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Sun Sept 24, 8:00 pm (ESPN) - Washington at Giants
Game 4
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Redskins 0 10 6 0 16
Giants 0 0 0 6 6
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Washington stars shine bright through the thunder and light.
Giants finally managed some points with 2:25 left in the game.
Kerry Collins was sacked 4 times.
Giants put up some OK stats but little else.
Ike Hilliard had 7 catches for 85
Giants are still atop the NFC East

How about those Jets, Gamegirl?
"Yeah right, tell me about it. I take that back, I heard enough from my boyfriend. I guess there are a lot of people in our local area who would rather think Jets than Giants right now after Sunday's games. The Jets were lucky to pull out their game in the end, but the Giants weren't. I was very disappointed. It would have been great if the Giants had been able to take out Washington when they were on a downswing."

The Giants couldn't get it going, they looked flat.
"I hate when people use that term. How could the Giants be flat? They were on national TV and looking forward to beating a team that socked it to them twice last year. They knew they could bury Washington with a win. They had to be up for that game. The Redskins just outplayed them."

It was all over when Collins threw that end zone INT to Deion Sanders.
"The Giants were beat the whole game, except for maybe that first quarter. It looked like maybe there was a shot in the fourth quarter when Kerry Collins got that drive going, but he didn't seem sharp at all in that game. After the interception I can't imagine it was any more fun going to the huddle than it was sitting there watching the game. The Redskins made the big plays, and the Giants didn't, and that's what wins football games."

Think the Giants will be able to bounce back next game?
"Who do we face, Tennessee? It will be tough. They could have had some nice momentum going if they had taken out the Redskins, and now you worry that maybe when they beat the Cards, Eagles and Bears that the Giants weren't as good as we thought. It was just that the teams we played weren't good ones."

Jim Fassel blames the long plays on individual mistakes.
"Yes, he said that the Redskins did everything the Giants expected, but they just couldn't stop them. They were able to throw deep and fool people with play action to get men free. It seems like they were able to beat everyone in the secondary. Johnson threw a completion of 46 yards to James Thrash who got past Dave Thomas. He threw a 48 yard pass to Albert Connell who outran Sehorn and a 53 yard one to Connell when he outmaneuvered Shaun Williams."

The defense held Davis this time.
"They didn't let him do the damage he did in those last games against them, but it came at the expense of having Brad Johnson pull off those big plays. Stephen Davis finished the game with 30 carries for 89 yards. Maybe they put too much focus on stopping the run. Although, in the first quarter they held him to just 5 yards on five carries and still didn't give up any big plays. Once the passing clicked in his average climbed. He finished the half with 27 yards on 12 carries."

It looks like the heat is off Redskins quarterback Brad Johnson.
"Washington needed to win this game against the Giants to put a lot of things to rest. Brad Johnson held up great under the pressure. He was 14-of-20 for 289 yards, and 2 touchdowns, and most important, he showed he could still throw the long ball. Previously, his longest of the year was for just 26 yards, and he had no interceptions."

The Giants are still atop the division at 3-1.
"Before this game, the Giants lead the league in rushing and run defense, time of possession and were tied for 2nd in the NFL in third-down conversions. Everything they were bad at they had corrected. Now, some of their weaknesses have been brought out, and there's tough competition coming up. They let down in a lot of areas, most important, the revamped front line that had been working so well. The Redskins won the battle up front against the Giants offensive line. Collins was sacked twice in the first half and was always hurried."

It wasn't just the offensive front line.
"Right, it didn't help that some passes were dropped by Hilliard. At the half, Collins had completed only 7 of 18 passes for 50 yards. His stats got better by the end of the game, but only because the Redskins were letting him have it while they worked on the clock.
Also, we all knew before the season started that the secondary was weak, and the Redskins exploited it. That will most likely happen again against some of the better teams. Gamegirl was right when she mentioned the level of competition. The Cardinals, Eagles and Bears were not playoff teams last season and don't look much better this year. In the first three games, the Giants hadn't given up a pass play of more than 31 yards. Against Washington, three went for more than 40 yards.
Beating the over-hyped but talented Redskins team would have meant a great deal. Next week they play Tennessee, and that will be a real test for this team. The schedule gets a little easier after that, but then they have the Rams in November. Let's hope the Giants can put this bad game behind them fast."


Giants - Kerry Collins 21-44 for 210 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD.
Redskins - Brad Johnson 14-20 for 289 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD.

Giants - Tiki Barber 16-65, Ron Dayne 5-23, Amani Toomer 1-5.
Redskins - Stephen Davis 30-89, Adrian Murrell 5-22, Mike Sellers 1-2, Brad Johnson 3-minus 3.

Giants - Ike Hilliard 7-85, Tiki Barber 6-41, Amani Toomer 3-31, Greg Comella 2-11, Pete Mitchell 1-18, Ron Dixon 1-14, Joe Jurevicius 1-10.
Redskins - Albert Connell 4-122, Andre Reed 4-37, Irving Fryar 2-32, Stephen Alexander 2-28, James Thrash 1-46, Mike Sellers 1-24.

Redskins - Deion Sanders 1 for 32

Missed field goals
Redskins - Michael Husted 30

Kickoff Returns
Redskins - James Thrash 1 for 0.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 1 for 6.
Redskins - Deion Sanders 3 for 13.

Giants - Jessie Armstead 7-4-0, Dave Thomas 6-2-0, Shaun Williams 6-2-0, Michael Barrow 5-3-0, Ryan Phillips 5-2-0, Jason Sehorn 2-5-0, Keith Hamilton 6-0-1, Michael Strahan 4-2-0, Cedric Jones 2-4-0, Sam Garnes 3-1-0, Christian Peter 1-2-0, Pete Monty 1-0-0, Reggie Stephens 1-0-0.
Redskins - Shawn Barber 7-2-1, Derek M Smith 6-2-0, Champ Bailey 6-1-0, Mark Carrier 5-1-0, Sam Shade 4-1-0, Darrell Green 4-0-0, Bruce Smith 2-2-1, Kenard Lang 3-0-1, Deion Sanders 3-0-0, Lavar Arrington 2-1-0, Matt Stevens 1-2-0, Marco Coleman 1-0-1, Greg Jones 1-0-0, Tyronne Drakeford 0-1-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 93
Redskins - 110

Net yards passing
Giants - 168
Redskins - 284

Time of Possession
Giants - 28:38
Redskins - 31:22


WAS - Irving Fryar 23 Yard TD Pass from Brad Johnson (Michael Husted Extra Point), 12:33. Washington 7-0
WAS - Michael Husted 25 Yard Field Goal, 6:27. Washington 10-0
WAS - Andre Reed 21 Yard TD Pass from Brad Johnson (Michael Husted Kick Failed), 13:06. Washington 16-0
NYG - Ike Hilliard 7 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Ron Dayne Run Failed), 2:25. Washington 16-6


Giants RB Joe Montgomery was not active for the fourth time in as many games.

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Oct 1, Giants at Tennessee 1PM FOX

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