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Sun Oct 8, 4:00 pm (Fox) - Giants at Atlanta
Game 6
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 10 3 0 0 13
Falcons 0 3 3 0 6
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Ron Dayne scored with a 2-yard touchdown run.
Tiki Barber had 50 yards rushing and another 50 yards receiving.
Giants held the Falcons to just 13 yards rushing.
Both Jason Sehorn and Jessie Armstead had interceptions.
Giants break a 2 game losing streak.
Giants at 4-2, are tied for first in the NFC East with Washington.

You don't seem too happy with this win.
"Oh don't I? No I am really. I'm always happy when the Giants win. Now, we're 4-2, and keeping up with the other teams in the division and all. I just wish our offense was scoring more points. I was hoping they would have a breakout day against the Falcons. I mean, the Falcons defense isn't rated very high at all. The more I watched the game, I got the feeling that we have only one person who can really do it on offense. Tiki Barber did all the running this game, and caught most of the passes. What happened to Ike Hilliard, Toomer and Jurevicius? Most every game Tiki does the running, catches the passes and even chips in with punt returns. What kind of balanced offense do we have if only one guy is doing all this and, what will we do if something happens to him?"

Good point. Joe Montgomery is the backup.
"Joe Who? Isn't he someone who used to play for us last year? I'm just kidding of course, but they don't even let that guy step onto the playing field. If something happens to Tiki during a game, we're in big trouble, and if we lose him for any length of time, we lose all our offense. You know, even with Tiki in there getting his shots, doing everything he can, racking up yards, the Giants still don't score many points. Some of those other guys have to do something too. I think Kerry Collins is OK. I know he had 2 interceptions, but they were ones that bounced off our receivers. Toomer dropped some passes, and so did Hilliard. Come on guys. Get it together. "

Were you surprised to see Danny Kanell come in to replace Chandler?
"Yes, I kinda lost track of him. I didn't remember he was with the Falcons. I expected to see Kent Graham play for Pittsburgh against the Jets in the early game. Who would have believed that the 1-3 Steelers would beat the 4-0 Jets. That only leaves Minnesota and the Rams as undefeated teams, and the Vikings play Tampa Bay on Monday night. Anyway, I noticed that Danny Kanell was wearing the number thirteen. It wasn't very lucky for him."

How do you think the Giants will do against Dallas next week?
"Well, when you play other division teams, everything goes out the window. Look at the trouble Washington had against the Eagles. You just never know. At least we have Tiki Barber, and Dallas knows what he can do against them."

So the Giants come up with another win.
"That's a good way to put it. They come up with another win against a weaker team. The offense scored all of 13 points and the Giants won the game. Even with the defense shutting down the run and putting enormous pressure on their quarterbacks, the Falcons were never out of this game. That's what 13 points will do for you, and the Giants were lucky to have that.
If you remember, the Falcons Travis Hall pulled a penalty for using a teammate to get leverage in an attempt to block Jaret Holmes 32-yard field goal. The field goal was good, but Fassel took the three points off the board for a chance to go for the seven, which Ron Dayne got on his 2 yard run a few plays later. If there was no penalty, the Giants would have been nursing along 9 points for the game, or worse yet if something went wrong, it would have been 6-6 at the end of the 4th quarter.
When you think about the Giants on offense, remember now, that the Falcons were coming off a 41-20 loss to the Rams, followed by a 38-10 loss to the Eagles. Now they lost by only 13-6 to the Giants, using their backup quarterback for more than half the game. I'm sorry, but the Giants should have done better against the Falcons."

What's good?
"What's good? Jason Sehorn is. He had himself a real nice game, and he's been there all year on defense, the same way Gamegirl mentioned that Barber has been on offense. Armstead is always in the game. Pete Monty, known for being good against the run, came away with a sack. Shaun Williams came on strong again this game with eight tackles. Greg Comella had 4 catches for 43 yards. Strahan got a sack at the right time on Kanell, when they were driving for the touchdown that would tie it. I don't know if he did well enough against what might be considered easy opposition in that game to satisfy the press that's been on him lately."

How will the Giants do next week?
"Next week they catch Dallas coming off a bye week. The Cowboys will have had plenty of time to prepare for the Giants, but then again, the Giants haven't shown anyone very much. Emmitt Smith rushed for only 202 yards in his first four games, but picked up 132 yards on 24 carries in their last game against the Panthers. Aikman had two interceptions, but directed the game winning drive in overtime. If we come away with a win at the Meadowlands next Sunday going into our bye week, I'll be very happy."


Giants - Kerry Collins 14-25 for 151 yards, 2 INT, 0 TD.
Falcons - Danny Kanell 15-36 for 166 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD, Chris Chandler 8-12 for 89 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD.

Giants - Tiki Barber 14-50, Ron Dayne 12-31, Ike Hilliard 1-17, Kerry Collins 4-5, Greg Comella 2-1.
Falcons - Jamal Anderson 12-12, Tim Dwight 2-1.

Giants - Tiki Barber 5-50, Greg Comella 4-43, Ike Hilliard 2-25, Amani Toomer 1-17, Ron Dixon 1-9, Joe Jurevicius 1-7.
Falcons - Shawn Jefferson 5-72, Bob Christian 5-42, Reggie Kelly 4-49, Brian Kozlowski 3-44, Terance Mathis 3-25, Jamal Anderson 1-12, Tim Dwight 1-1, Jammi German 1-10.

Giants - Jason Sehorn 1 for 32, Jessie Armstead 1 for -2.
Falcons - Ashley Ambrose 1 for 24, Ronnie Bradford 1 for 0.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon 3 for 44.
Falcons - Tim Dwight 2 for 50, Darrick Vaughn 1 for 20.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 1 for 6.
Falcons - Tim Dwight 2 for -2, Winslow Oliver 1 for 0.

Fumbles lost
Falcons - Winslow Oliver 1.

Fumbles recovered
Giants - Lyle West 1.

Opponent's fumbles recovered
Giants - Lyle West 1.

Missed field goals
Falcons - Morten Andersen 45.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Shaun Williams 8-0-0, Sam Garnes 5-1-0, Jason Sehorn 5-1-0, Pete Monty 5-0-1, Michael Strahan 3-0-1, Cedric Jones 3-0-0, Emmanuel McDaniel 3-0-0, Ryan Phillips 3-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 2-0-1, Keith Hamilton 2-0-1, Christian Peter 2-0-0, Jessie Armstead 1-0-0, Dave Thomas 1-0-0, Tiki Barber 1-0-0, Thabiti Davis 1-0-0, Brandon Short 1-0-0, Ron Stone 1-0-0, Lyle West 1-0-0, Ryan Hale 0-1-0.
Falcons - Jessie Tuggle 9-3-0, Chris Draft 5-1-0, Travis Hall 5-1-0, Ray Buchanan 5-0-0, Mark Simoneau 5-0-0, Marty Carter 2-2-0, Brady Smith 2-1-0, Ronnie Bradford 1-2-0, Shawn Swayda 2-0-0, Darrick Vaughn 2-0-0, Gerald McBurrows 2-0-0, Ashley Ambrose 1-0-0, Edward Jasper 1-0-0, Chuck Wiley 1-0-0, Corey Atkins 1-0-0, Bob Christian 1-0-0, Jammi German 1-0-0, Brian Kozlowski 1-0-0, Henri Crockett 0-1-0, Patrick Kerney 0-1-0, Terance Mathis 0-1-0, Maurice Smith 0-1-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 104
Falcons - 13

Net yards passing
Giants - 151
Falcons - 225

Time of Possession
Giants - 29:45
Falcons - 30:15


NYG - FG, JARET HOLMES 1 YD FG, 0:08. New York 10-0
ATL - FG, MORTEN ANDERSEN 42 YD FG, 5:25. New York 10-3
NYG - FG, JARET HOLMES 27 YD FG, 0:00. New York 13-3
ATL - FG, MORTEN ANDERSEN 28 YD FG, 9:22. New York 13-6


Danny Kanell was the Giants starting quarterback when they won the NFC East in 1997, head coach Jim Fassel's first year.

Falcons 13 yards rushing was the lowest total in team history.

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