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Sun Oct 29, 4:00 pm (Fox) - Eagles at Giants
Game 8
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Eagles 0 0 0 7 7
Giants 7 7 0 10 24
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Giants held the Eagles to just 72 yards rushing.
Giants time of possession was an amazing 43:41
Giants allowed the Eagles only eight 1st downs.
Giants allowed the Eagles just 1 of 11 - 3rd down conversions.
Ron Dayne ran for 93 yards and a TD.
Amani Toomer and Joe Montgomery also scored TDs.
Tiki Barber had 52 yards rushing and another 71 yards receiving.

The Giants dominated in this game from the very start.
"Yes, although it looked like my Giants were up to their old tricks moving the ball real good, but not putting up points. They came on strong again on their second drive and Ron Dayne scored a touchdown. Scoring slowed down after that even though we were beating the Eagles all over the place, and it looked like we were still going to finish the half with only a seven point lead. Then, and with the Eagles helping out as much as they could, the Giants picked up another touchdown.
I mean, the Eagles had the ball on their own 4 yard line, and with something like two minutes and fifteen seconds left, they didn't work on the clock or try to improve their ground position. They threw three incomplete passes and had to punt at the 2 minute warning. Landeta punted it out of bounds near mid field, but one of the Eagles pulled a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct call. The Giants get the ball somewhere near the thirty-five and just three plays later, Collins avoids a rush and hits Toomer with an easy short pass over the middle. Toomer takes it in for the touchdown. It was exciting to watch from the stands, and all I can say is, thank you Eagles."

How about the defense?
"I loved them. Even without my Jason playing, they stopped the Eagles cold. Speaking of cold, it was real windy and cold, and even started to snow on us, but it always warms my heart if not my body to see the Giants defense play the way they can for us fans. The Eagles were three and out a bunch of times, and I don't know how many punts they had, but it seemed like plenty. I'm looking forward to seeing how our defense does against the Rams offense in two weeks. Of course, I want Jason Sehorn back first!"

A win takes the edge off the bad weather.
"It does help, and so would some more points. You know, if you're a Giants fan you can never figure to leave early just because you're freezing in your seat. I saw some fans start to go, and then suddenly, the Eagles had another one of their good returns against our lousy special teams that put them at midfield. In three quick plays, they had a touchdown. I guess that was just a momentary lapse by our defense in the fourth quarter, because that was all they got. Now I don't know if I should root for another cold, windy day when the Rams come to play. It seems to work better for the Giants than the opposing team, but a lot of my fan buddies and I have to sit through it!"

Joe Montgomery scored a touchdown.
"Don't print that. I'm sure it's wrong. No, I'm just kidding, but I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Also, don't tell anyone that Fassel won a replay challenge. They might not believe that either."

Next week is Cleveland
"Yeah, they had a rough time of it today losing to the Bengals, but there are a bunch of ex-Giants on that team who could get up for a game against us."

Collins is back?
"Collins is off the hot spot that was building up around him. He had the offense moving all day and looked more like himself. He seemed more comfortable with the offense, even with the dropped balls, and he completed 22-of-37 passes for 253 yards, his highest yardage total this season. Just think what the numbers could be if his receivers were able to hang onto some of those dropped passes."

Toomer is back?
"Fifteen passes went Toomer's way, and he came up with 9 receptions for 108 yards, including a 27-yard touchdown catch. They say he looked great in practice, and of course he did fine, but it was disappointing to see him drop some of the ones he did. Like that 3rd and 7 dropped pass in the opening drive, and he didn't come up with the following crucial 4th down and 7 play. Still, practice makes perfect I guess for Amani Toomer, even if some of it comes during the game, because he did get better with the playing time.
Toomer bested what he had in the first game against the Eagles where he had 7 receptions for 80 yards and a TD. His 9 catches this game ties his career high, and he's holding the team lead with 36 receptions for 395 yards and 2 TDs. Hopefully his head is on straight now and we'll see him on top of his game for Cleveland next week, and then the Rams the week after."

Montgomery is back?
"Yeah, that was a real surprise. Fassel worked Dayne so hard that he threw up on the sidelines, and Tiki was limping, so Joe was in for the play. Good timing, but then again, every thing was working for Fassel in that game, even the replay challange. Fassel has to keep Joe activated if he plans to use the running game like he is. There's just too much of a chance of Tiki or Dayne getting hurt."

Fassel is better on replay challenges?
"You bet, a hundred percent better. He was 0-for-3 on challenges last year, and 0-4 this year, and he finally got one. I have to give him credit on a whole bunch of the others, and I noticed that he sometimes calls them at the best of time. Last game he called one where it would have been a good time to use a timeout anyway, so nothing was lost. This game, even if he was wrong, the Eagles were starting to move the ball real good, so it would have at least broken up their momentum."

Special teams any better?
"Don't make me laugh. You know the answer to that one. Tiki Barber had two fumbles on punt returns, which he recovered. He also recovered the one punt that bounced off Lyle West, who was blocking in front of him. Overall, Tiki Barber had 4 punt returns for a total of 2 yards. The game before Tiki had 1 return for 6 yards. Tiki is a great running back, but maybe someone else could do better on punt returns.
Meanwhile, look at what the Giants gave up. The Eagles Brian Mitchell, returned
3 punts for 57 yards, and had 4 kickoff returns for 76 yards. It wasn't just him either, because Brandon Whiting returned a kickoff for 17 yards. The Giants are in trouble here. Daluiso isn't kicking them deep, and the coverage isn't good."

Will Sehorn be missed for the Cleveland game?
"Jason Sehorn will be missed for whatever game the Giants play, and you definitely want him back in time for the Rams. The secondary came up strong for the rest of the Cowboys game after Sehorn was knocked out on that first play. This week I thought they would have more trouble, but somehow against the Eagles, even without starting corner Jason Sehorn and nickel back Reggie Stephens, they still were very effective.
I think the defense mixed it up real good on Donovan McNabb, and the front line was great. I don't know if it can work against the rest of the teams coming up. Still I can't downplay corner Emmanuel McDaniel going against some speedy receivers. He had his team-high 3rd interception early in the fourth quarter, and nickel back Andre Williams, playing his first game, did fine. It's a good thing they have Cleveland ahead of them before the Rams. Time will tell."

The wrap-up Mikefan
"Before we get too excited about winning this game, remember that the Eagles were playing in a road game, in a windy stadium, and nothing was going their way. They have no running game. Their running backs have a combined total of 275 yards in four games since Duce Staley was hurt. Donovan McNabb completed only 10 of 31 passes because his receivers dropped a bunch of those. Our offensive coordinator, Sean Payton, spent two years with the Eagles before coming to the Giants, so maybe he knows something that gives the Giants an edge over them.
For our part, there's room for improvement. When was the last time you remember seeing a team use up all it's timeouts in the third quarter? Special teams, we already talked about, and the offense is stop and go. I don't know why they don't hit workhorse Greg Comella, and tight end Pete Mitchell with more passes. The absolute best thing the Giants have going for them is the defense."


Giants - Kerry Collins 22-37 for 253 yards, 0 INT, 1 TD.
Eagles - Donovan Mcnabb 10-31 for 129 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD.

Giants - Ron Dayne 25-93, Tiki Barber 14-52, Joe Montgomery 1-4, Kerry Collins 4-3.
Eagles - Donovan Mcnabb 3-42, Stanley Pritchett 6-17, Charles Johnson 1-15, Brian Mitchell 1-minus 2.

Giants - Amani Toomer 9-108, Ike Hilliard 5-39, Tiki Barber 4-71, Pete Mitchell 2-13, Ron Dayne 1-12, Greg Comella 1-10.
Eagles - Stanley Pritchett 3-25, Chad Lewis 1-26, Charles Johnson 1-25, Amp Lee 1-20, Na Brown 1-13, Brian Mitchell 1-12, Torrance Small 1-7, Cecil Martin 1-1.

Kickoff Returns
Giants - Joe Jurevicius 1 for 3, Ron Dixon 1 for 22.
Eagles - Brian Mitchell 4 for 76, Brandon Whiting 1 for 17.

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber 4 for 2.
Eagles - Brian Mitchell 3 for 57.

Missed Field Goals
Eagles - David Akers 48.

Tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial)
Giants - Jessie Armstead 4-1-0.5, Cornelius Griffin 2-2-0.5, Shaun Williams 3-0-0, Michael Barrow 2-1-1.5, Cedric Jones 1-2-0.5, Keith Hamilton 2-0-0, Michael Strahan 1-1-0, Pete Monty 1-0-0, Christian Peter 1-0-1, Sam Garnes 1-0-0, Omar Stoutmire 1-0-0, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 1-0-0, Dave Thomas 1-0-0, Andre Weathers 1-0-0.
Eagles - Damon Moore 8-1-0, Jeremiah Trotter 6-2-0, Troy Vincent 6-2-1, Barry Gardner 4-3-0, Bryan Dawkins 5-1-0, Bobby Taylor 5-1-0, Corey Simon 5-0-1, Carlos Emmons 3-2-0, Hugh Douglas 4-0-1, Hollis Thomas 2-2-0, Al Harris 3-0-0, Paul Grasmanis 2-1-0, Ike Reese 2-0-0, Tim Hauck 2-0-0, Mike Caldwell 2-0-0, Brian Mitchell 0-2-0, David Akers 0-2-0, Mike Mamula 1-0-0, James Darling 1-0-0, Brandon Whiting 1-0-0.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 152
Eagles - 72

Net yards passing
Giants - 232
Eagles - 120

Time of Possession
Giants - 43:41
Eagles - 16:19


NYG - TD, Ron Dayne, 1 Yd run (Brad Daluiso kick is good), 8:38. Drive: 5 plays, 74 yards in 2:47.
NYG - TD, Amani Toomer, 27 Yd pass from Kerry Collins (Brad Daluiso kick is good), 13:22. Drive: 3 plays, 47 yards in 0:15.
NYG - FG, Brad Daluiso 31 Yd, 1:40. Drive: 12 plays, 48 yards in 6:17.
NYG - TD, Joe Montgomery, 4 Yd run (Brad Daluiso kick is good), 8:00. Drive: 11 plays, 54 yards in 5:57.
PHI - TD, Charles Johnson, 25 Yd pass from Donovan McNabb (David Akers kick is good), 9:41. Drive: 3 plays, 52 yards in 0:24.

Coach Jim Fassel is 8-0 vs the Eagles.

Giants possession time of 43:41 was the most by them since Nov. 20, 1983, when they held the ball for 45:43, also against the Eagles.

Eagles Brian Mitchell became the NFL's all-time leading punt returner with 3,708 yards, surpassing former Giants' Dave Meggett.

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Nov 5 , Giants at Cleveland 1PM FOX

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