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Sun Sept 3, 1:00 pm (FOX 5) - Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants
Game 1
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cards 0 0 3 13 16
Giants 7 7 0 7 21
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Giants do it
Tiki Barber scored the first and second TDs of the game.
Emmanuel McDaniel came up with 2 INTs.
Ron Dayne ran for 78 yards and got his first NFL TD.
Giants win the fourth season opener under head coach Jim Fassel.

That was some wild day for an opening game.
"Tiki Barber sure called it with that 'thunder and lightning' stuff he talked about. We had it both on and off the field! Remind me from now on to wear something a little heavier next time, no matter how hot it seems to be. I don't really care to be a wet tee-shirt attraction in the stands. I'd rather everyone's eyes were looking towards the field instead of on me."

We doubt that would stop them Gamegirl.
"Aw now, thanks for the compliment. You know it was really hot and the air was thick at the stadium, and it even felt good to get a little bit rained on at first, but then it got worse. I was watching them pull the players off the field and was wondering how about us? We were no safer in the stands. The whole place ducked for cover. The only thing that made it OK was that the Giants were winning at the time."

Now that was something different.
"Yes, it seems a win was a long time coming. I almost wish I didn't read Mikefan's pregame review, because I knew how bad a shape the Cards were coming into this game, and even though it took the edge off, I was still happy when the Giants won. If they had lost this one, I would have felt miserable, more miserable than just being drenched in the stands."

Your favorite player of the game?
"Now that's easy. Tiki Barber of course. He did it all, reverse field running, catching passes, and that one long 78 yard touchdown run. He had scored one touchdown before that. Tiki was easily the MVP for the Giants."

So what's your take on the Giants this year?
"I feel a whole lot better than last week, watching us lose one preseason game after another. I guess the Giants knew what they were doing, using the preseason games for practice which is what they are really intended for.
We can't say right now if the Giants are really a strong team based on this one game against the Cards, but they did seem to have a more balanced attack, and the defense wasn't on the field the whole game.
I think Dallas is weaker than last year, and if we can beat the Eagles I think there's a playoff shot no matter how we do against the Redskins. As for next week, I usually love coming out to the stadium, but I'll welcome the away break, and I plan to be watching the Giants - Eagles game in complete comfort at home."

You said you had a list of things to watch for in this game?
"Yes, two big things were, could Ron Dayne bring his skills to the playing field as he moves up a notch to the NFL, and can the undisputed first string quarterback, Kerry Collins lead this team to the playoffs?
I'd say the answers are yes and yes to those first two. The Giants really need a power running back. Ron was very good in his first NFL game and he's only going to get better. Coupling Tiki Barber with him, mixing up the running game will keep many defenses on their heels, and worn out by the fourth quarter.
Kerry Collins seemed totally relaxed and in charge in his role today, which seemed to be mostly in support of the running game. Still, whenever it was called for, he made whatever pass plays he wanted. I almost felt that the receivers wished they got to see more action this game, but the passing game took the backseat to the running game today.

The 'thunder and lightning' works so well it cuts out the passing game?
"Let's just say that 'thunder and lightning' worked better for the Giants than it did for Gamegirl. Hey, sometimes there's an advantage to watching that game on the big screen. I was nice and dry, and when they had that 22 minute weather break in the game, the FOX station switched over to the Redskins - Panthers game. It was really something to see Bruce Smith in action for a little while. Also, I thought it was interesting at one point when the announcer mentioned that Tiki Barber was having the 'game of his life'. I guess it slipped his mind that Tiki single handedly blew away the Cowboys in that first season game against them last year.
As for the Giants gameplan, the run was working so they kept with it. In future games, if the opposition overbalances their resources to stop the run, I'm sure you'll see the lightning switch to Kerry Collins' arm, and it will strike all over the field.

What were the others things you were watching for?
"Will Michael Strahan record sacks like he did in 1998? Will physically fit, Jason Sehorn play up to what he's really capable of, and if he does, will cornerback Dave Thomas be able to hold up on his side of the field?
I have no clear answer on Michael Strahan from today's game. There was good pressure from the defense all game, but they weren't able to get to the quarterback. Then again, Jake Plummer is a pretty mobile quarterback. He finished with 28 completions in 49 attempts for 312 yards. Jake did get sacked by Mike Barrow when they were trying to come back late in the fourth quarter, but mostly he was able to break from the pocket and get passes off.
Sehorn had a real nice game. He led the team with eight tackles and two defensed passes. It's only one game, but if he stays healthy, I'd say he's back.
Dave Thomas held up well. Near the end of the game, that pass somehow got through him. It's hard to believe how it did. There was hardly any room behind Thomas in the endzone, but somehow it got by him for the touchdown. The Cards needed to go for two, and they tried it against Dave Thomas, and he blocked it away. I think he'll be fine."

Anything else on the game?
"The whole offensive front line did their job well this game. They made holes for the runners and blocked just fine for Collins all day. It was a great team effort. I can't leave out Emmanuel McDaniel, who made his presence known throughout this game. He had three tackles and two interceptions.
Letting the Cards catch up like they did, getting two touchdowns in a span of 1:23 late in the fourth quarter shows there are some weaknesses.
Special teams still needs a little work. The Cards were able to exploit them a few times, and the Giants have to watch the penalties."

So next week?
"The Giants were lucky to open the season against Arizona. The Cards weren't in the best of shape for this game and it showed. The Giants held the Cards to only 43 yards, and quarterback Jake Plummer got 18 of those yards. If they can do anything near that against Duce Staley next week, it would be just great."


Giants - Kerry Collins 17-25 for 172 yards, 1 INT.
Cards - Jake Plummer 28-49 for 318 yards, 3 INT.

Giants - Tiki Barber 13-144, Ron Dayne 23-78, Kerry Collins 5-1.
Cards - Jake Plummer 4-18, Thomas Jones 12-16, Michael Pittman 4-9.

Giants - Ike Hilliard 3-62, Greg Comella 5-42, Amani Toomer 4-35, Tiki Barber 3-25, Daniel Campbell 1-10, Ron Dayne 1--2.
Cards - David Boston 9-128, Frank Sanders 5-78, Michael Pittman 6-71, Thomas Jones 4-18, MarTay Jenkins 1-13, Mac Cody 1-8, Joel Makovicka 2-2.

Giants - Emmanuel McDaniel 2 for 2 yards, Shaun Williams 1 for 40 yards.
Cards - Kwamie Lassiter 1 for 11 yards.

Fumbles lost
Giants - Kerry Collins.
Cards - Chris Dishman.

Opponent's fumbles recovered
Giants - Micheal Barrow.
Cards - Aeneas Williams.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Jason Sehorn 8-0-0, Shaun Williams 6-1-0, Micheal Barrow 6-0-1, Jessie Armstead 3-3-0, Sam Garnes 4-1-0, Cedric Jones 4-0-0, Emmanuel McDaniel 3-0-0, Christian Peter 3-0-0, Dave Thomas 3-0-0, Lyle West 3-0-0, Keith Hamilton 1-2-0, Michael Strahan 0-2-0, Ryan Phillips 1-0-0, Pete Monty 0-1-0.
Cards - Tom Knight 7-4-0, Rob Fredrickson 4-4-0, Ronald McKinnon 6-1-0, Raynoch Thompson 6-0-0, Tony McCoy 5-1-0, Pat Tillman 4-2-0, Aeneas Williams 4-1-0, Corey Sears 2-3-0, Kwamie Lassiter 3-1-0, Jabari Issa 2-1-0, Corey Chavous 2-0-0, Justin Lucas 2-0-0, Mark Smith 2-0-0, David Barrett 1-0-0, Brad Ottis 1-0-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 223
Cards - 43

Net yards passing
Giants - 172
Cards - 312

Time of Possesion
Giants - 31:30
Cards - 28:30


NYG - Barber 10 Yard TD Run (Daluiso Extra Point), 0:24. N.Y. Giants 7-0
NYG - Barber 78 Yard TD Run (Daluiso Extra Point), 9:50. NY Giants 14-0
ARI - Blanchard 32 Yard Field Goal, 0:05. NY Giants 14-3
NYG - Dayne 7 Yard TD Run (Daluiso Extra Point), 7:33. NY Giants 21-3
ARI - Boston 9 Yard TD Pass from Plummer (Blanchard Extra Point), 2:00. NY Giants 21-10
ARI - Boston 25 Yard TD Pass from Plummer (Plummer Pass Failed), 0:39. NY Giants 21-16

Next Game
Sept 10, Giants at Philadelphia, 1PM FOX

How unusual is a lightning delay in a football game? NFL spokesman Joe Browne said there were two other lightning delays in NFL history. A game at Giants Stadium between the Jets and Colts was delayed 32 minutes on Sept. 8, 1996, while a contest in Kansas City between the Seattle Seahawks and Chiefs was delayed 54 minutes on Oct. 4, 1998.

Tiki Barber facts - The 78 yard touchdown in the second quarter, was the longest run of his career. It was the fourth longest scoring run in Giants history. The two touchdown runs were Tiki's first since his rookie season of 1997.

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