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Dec 10, 1:00 pm (CBS) - Steelers at Giants
Game 14
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Steelers 0 3 0 7 10
Giants 3 10 7 10 30
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Giants dominate the Steelers winning the game 30-10.
Giants at 10-4 are atop the NFC East.
Kerry Collins passes for 333 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Tiki Barber scored his 6th rushing touchdown of the season.
Giants held the Steelers to just 47 total yards rushing.
Giants look ready for the playoffs.

The Giants win another one, their third in a row.
"It's been a while since they won one at home, but this game felt different from the start. It didn't take the Giants long to score on the opening drive, and then the Steelers got a penalty right away on their opening kickoff return. They completed a short pass, and a run, and then our defense confused them so badly on their 3rd and 1, that they had to take a timeout. The crowd got really into it, and we had a lot of fun at the game. There were a lot of big plays and the usual stuff that always seems to happen only in a Giants game."

You mean like that touchdown catch they didn't give to Hilliard.
"Yes. If I understand it right, he went out of the endzone, but didn't get his feet back in bounds before he caught the ball. It doesn't matter that he was never actually standing out of bounds when he touched the ball. He was in the air, and came down with the ball inbounds, but it was still no good. Kerry Collins was called for intentional grounding when his pass went sailing out of the endzone. I don't get that one. Like I said, this stuff only seems to happen in a Giants game.
Also, the Giants called a challenge down by the Steelers end zone when they thought Toomer had run it in. It seemed like a good idea because they were going to go for it on 4th down and would have used a timeout anyway, but we lost some yardage on the deal. It seems that they remarked where the ball went down, so it was a bad idea to do the challenge thing. Once again, only in a Giants game."

Ike Hilliard made a good comeback after missing two games.
"He sure did. He's really exciting to watch on the field once he gets the ball. After he scored a touchdown on that spinning break-away run of his, some of the older people near me started chanting 'I like Ike, I like Ike', and they thought that was hilarious. Like I said, the whole crowd, young and old was really into this game. I'm just worried a bit about Ike Hilliard. He seems to take an awful beating every game."

Think the Giants can take the next two?
"Let me see, they're at Dallas next week, and then I'm back here with them for the Jaguars. Dallas isn't really doing too well lately, and we looked really good against the Steelers, so I think... No wait, I don't want to say anything. I don't want to jinx our chances."

It was a good solid game for the Giants.
"The Giants did what they usually do on defense. They shut down the run, and as an added feature, they improved on their pass rush. Every week the defense is looking better. On offense, they did what they don't usually do. Instead of running, Kerry Collins passed the ball for over 300 yards, and it was only the third time this season that they put 30 points on the scoreboard."

Ron Dixon was suspended for this game.
"That was a strong move by coach Fassel. He didn't know how good Hilliard was going to be coming off his injury, and Dixon could have made a difference in this game. Dixon reportedly showed up ninety minutes late for a meeting on Saturday, and Fassel had warned him once before when he was late for the a Saturday meeting, that he would be suspended if it happened again, and the coach stuck with it. It costs him one game's check (for Dixon, it's $11,352.94). Luckily, as Gamegirl mentioned, Ike Hilliard did just fine. Dixon had been handling kickoff returns. Omar Stoutmire sure did a nice job filling in for him on that opening kickoff.

Kerry Collins passed for 333 yards and two touchdowns.
"Yes, and the Giants showed that they can take whatever the defense gives. That's what I liked about this game. The passing game was working, so they kept with it. Collins was very accurate with his passes and the line gave him plenty of time. It was a solid offensive performance, and as I said before, the defense is only getting better.
Mike Barrow's name seems to be called all the time, and our rookie pickup, Cornelius Griffin is playing great in his first year. Shaun Williams had 7 tackles this game, and Keith Hamilton had 3, and keeps the quarterback on the run. Reserve DB Reggie Stephens did great with 3 special-teams tackles. He ran down QB Kordell Stewart on a scramble, and intercepted a pass in the end zone.
Opposing teams always think that they can throw on cornerback Dave Thomas, but it never really works out for them. Sehorn is playing like he never broke his rib a few short weeks ago. Fassel seems to have solved the special teams problems. I'd say the Giants are about as ready as they'll ever be for a playoff game."

Anything you didn't you like?
"Sure, the Giants on a 'prevent defense'. We all know why they use it, but look, the Steelers took only 4 minutes to march down from their 27 yard line to the Giants 9, and then, luckily, Kordell Stewart threw a pass for an interception in the endzone. On Pittsburgh's next series, they started with good field position on their own 46, and 1:14 later had a touchdown. If you remember last week against the Redskins, the Giants were trying to protect their lead without giving up 'the big one', and Jeff George marched his team downfield pretty fast. The Giants have to work on this."


Giants - Kerry Collins 24-35 for 333 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT.
Steelers - Kordell Stewart 20-34 for 224 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.

Giants - Amani Toomer 1-28, Tiki Barber 12-22, Ron Dayne 11-20, Jason Garrett 2- (-2).
Steelers - Jerome Bettis 17-39, Kordell Stewart 3-8.

Giants - Amani Toomer 9-136, Ike Hilliard 5-90, Tiki Barber 6-75, Pete Mitchell 2-25, Joe Jurevicius 1-6, Greg Comella 1-1.
Steelers - Bobby Shaw 6-88, Hines Ward 6-64, Troy Edwards 1-25, Will Blackwell 2-23, Dan Kreider 2-10, Courtney Hawkins 2-7, Jerome Bettis 1-7..

Giants - Reggie Stephens 1 for 0.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Omar Stoutmire 1 for 47, Greg Comella 1 for 11, Reggie Stephens 1 for 0.
Steelers - Will Blackwell 2 for 42, Hank Poteat 5 for 89.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 3 for 28.

Missed field goals
Steelers - Kris Brown 36, 44.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Shaun Williams 7-1-0, Jessie Armstead 3-4-1, Ryan Phillips 2-5-0, Jason Sehorn 5-1-0, Michael Barrow 2-3-0, Keith Hamilton 3-0-0, Cedric Jones 3-0-1, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 3-0-0, Reggie Stephens 3-0-0, Sam Garnes 2-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 2-0-0, Dave Thomas 2-0-0, Lyle West 2-0-0, Christian Peter 1-1-0, Michael Strahan 1-1-0.
Steelers - Earl Holmes 9-2-0, Dewayne Washington 8-0-0, Chad Scott 6-1-0, Levon Kirkland 5-2-0, Brent Alexander 5-2-0, Ainsley Battles 4-1-1, Lethon Flowers 3-1-0, Aaron Smith 2-1-0, Kimo Von Oelhoffen 1-2-0, Kevin Henry 1-2-0, Jason Gildon 2-0-0, Joey Porter 0-2-0, Kendrick Clancy 0-1-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 68
Steelers - 47

Net yards passing
Giants - 326
Steelers - 217

Time of Possession
Giants - 32:14
Steelers - 27:46


NYG - Brad Daluiso 38 Yard Field Goal, 12:54. N.Y. Giants 3-0

NYG - Brad Daluiso 40 Yard Field Goal, 14:47. N.Y. Giants 6-0
NYG - Tiki Barber 3 Yard TD Run (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 8:27. N.Y. Giants 13-0
PIT - Kris Brown 32 Yard Field Goal, 0:35. N.Y. Giants 13-3
NYG - Ike Hilliard 9 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 5:24. N.Y. Giants 20-3
NYG - Brad Daluiso 21 Yard Field Goal, 13:27. N.Y. Giants 23-3
NYG - Amani Toomer 2 Yard TD Pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso Extra Point), 2:34. N.Y. Giants 30-3
PIT - Bobby Shaw 5 Yard TD Pass from Kordell Stewart (Kris Brown Extra Point), 1:04. N.Y. Giants 30-10


Kerry Collins has passed for 3,149 this year, and has 19 TDs. Both are personal highs.

Phil Simms was the last Giants quarterback to pass for more than 3,000 yards in a season in 1993 with 3,038.

Jim Fassel is 3-6 for the year and 3-9 for his career on challenges.

Brad Maynard punted just once yesterday, the first time that has happened for the Giants since 1995.

In their 10 victories, the Giants have outscored their opponents, 118-19, in the first half.

The Steelers were the 6th team the Giants have held to less than 50 yards on the ground.

The Giants would clinch a playoff spot next weekend even if they lose in Dallas if Detroit loses to the Jets.

A win over the Cowboys clinches a playoff berth and the NFC division title. Then a win the following week over the Jaguars would clinch a bye.

Next Game
Dec 17, Giants at Dallas, 8PM (ESPN)

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