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Sun Sept 10, 1:00 pm (FOX 5) - Giants at Eagles
Game 2
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 3 17 7 6 33
Eagles 0 3 9 6 18
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Giants do it again
Giants open at 2-0 for the first time under head coach Jim Fassel.
Kerry Collins passes for 220 yards and 2 TDs.
Tiki Barber has another great game, 96 yards on 11 carries, and 1 TD.
Giants held the Eagles to just 56 yards rushing.

So did you stay nice and dry this week?
"Yes, and to those personal fans I seemed to have picked up after last week, who have e-mailed me with their interesting questions, I was wearing a bulky sweatshirt and shorts. I had no tickets for this away game with the Eagles. There were some girlfriends at the house, but they weren't wearing cheerleader outfits. We weren't spraying each other with seltzer bottles during commercials or halftime, or anything else you guys like to dream up with your wild imaginations."

How about video games?
"Very funny, I know where you're going with that. No, I did not cause any of the Giants receivers to miss walkthroughs because we were all busy staying up late playing video games. I don't know those players personally or even have their autographs."

I think you've cleared everything up now.
"Yes, I'd say so. Now about the game. I was kind of nervous with the Giants going up against the Eagles this week, after the way Philadelphia beat Dallas 41-14. The Giants controlled the game pretty good in the first quarter, but they weren't getting many points up on the board. I think it was 3-0 at the end of the first, and the second quarter was almost over before they put some serious points up and took a big lead."

The Giants scored 2 TDs in the final minutes of the 2nd quarter.
"I felt better after that. I mean, I liked what I was seeing, the Giants were mixing the offense up pretty good, and the defense was shutting the Eagles down, but I still like to see those points hit the board. The end of the second quarter was really something. Ron Dixon gave me a nice scare when he dropped the ball on that kickoff return, but then he turned it into a big gain. The Giants have some real talented players this year.
Tiki went down hard on that same series, and I thought I heard the Eagles fans cheering while he was lying there. Luckily he was OK, and Collins finished off that drive with a touchdown pass to Toomer. The Eagles went nowhere, with Pete Monty getting a sack on McNabb, and Tiki came back to field the punt. Collins threw to Tiki, and then Hilliard and then like you said, the half was almost over when Tiki had that 31 yard touchdown run. So take that all you Eagles fans who cheered when he was down!"

Tiki had back to back good games.
"He really did, and the Giants played tough against a stronger team this week. Besides throwing to Tiki, Collins hit Toomer and Hilliard a lot more this game, and Ike Hilliard showed just how tough he is to bring down. I was getting worried that he might get hurt the way they were jumping on him to bring him down. Next week the Giants should have everyone healthy against Chicago, and then there's that big game coming up against the Redskins. This Giants season is turning out to be a real nice surprise. Let's hope we can knock off Washington too. That would really be big!"

Like the game Mikefan?
"Sure, the Giants showed some great ball control against the Eagles. As Gamegirl said, they were really mixing it up, and in that first half they had the Eagles defense on the field for over 22 minutes. Sean Landeta had some great punts against us. He had punts of 59, 54 and 52 yards, but we had some great returns and it didn't matter where the Giants got the ball, they kept driving, and chewing up the clock as they moved downfield.
Kerry Collins was into the gameplan once again for this game, and this time the receivers got more work.

First half stats were, Giants 16 first downs, and just 2 for the Eagles.
"Yeah, the Giants really controlled the ball. Still, McNabb got the Eagles going right away in the third quarter. On a 3rd and 16, he managed a 17 yard pass to Charles Johnson and that put the Eagles in Giants territory. They got inside the 15, and faced a 4th and 1. I was surprised when they went for the field goal, since they were trailing 20-3, but that's what they did and then it was 20-6.
Collins came right back, and took the Giants 67 yards in 10 plays. He faced three third downs on that drive, and finished it off with a 30 yard pass to Ike Hilliard. That made it 27-6 and you kind of felt like things were in hand, but once again, McNabb stayed slippery and got the Eagles another score, this time running it in himself. The Giants blocked the extra point so it was 27-12."

The Eagles defense needed to step up at that point.
"Right, they had to show that they could stop the Giants and give McNabb some more chances on the field, but they couldn't. The Giants kept making those first downs. Tiki kept running, and Daluiso kept kicking those field goals. In fact, Brad Daluiso had field goals of 32, 36, 44 and 23 yards in this game.
The offense did its job this game, and the defense stopped Duce Staley, holding him to just 11 yards rushing on 7 carries. In the last two games the defense has allowed a total of only 99 yards rushing."

What about Michael Strahan?
"I think that we have to stop worrying about Mike Strahan and sacks since the Giants are concentrating their efforts on the run. There seems to be lots of pressure on the opposing quarterbacks when needed, so whatever the Giants are up to, they should stay with it until it doesn't work anymore."

What's next?
Hopefully a tune-up away game with the Bears to prepare for the big meeting with the Redskins in the Meadowlands. The Redskins are finding out things are not quite so easy as they might have thought. Let's hope that the Giants don't think the same way if they walk into that matchup with a 3-0 record.


Giants - Kerry Collins 21-29 for 220 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT, 1 sack.
Eagles - Donovan McNabb 19-33 for 214 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 3 sacks.

Giants - Tiki Barber 11-96, Ron Dayne 21-50, Greg Comella 2-19, Kerry Collins 5-2.
Eagles - Donovan McNabb 5-45, Duce Staley 7-11.

Giants - Ike Hilliard 8-84, Amani Toomer 7-80, Tiki Barber 3-29, Ron Dixon 1-15, Greg Comella 2-12.
Eagles - Chad Lewis 4-67, Duce Staley 7-58, Charles Johnson 5-48, Todd Pinkston 1-23, Bubba Miller 1-9, Dameane Douglas 1-9.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Jason Sehorn 1 for -7, Ron Dixon 4 for 117.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Jason Sehorn 7-1-0, Dave Thomas 3-1-0, Jessie Armstead 3-0-1, Brandon Short 3-0-0, Lyle West 3-0-0, Michael Strahan 2-1-0, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 2-0-0, Ryan Phillips 2-0-1, Shaun Williams 2-0-0, Cedric Jones 1-1-0, Keith Hamilton 1-0-0, Pete Monty 1-0-1.
Eagles - Jeremiah Trotter 9-3-0, Hollis Thomas 2-5-0, Barry Gardner 5-1-0, Mike Caldwell 4-1-0, Troy Vincent 4-1-0, Bryan Dawkins 3-2-0, Corey Simon 3-2-0, Hugh Douglas 2-3-1, Bobby Taylor 3-0-0, Damon Moore 1-2-0, Paul Grasmanis 2-0-0, Carlos Emmons 1-1-0, Al Harris 1-0-0, Brandon Whiting 1-0-0, Rashard Cook 0-1-0, Mike Mamula 0-1-0, Ike Reese 0-1-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 167
Eagles - 56

Net yards passing
Giants - 220
Eagles - 181

Time of Possesion
Giants - 38:44
Eagles - 21:16


NYG - Brad Daluiso 32 Yard Field Goal, 4:13. N.Y. Giants 3-0
NYG - Brad Daluiso 36 Yard Field Goal, 12:41. NY Giants 6-0
PHI - David Akers 33 Yard Field Goal, 5:26. NY Giants 6-3
NYG - Amani Toomer 25 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 1:18. NY Giants 13-3
NYG - Tiki Barber 31 Yard TD Run (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 0:23. NY Giants 20-3
PHI - David Akers 29 Yard Field Goal, 9:12. NY Giants 20-6
NYG - Ike Hilliard 30 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 4:22. NY Giants 27-6
PHI - Donovan McNabb 15 Yard TD Run (David Akers Kick Failed), 1:16. NY Giants 27-12
NYG - Brad Daluiso 44 Yard Field Goal, 9:42. NY Giants 30-12
NYG - Brad Daluiso 23 Yard Field Goal, 4:03. NY Giants 33-12
PHI - Chad Lewis 7 Yard TD Pass from Donovan McNabb (Charles Johnson Pass Failed), 1:25. NY Giants 33-18

Next Game
Sept 17, Giants at Chicago, 4PM FOX

Fassel is 7-0 lifetime as a head coach against Philadelphia

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