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Nov 25, 4:00 pm (CBS) - Raiders at Giants
Game 11
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Raiders 7 14 0 7 28
Giants 3 0 7 0 10
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Tiki Barber scored the Giants only touchdown of the game.
Tiki Barber was the Giants leading rusher with 19 carries for 124 yards.
Tiki Barber had the most catches, 5 for 41 yards.
The Giants are still 1 games behind the Eagles, and now trail Washington.
Michael Strahan was credited with his 16th sack of the season.
Morten Andersen kicked 1 field goal and 1 extra point to raise his career total to 2,003 points.

It was a nice warm day for a football game.
For a while it wasn't too bad, even with the strong winds, but then the rain came. It gets hard to sit in those seats even if they're under an overhang once the rain starts coming down hard. It also doesn't help if your sitting there and your team is losing 21-3."

The Giants needed that game.
Right, and now by losing, they need to win all the rest that they play. They're just lucky that the Eagles lost to the Redskins so they didn't lose any ground on catching up with them. Of course, the Redskins have won five straight, and since they have a better record than the Giants, now they're a threat too. I don't know. It seems that we lost a lot of games to still be in this division race at all."

The Giants have a bye next week.
"That's good, because they need a rest. I think I need a nice rest. In fact all the fans need a rest. Maybe we'll all come back recharged for the Dallas game on Dec 9."

What do you say Mikefan?
"Well, Kerry Collins was scrambling around again. Our secondary was beat for big plays again, and so the Giants lost again. Last week in the Vikings loss, the Giants had only 61 yards on the ground, but Tiki got 55 of them with his 8 carries. Why they gave it to him so few times was a real mystery since the week before, when they beat the Cards, Tiki gained 118 yards on 17 carries.
The Giants must have thought long and hard about that this week and did what everybody knows they should. They decided to give the ball to Tiki, and it was all Tiki Barber for the Giants today. He had 19 carries for 124 yards, 5 catches for 41 yards and 3 punt returns for 20 yards. When you get down to it, Tiki Barber is the Giants. It's too bad they have only one of him."

What's going to turn things around for the Giants?
"The bye week will help. On defense, they need Keith Hamilton badly. He barely played against the Vikings, and was out for today's game. Maybe he'll recover enough from his shoulder injury, and just be needed for some limited action against Dallas and Arizona the following two weeks. I don't know what's going to help the offensive line play better, but they sure keep Kerry Collins on edge with their lousy pass protection. They don't consistently break holes for someone like Ron Dayne to run through. Tiki Barber does most of his damage on his own with his pure speed and strength."

Raiders linebacker William Thomas had an unexpected death in the family.
"Yes, the press said that the Raiders dedicated their 28-10 victory over the Giants to William Thomas' family. His half-brother, Derwin Wooten, died unexpectedly on Friday in Amarillo, Texas. After leaving the team Friday to be with his family, they say that Thomas inspired the team, showing up Sunday morning for the team meal. In the game, he then went on to have a team-high eight tackles and three assists."

Tyrone Wheatley wasn't much of a factor.
"True, but you can't pick on him. He was out for a number of games before this and they kind of eased him in using him sparingly. Besides, Charlie Garner was grinding it out for them on the ground, at the right times. He also caught three passes for 38 yards."

Early Stats

Giants - Kerry Collins 19-38 for 184 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD.
Raiders - Rich Gannon 13-20 for 221 yards, 0 INT, 3 TD.

Giants - Tiki Barber 19-124, Ron Dayne 6-26, Kerry Collins 2-3.
Raiders - Charlie Garner 14-68, Zack Crockett 10-25, Tyrone Wheatley 5-17, Rich Gannon 3-9.

Giants - Tiki Barber 5-41, Amani Toomer 4-70, Greg Comella 4-26, Joe Jurevicius 2-18, Ike Hilliard 2-11, Ron Dixon 1-10, Dan Campbell 1-8.
Raiders - Tim Brown 6-117, Jerry Rice 3-65, Charlie Garner 3-38, Roland Williams 1-1.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 153
Raiders - 119

Net yards passing
Giants - 160
Raiders - 220

Kick-off Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon (3-52) Emmanuel McDaniel (1-17) Omar Stoutmire (1-8)
Raiders - Terry Kirby (3-70)

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber (3-20)

Time of Possession
Giants - 31:03
Raiders - 28:57

Tackles (tackles-assists-sacks)
Giants - Michael Barrow 7-3-0, Shaun Williams 6-2-0, Brandon Short 5-2-0, Jason Sehorn 5-0-0, Kenny Holmes 4-1-0, Cornelius Griffin 3-1-0, Jessie Armstead 1-3-0, Sam Garnes 3-0-0, Frank Ferrara 1-2-0, Will Allen 2-0-0, Michael Strahan 2-0-1, Lance Legree 1-1-0, Dhani Jones 1-0-0, Will Peterson 1-0-0.

Raiders - William Thomas 8-3-1, Greg Biekert 6-0-0, Charles Woodson 6-0-0, Tory James 4-1-0, Marquez Pope 3-2-0, Roderick Coleman 4-0-0, Darrell Russell 3-1-0, Elijah Alexander 2-2-0, Grady Jackson 2-2-0, Derrick Gibson 3-0-0, Regan Upshaw 2-1-2, Anthony Dorsett 1-2-0, Tony Bryant 1-1-0, Eric Allen 1-0-0.


Rad -TD (4:36) Play: Zack Crockett 1 Yard Run (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) Drive: 8 plays, 71 yards in 4:36 Key Plays: Garner 38-yard run to New York 33 Gannon 6-yard run on 3rd-and-6 to New York 23 Gannon 17-yard pass to Rice to New York 3 OAKLAND 7-0
NYG - FG (11:29) Play: Morten Andersen 47 Yard Drive: 7 plays, 49 yards in 4:06 Key Plays: Barber 36-yard run to Oakland 42 Barber 7-yard run to Oakland 35 OAKLAND 7-3


Rad - TD (2:08) Play: Charlie Garner 21 Yard Pass From Rich Gannon (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) Drive: 10 plays, 63 yards in 5:39 Key Plays: Gannon 14-yard pass to Rice on 3rd-and-7 to New York 46 Gannon 5-yard run on 3rd-and-2 to New York 33 OAKLAND 14-3
Rad - TD (13:09) Play: Tim Brown 46 Yard Pass From Rich Gannon (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) Drive: 6 plays, 89 yards in 3:00 Key Plays: Gannon 9-yard pass to Garner to Oakland 21 Gannon 34-yard pass to Rice on 3rd-and-6 to New York 41 OAKLAND 21-3

NYG - TD (10:50) Play: Tiki Barber 12 Yard Run (Morten Andersen Kick) Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards in 3:56 Key Plays: Barber 12-yard run to New York 32 Collins 13-yard pass to Jurevicius on 3rd-and-5 to midfield Collins 29-yard pass to Toomer to Oakland 21 Collins 8-yard pass to Campbell to Oakland 12 OAKLAND 21-10
Rad -
TD (5:26) Play: Tim Brown 19 Yard Pass From Rich Gannon (Sebastian Janikowski Kick) Drive: 5 plays, 65 yards in 2:56 Key Plays: Gannon 40-yard pass to Brown to New York 22 OAKLAND 28-10


The Raiders scored on three of their first four possessions.

Garner's 38-yard run on the first play from scrimmage was the Raiders' longest run of the season.

Tim Brown's first catch was his 900th of his career, only the fifth player to reach that plateau.

Giants TE Howard Cross set a team record, appearing in his 202nd game.

Morten Andersen now has 2,003 points, moving him into second all-time, ahead of George Blanda (2,002).

Michael Strahan needs six sacks to tie Mark Gastineau's single season record of 22 for the New York Jets in 1984.

Next Game
Giants at Dallas Dec 9 at 1:00 pm.

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