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Dec 9, 1:00 pm (FOX) - Giants at Dallas
Game 12
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 6 7 0 0 13
Cowboys 3 3 7 7 20
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Tiki Barber had 18 carries for 110 yards, but most of it came in the first half.
Marcellus Rivers caught a 2 yard touchdown pass from Kerry Collins.
Michael Strahan was credited with a sack, raising his season total to 16 1/2.
Morten Andersen kicked 2 field goals and 1 extra point to raise his career total to 2,010 points.

Now you know why Fassel didn't make a guarantee this time around.
"You mean because
he knows that Kerry Collins can't throw, and that our special teams aren't so special, and yes, sooner or later our defense gets tired when the offense keeps doing the three and out thing? Maybe Dallas has a leftover quarterback for us. Don't they have like three or four extras hanging around on that team?"

There were some good plays.
"Most of them were by Tiki Barber on offense. On defense Strahan got a sack today, and on special teams, Rodney Williams deserves a metal. Even with a broken wrist, he's out there playing, and he tried his best to run for a first down on that ball he mishandled. Both he and Morten Andersen should wear more padding. Andersen had to make a tackle earlier in the game if you remember."

The Giants really needed this game.
Yes, and now they really, really, really need the rest of them. Let's be realistic here. I'm ready to go out and shop away my playoff ticket money, as soon as the next big sale comes up."

The Giants play the Cards next week.
"That's good because the Giants beat them by scoring only 17 points last time, and that's still well within their range, though not by much. I believe this will be the Giants last chance at playing the Cards in this division, and they may be the only team we finish ahead of this season the way things are going."

The Giants had all the numbers for the first half.
"Right, the Giants were in control, allowing the Cowboys only 4 first downs in the entire first half. Still, they weren't way out in front on points, leading by only 7 at the end of the half. Both teams were poor at third down efficiency. The Giants, although making 9 first downs, were 1 for 6, while Dallas was 1 for 7 at converting third downs. Emmitt Smith was pretty much stopped in his tracks, gaining only 5 yards on 7 attempts. Tiki was having a field day, gaining 95 yards on 11 carries."

Everything changed in the second half.
"The Giants managed only 3 first downs in the second half to the Cowboys 10. The Giants continued their lousy trend on converting third downs and were also 1 for 6 in this half. Meanwhile the Cowboys turned things around and were 5 for 9 on third down conversions. Emmitt Smith turned his 15 second half carries into 57 yards, while Tiki could squeeze out only 17 yards on 7 carries."

What happened?
"This one ended for the Giants on what was their best play of the game. Tiki Barber's 30 yard run to the Cowboys 2 yard line knocked him for a loop, and both he and the Giants were never the same after that. The Giants are a one man team on offense, and once you take Tiki away, you might as well pack up and go home."

Where do the Giants go from here?
"Probably to wishing they had done a number of things in this game or that one over the season so they wouldn't be in the fix they're in now. On offense, they had the running game working, and for the most part, Kerry Collins had enough time to do what good quarterbacks are supposed to do.
On defense, they held the Cowboys pretty good for most of the day, until they wore out in the second half. The Giants were three and out 3 times in that half. Their other 3 drives consisted of making a total of 3 first downs and giving up an interception. No points were scored, and as a result they were in there for only 22 plays. The defense had to work against the Cowboys offense for 36 plays.
Either the Giants need a better offense, or a defense that can hold the other team to less than 13 points."

Early Stats

Giants - Kerry Collins 13-26 for 122 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD.
Cowboys - Quincy Carter 17-26 for 194 yards, 0 INT, 1 TD.

Giants - Tiki Barber 18-110, Ron Dayne 4-10, Rodney Williams 1-5, Kerry Collins 1-0.
Cowboys - Emmitt Smith 22-62, Troy Hambrick 4-16, Michael Wiley 4-15, Quincy Carter 7-9.

Giants - Amani Toomer 4-68, Tiki Barber 4-26, Ike Hilliard 2-18, Dan Campbell 2-8, Marcellus Rivers 1-2.
Cowboys - Raghib Ismail 10-118, Jackie Harris 2-25, Joey Galloway 2-17, Michael Wiley 1-17, Ken-yon Rambo 1-14, Emmitt Smith 1-3.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 125
Cowboys - 102

Net yards passing
Giants - 120
Cowboys - 187

Cowboys - Darren Woodson (1-6)

Kick-off Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon (4-98) Omar Stoutmire (1-23)
Cowboys - Reggie Swinton (2-83) Michael Wiley (2-56)

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber (3-17)
Cowboys - Reggie Swinton (4-42)

Time of Possession
Giants - 25:03
Cowboys - 34:57

Tackles (tackles-assists-sacks)
Giants - Sam Garnes 6-0-0, Jason Sehorn 6-0-0, Jessie Armstead 5-0-0, Kenny Holmes 5-0-0, Keith Hamilton 4-0-0, Michael Strahan 4-0-1, Michael Barrow 3-1-0, Shaun Williams 3-0-0, Will Allen 3-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 3-0-0, Brandon Short 2-1-0, Emmanuel Mcdaniel 2-0-0, Lance Legree 1-0-0, Morten Andersen 1-0-0, Tiki Barber 1-0-0, Clayton White 1-0-0, Kevin Lewis 1-0-0.

Cowboys - Dwayne Hawthorne 6-2-0, Greg Ellis 4-1-1, Darren Woodson 4-0-0, Peppi Zellner 3-1-0, Dexter Coakley 2-2-0, George Teague 3-0-0, Dat Nguyen 2-1-0, Michael Myers 2-0-0, Mario Edwards 2-0-0, Brandon Noble 1-1-0, Orantes Grant 2-0-0, Jamal Brooks 2-0-0, Jason Bell 1-0-0, Pat Dennis 2-0-0, Troy Hambrick 1-0-0.


NYG - FG (3:38) Play: Morten Andersen 35 Yard Drive: 7 plays, 51 yards in 3:38 Key Plays: Barber 15-yard run to New York 47 Collins 13-yard pass to Toomer to Dallas 40 Barber 20-yard run to Dallas 20 NY GIANTS 3-0
DAL - FG (7:15) Play: Jon Hilbert 38 Yard Drive: 4 plays, (-1) yards in 1:23 Key Plays: Hambrick recovery of Barber fumble at New York 19 NY GIANTS 3, DALLAS 3
NYG - FG (12:44) Play: Morten Andersen 41 Yard Drive: 11 plays, 47 yards in 5:29 Key Plays: Barber 18-yard run to Dallas 40 Collins 10-yard pass to Barber on 3rd-and-4 to Dallas 24 NY GIANTS 6-3


NYG - TD (4:29) Play: Marcellus Rivers 2 Yard Pass From Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen Kick) Drive: 3 plays, 68 yards in 1:16 Key Plays: Collins 36-yard pass to Toomer to Dallas 32 Barber 30-yard run to Dallas 2 NY GIANTS 13-3
DAL - FG (14:12) Play: Jon Hilbert 41 Yard Drive: 10 plays, 62 yards in 4:51 Key Plays: Carter 7-yard pass to Ismail to Dallas 20 Carter 23-yard pass to Ismail on 3rd-and-5 to Dallas 43 Carter 22-yard pass to Harris to New York 33 Carter 11-yard pass to Galloway to New York 22 NY GIANTS 13-6

DAL - TD (8:32) Play: Emmitt Smith 1 Yard Run (Jon Hilbert Kick) Drive: 7 plays, 72 yards in 4:10 Key Plays: Carter 6-yard pass to Ismail on 3rd-and-4 to Dallas 40 Carter 17-yard pass to Wiley to New York 42 Carter 41-yard pass to Ismail to New York 1 NY GIANTS 13, DALLAS 13
(2:10) Play: Jackie Harris 3 Yard Pass From Quincy Carter (Jon Hilbert Kick) Drive: 7 plays, 26 yards in 3:55 Key Plays: Dallas takes over on downs at New York 26 Wiley 6-yard run on 3rd-and-3 to New York 13 Carter 11-yard run on 3rd-and-11 to New York 3 DALLAS 20-13


Giants scored on three of their first four possessions.

Morten Andersen now has scored in 282 consecutive games for a total of 2,010 points.

Michael Strahan needs six sacks to break Mark Gastineau's single season record of 22 for the New York Jets in 1984.

Next Game
Giants at Dallas Dec 9 at 1:00 pm.

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