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Dec 15, 1:30 pm (FOX) - Cards at Giants
Game 13
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cards 3 3 0 0 10
Giants 7 0 0 10 17
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The Giants break their 3 game losing streak.
Tiki Barber was the big play man with 85 yards on 16 carries and 5 catches for 35 yards.
Michael Strahan had a half-sack, raising his league-leading total to 17.
Jessie Armstead had 16 tackles, the second highest total of his career.
Ron Dixon caught a 26-yard touchdown pass.
Amani Toomer caught a 4-yard touchdown pass with 25 seconds left in the game.
Cards kicker Bill Gramatica hyperextended his right knee jumping to celebrate a 42-yard field goal in the first quarter.

The Giants had the lead from about the first ten minutes of the game to 4:04 in the 4th quarter.
"From where I was sitting, it sure didn't feel that way. It's hard to believe that the Giants led in that game mostly all the way from start to finish. It was like they were always losing out there on the field. Our offense looked pathetic. I had to pinch myself and look up at the scoreboard to see that we really had the lead. I wasn't the only one. Everyone was booing at the end of the half, and the Giants were winning at that point 7-6. I don't think the Cardinals are noted for their defense, but the way our guys were playing it didn't seem to matter."

Jason Sehorn let the ball get past him for the Cardinals go ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter.
Hey, don't pick on Jason Sehorn. He's always out there giving it everything he's got. Don't forget that fumble he scooped up in the second quarter when the Cardinals blew the snap trying for a field goal. Jason picked up a lot of yards by doing that instead of just falling on the ball. You can't blame any one of our defensive guys for being too aggressive in this game, trying to get possession of ball instead of knocking it down especially the way our offense was playing."

The Giants offense was really bad.
"They were terrible, dropping passes all over the place, and diving for ones in the dirt, fumbling snaps and all. Even after Sehorn got the ball back for them, taking it to the Cards 29 yard line, they lost yardage and had to punt.
The sad part is it's not like the Arizona defense was overwhelming the Giants. I could understand that. The Cards were just out there on the field and the Giants couldn't get out of their own way. Their defense could have been cardboard figures the way the Giants were handling the ball."

The Giants won it in the worst way.
"That's a good way to put it. The Cardinals even spotted us their field goal kicker, when Billy Gramatica took himself out of the game, celebrating too much and hurting his right knee. That was a fitting move for the Cards in their last game against the Giants as a division rival.
This was a chance for the Giants to look good, but what was with Collins today? Everything he was throwing was headed for the dirt. All the Cards had to do for coverage was stand next to one of our diving receivers and tap him on the back if he made the catch. After awhile the receivers were dropping good passes, I think because they were getting ready for their dives, and didn't really expect to see anything come at them higher than knee level."

Ron Dixon caught his first touchdown pass of the season.
"It was a 26-yard pass from Kerry Collins in the first-quarter, that gave the Giants a 7-3 lead. At that point in the game you thought more good things would happen. Instead, the Giants then managed only 3 points on a field goal up until the last minute of the game. The Giants last drive where Collins completed six of nine passes for 56 yards, hitting Toomer from the 4 for the winning TD, was more the benefit of playing a team like the Cardinals than anything else. Up until that drive, Collins was 8 for 23 with his passes, and Toomer had only one catch.
I guess I shouldn't complain, it's been a long time since the Giants scored with two touchdown passes in one game. It's almost like a demotion for field goal kicker Morten Andersen to be upstaged in a Giants game

Where do the Giants go from here?
"As far as the season goes, they're still in it. I guess it's better for them if the Eagles lose to the Redskins on Sunday, even though both teams are ahead of them at this point. If the Giants did manage to somehow be the division champs or a wild card team, how far could they go with the offense they put up?
In 11 of the 13 games, they've scored 21 points or less resulting in 4 wins and 7 losses, and the Cardinals represent 2 of those wins. Cardinals, you'll be sorely missed by the Giants moving out of our division next year."

Early Stats

Giants - Kerry Collins 14-32 for 147 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD.
Cards - Jake Plummer 27-45 for 207 yards, 0 INT, 1 TD.

Giants - Tiki Barber 16-85, Rodney Williams 1-11, Ron Dayne 4-9, Kerry Collins 2-2, Greg Comella 1-0, Amani Toomer 1-minus 2.
Cards - Thomas Jones 14-37, Jake Plummer 3-27, Michael Pittman 12-24, Scott Player 1-0.

Giants -Tiki Barber 5-35, Ike Hilliard 4-41, Amani Toomer 3-32, Ron Dixon 1-26, Dan Campbell 1-13.
Cards - David Boston 8-84, Tywan Mitchell 7-62, Michael Pittman 3-5, Thomas Jones 3-4, Frank Sanders 2-19, Steve Bush 1-16, Dennis Mckinley 1-10, Mar Tay Jenkins 1-4, Joel Makovicka 1-3.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 105
Cards - 88

Net yards passing
Giants - 139
Cards - 197

Kick-off Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon (1-11) Daniel Campbell (1-8) Omar Stoutmire (1-8)
Cards - MarTay Jenkins (3-59) Marcel Shipp (1-22) Tom Burke (1-15)

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber (2-0)
Cards - Arnold Jackson (6-73)

Opponents Fumbles Recovered
Giants - Jason Sehorn (1-35)

Opponents Fumbles Lost
Cards - Trey Junkin

Time of Possession
Giants - 36:55
Cards - 23:05

Tackles (tackles-assists-sacks)
Giants - Jessie Armstead 13-3-0, Michael Barrow 9-4-1.5, Brandon Short 9-1-0.5, Will Peterson 7-0-0, Jason Sehorn 6-1-0, Sam Garnes 3-2-0, Michael Strahan 3-2-0.5, Keith Hamilton 1-4-0.5, Will Allen 4-0-0, Shaun Williams 2-1-0, Kenny Holmes 1-2-0, Cornelius Griffin 1-1-0, Frank Ferrara 0-1-0.

Cards - Ronald Mckinnon 8-1-0, Kwamie Lassiter 6-1-0, Raynoch Thompson 5-1-0, Pat Tillman 2-4-0, Corey Chavous 4-1-0, Rob Fredrickson 2-3-0, Renaldo Hill 3-1-0, Barron Tanner 2-1-0, Sekou Sanyika 2-0-0, David Barrett 1-0-0, Thomas Burke 1-0-0, Russell Davis 1-0-1, Justin Lucas 0-1-0, Mao Tosi 0-1-0.


Ari - FG (7:19) Play: Bill Gramatica 42 Yard Drive: 9 plays, 40 yards in 4:27 Key Plays: Plummer 10-yard pass to Sanders to Arizona 46 Plummer 4-yard pass to Jenkins on 3rd-and-3 to New York 43 Plummer 14-yard pass to Boston to New York 29 ARIZONA 3-0
NYG - TD (9:52) Play: Ron Dixon 26 Yard Pass From Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen Kick) Drive: 5 plays, 70 yards in 2:33 Key Plays: Barber 29-yard run to Arizona 41 Collins 14-yard pass to Toomer to Arizona 26 NY GIANTS 7-3

ARI - FG (1:27) Play: Bill Gramatica 23 Yard Drive: 12 plays, 65 yards in 6:35 Key Plays: Plummer 9-yard pass to Sanders to Arizona 40 Plummer 11-yard run to New York 48 Jones 12-yard run to New York 36 Plummer 15-yard run to New York 19 NY GIANTS 7-6
FG (3:10) Play: Morten Andersen 39 Yard Drive: 9 plays, 37 yards in 3:15 Key Plays: Collins 14-yard pass to Hilliard on 3rd-and-9 to Arizona 43 Collins 13-yard pass to Campbell to Arizona 27 Dayne 6-yard run to Arizona 21 NY GIANTS 10-6
ARI - TD (10:56) Play: Tywan Mitchell 24 Yard Pass From Jake Plummer (Bill Gramatica Kick) Drive: 10 plays, 43 yards in 3:00 Key Plays: Williams 22-yard punt to New York 43 Plummer 10-yard pass to McKinley to New York 31 Plummer 11-yard pass to Mitchell on 4th-and-9 to New York 19 ARIZONA 13-10
NYG - TD (14:35) Play: Amani Toomer 4 Yard Pass From Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen Kick) Drive: 11 plays, 70 yards in 3:39 Key Plays: Barber 14-yard run to Arizona 42 Collins 9-yard pass to Hilliard on 3rd-and-6 to Arizona 29 Collins 14-yard pass to Toomer to Arizona 15 Collins 11-yard pass to Barber on 3rd-and-10 to Arizona 4 NY GIANTS 17-13


Cards David Boston had 7 100-yard games in his previous 8, and here had 8 receptions for 84 yards.
He now has 86 receptions for a league-best 1,387 yards.

Cards controlled the ball for nearly 37 minutes compared to the Giants 23, but lost anyway.

Giants Michael Strahan had a half-sack, raising his league-leading total to 17.
Mark Gastineau holds the single-season record with 22 sacks for the New York Jets in 1984.

Giants 23:05 was its lowest possession time this season.

Giants got their 78th win against just 39 losses and 2 ties in the last meeting against Arizona as a division rival.

After making just 4 catches in his first 11 games, Ron caught a 26-yard touchdown pass.

Giants punter Rodney Williams, after fielding a high snap, tried to run for a first down for the second week in a row.

Giants wide receiver Joe Jurevicius missed his second straight game with a hamstring injury.

Giants held a moment of silence before the kickoff for former general manager George Young, who died last Sunday.

Next Game
Seattle at Giants Dec 23 at 1:00 pm.

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