
Oct 21   MinnesotaW  23-7
Oct 27at PhiladelphiaW  15-7
Nov 3      BYE 
Nov 10    OaklandW  24-20
Nov 17   Green BayW  27-13
Nov 24   DallasL  24-21
Dec 1 at WashingtonW  24-17
Dec 8at San DiegoL  37-14
Dec 15   SeattleL  23-0
Dec 22at DetroitW  23-20
Dec 29    WashingtonW  20-6

2013 Preseason Games
Sat 8/10 at PittsburghW  18-13
Sun 8/18      Indianapolis L  20-12
Sat 8/24    JetsL  24-21
Thur 8/29at New EnglandL  28-20

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin
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2014 Regular Season Schedule
Mon 9/8at Detroit7:10 PM Sun 11/9at Seattle4:25 PM
Sun 9/14   Arizona1:00 PM Sun 11/16   San Francisco1:00 PM
Sun 9/21   Houston1:00 PM Sun 11/23    Dallas8:30 PM
Thur 9/25at Washington8:25 PM Sun 11/30 at Jacksonville1:00 PM
Sun 10/5    Atlanta1:00 PM Sun 12/7at Tennessee1:00 PM
Sun 10/12at Philadelphia8:30 PM Sun 12/14   Washington1:00 PM
Sun 10/19at Dallas4:25 PM Sun 12/21at St. Louis4:05 PM
Bye Week
 Sun 12/28    Philadelphia1:00 PM
Mon 11/3    Indianapolis8:30 PM Complete Schedules - All Teams

How the 2014 Schedule Was Made Giants in 2014: Predicting each game
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July 24 Giants Camp Reports: ESPN  |   |  Video  |   Photos  |  Photos
Giants training camp: A detailed look at what reporting day's like.

Jerry Reese noted that Eli Manning's age - 33 years old and entering his 11th NFL season - is "getting up there," but said that it is not a concern for the Giants.
Reese isn't worried about Manning. His primary concern about Manning is keeping him upright, which he addressed through his offseason moves along the offensive line.
Reese loaded up on free agent offensive linemen and nabbed another in the draft. He brought in a new offensive coordinator who will emphasize quick release, and he spent his first-round pick on a potential game-breaker at wide receiver. All of this can make Manning seem 27 again.
Last year the general manager opened the season with a countdown to the Super Bowl in order to instill some urgency. This year, the date circled is a lot closer. Sept. 8. The regular-season opener.
Jerry Reese will make no predictions for this season, but he has high hopes for the Giants in 2014. Reese and everyone else in the organization hopes they will make significant contributions to what they expect will be a much more successful season.

After watching three players go down with heat-related ailments yesterday, Tom Coughlin took a progressive step toward keeping his players off the injury cart.
So halfway through the Giants' training camp practice Wednesday, the whole team left the field, walked over into the field house and stood there for five minutes before coming back out and finishing practice.
A practice halftime could become a permanent part of the schedule. "If I keep it, it will be because of the heat we experienced yesterday and there's nothing wrong with that," Coughlin said.

Before Adrien Robinson even arrived at the Giants facility, he was dubbed the "JPP of tight ends" by general manager Jerry Reese. At the time, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was coming off 16.5 sacks in his second season. To this point, Robinson, a tight end drafted in the fourth round in 2012, has failed to live up to the hype. He has yet to catch a pass in first two professional seasons.

Odell Beckham was on the field Wednesday with his helmet and pads, but did nothing aside from stretching and warmups. It admittedly has the Giants concerned. "He missed part of spring ball with a hamstring and he tweaked it yesterday. Obviously there is a concern," general manager Jerry Reese said.

Giants have reasons to believe in a fast start. The decision to leave Albany after 16 seasons and hold their 2013 training camp at the Giants practice facility in East Rutherford was prudent. But the inaugural year of working from home produced an 0-6 start that ruined any chance of making the playoffs. Put simply, the Giants were out-coached, out-prepared and often dominated in losing to the Cowboys (36-31), Broncos (41-23), Panthers (38-0), Chiefs (31-7), Eagles (36-21) and Bears (27-21).

David Tyree to speak with Michael Sam advisor over comments on gay rights, conversion therapy. Tyree wrote on Twitter in 2011 that people are not "created gay" and advocated for gay conversion therapy, a practice abandoned by the mental health community and banned in New Jersey for treatment of minors.
General manager Jerry Reese, meanwhile, defended the team's hiring of Tyree on Wednesday, even as HRC escalated its criticism of the team for hiring Tyree. "He was qualified for the job," Reese said.
Derrick Ward, who played for the Giants from 2004-08, fired off a series of tweets that stressed that Tyree has "a right to voice his opinion. Whatever happened to freedom of speech in America? Is that not a constitutional right anymore?"

Former Giants
Michael Strahan: When you don't know what to expect from the Giants, 'they end up winning Super Bowls'
Michael Strahan did not begin his Giants career in 1993 expecting one day to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Giants - Proud to be a fan.

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July 23 Giants Camp Reports Day 1: ESPN  |  |  Video  |   Photos

As soon as Victor Cruz heard the Giants hired Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator, and he would be running his version of the West Coast offense, Cruz began studying old 49ers tapes of Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver of all time.
Of all the players on the Giants' offense, Cruz might be the biggest beneficiary of the new system. Not that he wasn't a star in the previous offense run by former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

The last time the Giants' offensive line underwent this much significant transition was in 2011 when, just before the start of training camp, the team released Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert.
Chris Snee's gone. David Diehl is retired. Justin Tuck is playing for the Raiders. Quietly and quickly, wide receiver Victor Cruz has become one of the longest-tenured Giants.

For the first time since shattering his leg in last year's season finale, Giants left tackle Will Beatty was on the field Tuesday taking part in team drills. He was "limited" and rotated in and out of the drills.
The Giants' linebacker corps was already reeling with Jon Beason out until possibly September. The last thing they needed was another linebacker to go down on the first day of camp.

John Jerry is excited for the moment you'll see him as an offensive lineman who has started every game each of the past two seasons. He's also excited about clearing his name following the Jonathan Martin bully-gate scandal where he was mentioned an eye-opening 106 times.
Jerry, a former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, was in the middle of last season's bullying scandal involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

David Tyree brought more than just memories of that famous Super Bowl helmet catch with him when he returned Tuesday to the Giants as the director of player development.
In 2011, Tyree said he'd trade his miracle "helmet catch," in exchange for a law outlawing gay marriage. And he's publicly professed his belief that "there is no scientific data to support the claim of being born gay," which is totally false.

Former Giants
Chris Snee's former foes detail what it was like to play against the retired Giants guard.

Giants - They've been there.
Out of the Blue [Hardcover]
Giants SB XLVI book [Hardcover]
Earn the Right to Win [Hardcover]

July 22 Offensive linemen don't get stats. They don't gain yards or score touchdowns or sack quarterbacks. Check out Chris Snee's page on right here and, well, you don't see a whole lot of information. But Snee makes a strong case as the best offensive lineman in Giants history.
The 32-year-old played just three games last season because of a torn hip labrum and later had right elbow surgery in November. He planned on returning this year but was having trouble with his elbow during OTAs and both of his surgically repaired hips were barking as well. "I know it's my time," Snee said.
The elbow was the last part of Snee's physique to give out, preventing him from practicing this spring. When the injury did not heal this summer, it became evident that he could not contemplate another season, even after 141 regular-season and 11 postseason starts as one of the best offensive linemen in Giants history. "There's only so much cartilage and bone you can take out of a joint," Snee said.

Chris Snee, of course, will be remembered for more than being Coughlin's son-in-law. He was perennially one of the strongest players on the team, winning the weightlifting competition year after year. He was fast for his size and maintained all his power from snap through contact. He hated losing, and hated to be embarrassed even more.
His departure leaves Eli Manning as the only starter from the Super Bowl XLII team (long-snapper Zak DeOssie and defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, who was on injured reserve in 2007, also were on that team). It also leaves the Giants' offensive line without any starters from the Super Bowl XLVI win just 21/2 years ago.
The 32-year-old guard bid a tearful farewell to the Giants and the NFL Monday, barely getting the words out during a minute's worth of halting sentences announcing the end of his comeback attempt. "It's a bittersweet day," Snee began, needing nearly 20 seconds to compose himself, "but, uh, one I really had no choice in.

David Wilson finally got the good news he was waiting for Monday regarding his surgically repaired neck, receiving a doctor's word that he was cleared for all football activities on the day the Giants reported for their first day of training camp.

The Giants said linebacker Jon Beason would be the only player to begin training camp on the active/physically unable to perform list, which is no surprise given that he's recovering from a broken foot. Beason has said he hopes to be ready by Week 1, and playing him on the training camp PUP list does not affect that hope.

July 21 Chris Snee will walk into the team facility as a Giant Monday morning. He might not walk out as one by the end of the day.
One more season. That's what Chris Snee is hoping for, but his body might not allow him to suit up for an 11th season at right guard for the Giants.
Chris Snee is having a hard time with his recovery from offseason elbow surgery, and he has not progressed physically to the point that would allow him to play an 11th NFL season.
Although Snee can decide to try and play through pain, signs are pointing toward the 32-year-old heavily considering retirement.

In Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning, the Giants head into training camp with their franchise foundations in place, but that does not mean this is a business-as-usual summer. There is newness all around -- from the wholly redesigned playbook put together by first-year offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to the revamped defensive backfield.

The excuses were plentiful and most of them were valid, no matter whom anyone wanted to blame for last year's disaster. The offensive line was terrible. The offensive scheme was stale. Injuries destroyed the running backs. The top receiver's effort was questionable. The tight end position became a black hole.

In Ben McAdoo, Tom Coughlin seems to have gotten a younger version of himself. Both circle the field in the same way. Both can intimidate with a stone expression. Both, while not opposed to the new wave of NFL thinking, are grounded in the old school. Coughlin was a running back behind Larry Csonka and Floyd Little. McAdoo was an undersized left tackle at a high school that didn't pass..

Tom Coughlin has a contract that runs through the 2015 season and some people have opined that the two-time Super Bowl winner has earned the right to decide when his run as the team's coach comes to an end. One of the guys who pays Coughlin's salary is not one of those people.

Rashad Jennings: How he trained for his first training camp with the Giants. running back Rashad Jennings is serious about his craft. So serious that when the team dispersed for four-plus weeks between the end of the minicamp and the start of training camp, Jennings barely took a break.

Jon Beason will not participate in Monday afternoon's conditioning test when he and the Giants players report for the start of training camp, but the middle linebacker said he could if he had to and he fully expects to be ready for the start of the regular season Sept. 8.

Giants - From the stadium walls to the sidelines to the field and much more.
A Collection of the Greatest
Giants Stories Ever Told
From the Giants' Sidelines,
Locker Room, and Press Box
Fighting For My Life
and My Love of the Game

July 20 In the wake of last season's 7-9 debacle, Giants owner John Mara talked of fixing a "broken" offense, of rethinking the offensive philosophy. And then, Mara delivered. The Giants, traditionally frugal in free agency, doled out more than $100 million in contracts, importing more than 20 new players.

Five questions for the Giants entering training camp: How quickly will the players grasp Ben McAdoo's new offense? Can Eli Manning rebound? How will David Wilson be used? When will Jon Beason be back? ho will be the five starting offensive linemen?

Eli Manning is one of the brightest minds in the game, a man with the rare ability to process reams of information even as he drops back to pass and surveys a defense. But even he acknowledges this is a daunting challenge, his biggest since those first uncertain games in his fledgling start as a rookie.

Tom Coughlin may have shown more patience during Giants practices this offseason than in all of his previous coaching career combined. A wrong route? No problem, son. A missed assignment? Let's just try it again. Miscommunication? Hey, these things happen!

The Giants report to camp Monday and hit the field for practice Tuesday, nearly a week earlier than most teams, a jump-start based on their participation in the Aug. 3 Hall of Fame Game against the Bills.

Giants Head Groundskeeper shares his insight. Millions of kids grow up with dreams of one day joining the NFL. New York Giants head groundskeeper Rob Davis is one of the lucky few to actualize that dream, even though his path to professional football was less traditional than that of a player or a coach.

Car 54 - Unbelievable comedy

The 53rd precinct has trouble deciding on an outing
and attending a Broadway play appears to be the solution.

July 18 John Mara likes what he sees but won't be making any more Giants predictions. "I was the same idiot who said last year it was the best team we'd had in years," Mara said Thursday, "and look what happened."

Antrel Rolle named a Top-5 Safety. Safety, cornerback, linebacker, he does it all for them in some form on defense. But on a roster, you can be listed at only one spot. For Rolle, that's safety, and after a career year, he was ranked third in the NFL at his position by Bucky Brooks.

Former Giants
Michael Strahan will be introduced at his Hall of Fame induction by Fox Sports colleague Jay Glazer. When Michael Strahan hung up his cleats, he did everything but retire.

NFL News
2015 NFL draft will not be at Radio City Music Hall, headed to either Los Angeles or Chicago If the league signs just a one-year deal, then New York could be back in the mix for the 2016 draft. It has been held in New York every year since 1965 and at Radio City since 2006.

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July 17 It may be the single biggest question facing the Giants entering training camp: Will right guard Chris Snee be able to play this season? Nobody seems to know the answer.

The Giants - with over 40 new faces reporting on Monday, as well as a new offense led by Ben McAdoo - are proving to be one of the toughest teams to predict.

The Giants retooled their roster with a bevy of free agents, shoring up their secondary, offensive line and running back corps. But they're still looking for some help from within.

Giants - The Complete History of the New York Giants
The Giants - 22 division titles and 6 world championships including four Super Bowl victories. Bonus features including an in-depth 'Greatest Games' feature on the team's victory in the 2007 NFL Championship game.

July 16 Special Report - As we head into the Giants' training camp, which begins Monday, there are a few areas to mention -- and this time, they aren't going to be negative ones such as who will play tight end, who will be the middle linebacker and who will start at running back? In this case, why not concentrate on those who might come up with a superlative season?

Eli Manning says he's energized and revitalized, ready and excited to learn a new offensive scheme for the first time in a decade. And next week, when the Giants open training camp in East Rutherford, their two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback will finally get to show it.

Former Giants
Frank Gifford's book about the 1958 Giants-Colts NFL championship game - what has been called the single most memorable match-up in the history of professional football - has been optioned by HBO for a new film, the New York Post reports.

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July 13 The grind begins one week from Monday. The Giants open training camp at their Quest Diagnostics Training Center leading into their 2014 season. There's a lot that will take place in the seven weeks before the 2014 campaign officially begins. Here are dates between now and then to circle on the calendar.

After a 7-9 campaign and a turnover of the Giants roster, the future still isn't so bright. "The foundation of the roster is weak," former front office executive and current analyst Louis Riddick said in ESPN's 2014 NFL Future Power Rankings.

July 12 Eli Manning works with Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham at the Manning Passing Academy going over concepts and signals from the Giants' new offense under first-time coordinator Ben McAdoo.

The outlook for the Giants secondary in 2014 has been widely optimistic, and now a ranking by names a new member of the Giants defense as one of the best corners in the game.

Former Giants
Steve Smith said that he rebuked the Giants in favor of the Eagles as an unrestricted free agent in 2011 because he was concerned that the window was closing on his potential NFL earnings due to his surgically repaired knee.
David Tyree's helmet catch in the waning minutes of the Super Bowl XLII victory over the New England Patriots had to be the winner for most memorable play in New York Giants history. The helmet catch was a runaway winner in fan balloting, pulling in more than 70 percent of the votes.

July 11 For the first time in what seems like forever, the Giants will put on the field a multitude of options in their return game when they report for training camp this month.

The biggest key to the Giants' success over the next three years is a player who's only signed for two of them, and it's not a young player. Quarterback Eli Manning is as vital to his team's success as any player in the league.

NFL News
It's Up, and It's ... Five Feet Taller NFL Scrambles to Install Taller Uprights After Rule Change.

July 9 The Giants announced their full training camp schedule. They will hold 14 practices open to the public, beginning on Tuesday, July 22, and ending on Thursday, Aug. 14. All practices will be at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
Five benefits and differences from holding camp at the location they call home during the season - Resources available, Indoor practices, Travel, Seamless transition, No more racquet.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie film review: Giants CB overrated, underrated, as expected? Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie looked overrated in a film review of his 2013 season.

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July 8 The right guard spot is less than certain following the spring, especially with the flare-up in Chris Snee's surgically repaired elbow. He's also coming off a second hip surgery and needs to put on 10 pounds of good weight by training camp. Brandon Mosley has been fighting for the spot in his absence, and offensive line coach Pat Flaherty has been pleased with the results so far.

Former Giants
David Tyree pinned the ball against the forehead of his helmet with his left hand, then managed somehow to get his left hand back on the ball and maintain possession all the way to the ground. This is one of three nominations for the most memorable play in Giants history. In the next two days, we'll feature Lawrence Taylor's sack that broke Joe Theismann's leg in 1985 and the Joe Pisarcik-Herman Edwards "Miracle at the Meadowlands" play from 1978. Please vote for your choice as the Giants' most memorable play.


July 5 A position-by-position look at the Giants' roster heading into training camp. A look at the offensive line, which was the unit most responsible for the 2013 collapse and an area they hope they've improved this offseason.

It didn't take long for rookie running back Andre Williams to get the message: the Giants need to be a cohesive unit "at all times." Thanks to group text messages -- one with his position players only and one that includes running back coach Craig Johnson -- that memo has gone mobile. The linebackers and wide receivers have also established similar group texts.

Stadium News
It's been about five months since hordes of Super Bowl fans found themselves stuck on train platforms for hours, waiting for NJ Transit to get them home from the big game.

Froggy lived in a big grandfather clock and Andy Devine would coax him to come out.

July 4 As the team's new quarterbacks coach, Danny Langsdorf had to feel out a relationship with his new quarterback; one that wasn't too reverential and one that wasn't too stern. But early on, he knew moments like this would make working with Manning easier. There was already a mutual respect.

The perception of Eli Manning among NFL insiders is all over the map. Very few view him as elite. ESPN's Mike Sando did an excellent project on NFL quarterbacks that anonymously polled 15 personnel people (including eight general managers) and 11 coaches. For the most part, the personnel people and coaches agreed. But Manning provided one of the biggest splits.

For the better part of the past 19 years, Charles Way has been a Giant. Whether it is as a fullback or involved in player development, he's been involved with the organization that drafted him out of Virginia in the 1995 NFL Draft. That will change this year because Way accepted a job as the NFL's new Head of Player Engagement.

NFC East News
Summer Questions:
Giants - What will be the biggest changes in the Giants' offense under new coordinator Ben McAdoo?
Cowboys - Without Sean Lee, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher, can the Cowboys' defense be good enough?
Eagles - Can safety Malcolm Jenkins really make a significant difference in a secondary that allowed the most passing yards in the NFL last season?
Redskins - Has the Redskins' defense improved enough to make a difference in 2014?

July 2 Stevie Brown believes his surgically repaired knee is fully healthy, and he's not expecting to be limited at all in training camp later this month. The Giants safety, who tore his ACL in preseason against the Jets last year, expects to be able to practice fully.

New Giants CB explains the difference of playing with Eli and Peyton Manning. "Both have had great success in this league, but they are two very different quarterbacks," Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie told the Bradenton Herald

The last time we saw Will Beatty, he was capping off a regressive season on the back of a training staff cart while nursing a shattered right leg. It was a long season, and Beatty admitted as much after surrendering 13 sacks in 16 games.

July 1 Under the Radar players. Make sure you watch these three players closely throughout training camp! CB Charles James. Safety Quintin Demps. TE Daniel Fells.

Former Giants
Justin Tuck said he's surprised he's not a Giant. Justin Tuck has always been bi-coastal, maintaining friends and favorite locations around the San Francisco Bay Area throughout his career, so moving to Oakland and playing for the Raiders wasn't strange.

June 28 There are many new faces in the Giants locker room this year, particularly on the offensive line. Following the final day of the Giants' three-day mandatory mini-camp last Thursday, offensive line coach Pat Flaherty spoke about some of the new players, such as center J.D. Walton and guard/center Weston Richburg.

When the Giants allowed Linval Joseph to walk this offseason with little or no resistance, it became obvious that they viewed last year's second-round pick Johnathan Hankins as his heir apparent. Nothing that the team has said or done in the months since has altered that line of thinking. "It's his turn," coach Tom Coughlin said during OTAs. "That's why he's here."

Danny Langsdorf, the Giants new quarterbacks coach, never anticipated a realistic scenario where he'd need to divide up camp reps between five quarterbacks, even when the Giants had five on the roster. Eli Manning will obviously get a majority of the reps, but with Ryan Nassib still developing, how many each does he provide to Nassib and Curtis Painter to ensure both know the new offense?

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June 27 David Wilson made it clear last week that he didn't want to answer any "neck questions." The Giants' third-year running back is hoping a July 21 exam of his surgically repaired neck will clear him for contact in time for training camp, and until that does or doesn't happen, he's right. There's not a lot more to say about it.

Safety Stevie Brown, who came to the Giants as a free agent in the 2012 offseason, is entering his fifth season as a Pro. It was with the Giants where Brown had hi breakout season in 2012, recording a team-high eight interceptions for a league-high 307 yards in addition to two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 19 pass breakups.

Odell Beckham (5-11, 198 pounds) may not be the biggest or tallest wide receiver out there, but he's expected to do some very large things for the Big Blue on the football field, beginning this season. When you're drafted 12th overall, there is no grace period. That's the burden of being such a high selection. Beckham was selected in the upper half of the first round by the Giants in last month's NFL Draft.

Over the past five years, Giants running backs have the second-most rushing touchdowns (74) and the 11th-most rushing yards (8,337) among NFL corps. Over that span, the Giants have run the ball on 55 percent of their plays from inside the 10-yard line, the seventh-highest rate in the NFL.

The Giants' ideal plan with their defensive tackles is to rotate them to keep them fresh. At this point, they project to have a four-man rotation at that position that includes veterans Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson and young players Johnathan Hankins and Markus Kuhn.

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June 26 After signing his big contract extension last summer, Victor Cruz showed up at training camp and told his coaches he wanted to work to improve his blocking. Yes, that's a wide receiver, in the wake of signing his big contract, deciding he wants to work on blocking because he knows he's got to get better at it to help the team and make himself a more complete player.

The Giants have been talking about Ben McAdoo's scheme and how it will make life easier for wideouts who were uncomfortable using the visual cues in Kevin Gilbride's offense. Rueben Randle, whose miscommunication with Eli Manning on audibled routes led to several glaring mistakes last year, was among McAdoo's biggest champions.

The Giants had a plan when they released safety Will Hill following his third suspension in three years. It began with reinserting Stevie Brown into a starting role and utilizing offseason signing Quintin Demps as their third safety.

The Giants know they need Chris Snee back healthy at right guard to get the most from their offensive line this year, and they aren't worried about the missed time costing Snee time in the new offense. They think his health is more important.

NFL News
The NFL agreed Wednesday to remove a $675 million cap on damages from thousands of concussion-related claims after a federal judge questioned whether there would be enough money to cover as many as 20,000 retired players.
Under the new agreement, the NFL must pay claims for the next 65 years while no longer limiting the fund for those payments to $675 million. That ceiling had been a sticking point for the settlement in the eyes of the federal judge in Philadelphia overseeing the case.

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