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Sun Oct 1, 1:00 pm (Fox) - Giants at Tennessee
Game 5
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 0 0 7 7 14
Titans 7 14 0 7 28
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Giants offense was barely on the field in the first half.
Titans converted on nearly every 3rd down.
Thunder and Lightning combined for 1 yard on 8 carries.
Giants total rushing yards was 24.
Kerry Collins was intercepted 3 times.
Giants fall to 3-2.

That makes two losses in a row, Gamegirl.
"Yes, and this one was worse than the last. You know you're in trouble when our quarterback, Kerry Collins, had better stats running than the "Thunder and Lightning" running backs. A lot of the players didn't look sharp in this game. I'm talking Kerry Collins, Pete Mitchell, Amani Toomer, all pretty important people for our passing game."

As you said, the Giants didn't do much on the ground either.
"I don't know what's happened. Our defense was out there most of the game, and unlike last year, this time it was their own fault. It's not like they stopped the Titans cold and then had to march back on the field because the offense couldn't get anywhere. The defense let the Titans kill them with all those long drives. In the beginning I had a lot of hope, because they kept getting Tennessee into 3rd down situations, and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean that sooner or later they won't convert one? It was ridiculous, and it didn't seem to matter if it was 3rd and long or not. After a while, you just sat back and wondered HOW they were going to do it this time, not IF they were to do it, but how, because you knew it was going to happen."

Tennessee had long drives of 80, 98, 80, and 80 yards.
"Don't even tell me that. I don't want to know anymore about the numbers and time of possession and all that. About the only thing I enjoyed this game was watching Ron Dixon learn how to play football. It's as if they took a fast kid right off the street and told him to go play. He's exciting whenever he's near the ball for a number of reasons. That, and I'm starting to get a kick out of watching the instant replay challenges. That's turned into a real big joke this season."

Think the Giants will be able to bounce back next game?
"You asked me that last week, and I hope it doesn't become a weekly question. Atlanta plays the Eagles later so maybe I'll catch that game and I'd be able to tell you later, but if you want to know right now, any halfway decent team the Giants face will be tough for them. It seemed like all the receivers for the Titans were beat up, and we still couldn't beat them.
We can pretend that the Giants just weren't lucky in today's game. I mean they had some bad calls against them, and dropped some passes here and there, and drew a few penalties, all at bad times, but look at the Titans. They made mostly all the plays when they had to. They are a playoff caliber team, and the Giants just don't seem to be one, at least not right now."

What's the fix for the Giants Mikefan?
"As if it's that easy. I guess it starts with the defense this time. As Gamegirl mentioned, and she hit the nail right on the head, they have to let the Giants offense get some playing time on the field. The Giants left the field at halftime, not even knowing what plays would work for them. I'm not saying that the offense was blameless, but look how things went. The Titans scored a touchdown on their first series going 80 yards and chewing up about 6 and a half minutes. Then it was the Giants turn on offense, and they were 3 and out when they didn't make a 3rd and 2. The defense did real good on their next series with Strahan getting a sack on McNair and forcing them 3 and out. The Giants second offensive series was Toomer all the way. He dropped a nice long pass he should have caught, then took a quick out for 4 yards, and the next pass was incomplete. That was all the Giants offense for the first quarter and they had the ball for about 3 minutes out of 15."

Then the Titans completed that nice long drive.
"It was 19 plays for 98 yards that took almost 10 full minutes, most of it from the second quarter, and now the score was 14-0. On their next offensive series, the Giants feed the ball to Dayne for no gain, pass to Mitchell incomplete, and then Collins gets hit while throwing. They get the ball back after Tennessee scores again (21-0), this time in about a mere 5 minutes. With 2:16 left in the half, Collins completes to Toomer for the Giants first first down of the game.
Then he completely misses seeing that Toomer is downfield in the clear, instead throwing an incomplete pass to Hilliard. Next, Comella runs for 5 yards. They botch the next handoff and that's it. Here the Titans for some strange reason go for a 4th and 6 and don't make it and the Giants get one last shot from their own 29 with about a minute left. Collins tries a pass to Joe Jurevicius and they take the penalty on the Titans for a 1st and 5. Collins arm is hit on his next pass attempt, and then he gets intercepted on an overthrown pass to Toomer on the next. All and all the Giants had the ball for only 5:43 in the entire first half. What would you work on at halftime? Some of the stuff that didn't work, or the other 90 things you haven't even tried yet?"

Anything else?
"Sure, I'd like to cover two things that Gamegirl mentioned. On Ron Dixon's coverage, even though it hurt, it was kind of funny to see him try to get every last inch on trying to down a punt, only to blow it and let the Titans get it on the 20. Ron got a bigtime education on the sidelines by the head coach, and the next time he had a chance, Ron showed he had earned his 'Fassel PHD' on downing balls, because he nailed it right on the Tennessee 2.
The last thing, is that I'm getting suspicious about the way the refs seem to blow all these replay challenges. You would almost think it was a plot to prove how the replay challenge doesn't work, so they can get rid of it and stop being second-guessed. They mostly don't overturn calls and make the poor teams lose their timeout. Then later in the week, they apologize for blowing it. - 'Oh well, too bad, sorry guy that you lost your timeout as well as not getting that touchdown call. Sorry you had to dig yourself out of that hole, Jim Fassel. Sorry, Bill Cowher'. Teams are becoming afraid to use it. How long before they scrap the replay challenges? Am I the only one who suspects this secret plot? Maybe I can I get onto the X-Files after Mulder leaves?


Giants - Kerry Collins 17-37 for 197 yards, 3 INT.
Titans -Steve McNair 24-35 for 293 yards, 0 INT.

Giants - Kerry Collins 3-19, Greg Comella 1-4, Tiki Barber 5-2, Ron Dayne 3- (-1).
Titans - Eddie George 35-124, Steve McNair 4-21, Rodney Thomas 4-6.

Giants - Amani Toomer 5-81, Ike Hilliard 4-59, Tiki Barber 5-49, Joe Jurevicius 1-6, Pete Mitchell 1-1, Daniel Campbell 1-1.
Titans - Derrick Mason 6-103, Erron Kinney 5-60, Eddie George 4-52, Frank Wycheck 5-42, Carl Pickens 1-15, Chris Sanders 2-14, Rodney Thomas 1-7.

Titans - Denard Walker 1 for 4, Samari Rolle 1 for 21, Dainon Sidney 1 for 19.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon 5 for 135.
Titans - Derrick Mason 1 for 27.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 2 for 18.
Titans - Derrick Mason 2 for 11.

Fumbles lost
Giants - Kerry Collins.
Titans - Eddie George.

Opponent's fumbles recovered
Giants - Jason Sehorn.
Titans - Marcus Robertson.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Jason Sehorn 8-1-0, Cedric Jones 7-0-0, Ryan Phillips 7-0-0, Sam Garnes 6-1-0, Michael Barrow 4-2-0, Shaun Williams 3-3-0, Keith Hamilton 2-4-1, Pete Monty 5-0-0, Jessie Armstead 3-2-0, Christian Peter 3-2-0, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 3-0-0, Reggie Stephens 2-0-0, Dave Thomas 2-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 1-0-0, Ryan Hale 1-0-0, Michael Strahan 1-0-1.
Titans - Randall Godfrey 6-0-0, Marcus Robertson 6-0-0, Perry Phenix 3-1-0, Denard Walker 2-0-0, Jason Fisk 1-0-0, Jevon Kearse 1-1-0, Blaine Bishop 1-0-0, Keith Bulluck 1-0-0, Keith Embray 1-0-0, Henry Ford 1-0-0, Kenny Holmes 1-0-1, Dainon Sidney 1-0-0, Eddie Robinson 0-1-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 24
Titans - 152

Net yards passing
Giants - 191
Titans - 284

Time of Possession
Giants - 17:14
Titans - 42:46


TEN - Frank Wycheck 14 Yard TD Pass from Steve McNair (Al Del Greco Extra Point), 8:35. Tennessee 7-0
TEN - Eddie George 7 Yard TD Run (Al Del Greco Extra Point), 8:48. Tennessee 14-0
TEN - Derrick Mason 29 Yard TD Pass from Steve McNair (Al Del Greco Extra Point), 2:54. Tennessee 21-0
NYG - Ike Hilliard 14 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Jarod Holmes Extra Point), 5:25. Tennessee 21-7
TEN - Frank Wycheck 3 Yard TD Pass from Steve McNair (Al Del Greco Extra Point), 12:26. Tennessee 28-7
NYG - Daniel Campbell 1 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Jarod Holmes Extra Point), 1:02. Tennessee 28-14


Titans held the Giants to just 2 first downs in the first half.

Titans RB Eddie George had his first 100-yard rushing game this season.

Titans were the only team without an interception this season, but got three against the Giants.

Titans broke the record of 9 consecutive victories to open a stadium set by the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium in 1971-72.

Titans have won 11 in a row at home, if you include last season's wild card victory over Buffalo.

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