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Sept 23, 1:00 pm (FOX) - Giants at Chiefs
Game 2
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 3 10 0 0 13
Chiefs 0 0 3 0 3
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Giants won their first game of the season.
Kerry Collins was 20-of-34 for 208 yards but had 3 interceptions.
Joe Jurevicius had 7 catches for 90 yards.
Ron Dayne ran one for 7 yards and a touchdown.
Morten Anderson kicked 2 field goals.

The opening ceremony was very nice.
"I was actually looking for it to last longer. Jon Bon Jovi singing 'America The Beautiful' in front of a New York City firehouse, with fire fighters near him was very touching. That one sign that they showed from time to time, 'Thank you rescue workers. We shall overcome.' says it all the way I see it, and I have to give it to the Kansas City Chief fans who welcomed our Giants players into their stadium. They were very understanding."

The Chiefs had beaten the last 12 NFC teams that played at Arrowhead Stadium.
"The Giants came away with a win, and it was mostly because they got some points up early. The Giants looked good on their opening defense, and their opening offense came away with three points, but then they got pushed around until Shaun Williams made that end zone interception on a Trent Green pass. That fired up our offense and they capped off the 80 yard drive with Ron Dayne rushing up the middle for a 7 yard touchdown!"

That touchdown play came right at the beginning of the second quarter.
"It seemed like most of the time we had to catch the Chiefs off guard to be effective. The Giants couldn't just overpower them. I mean we caught them on the opening drive for a score, and then again on the first play of the second quarter. The last time was near the end of the half when the Chiefs gave us some pretty good field position. They tried a 4th and 7 which gave Keith Hamilton the Giants' first sack of the season. They lost six more yards on the sack, and soon Anderson kicked a 34-yard field goal to put us on top 13-0 at the half."

Once the Kansas City defense got their act together, that was it.
"That's right. Joe Jurevicius was having a career game with 7 catches for 90 yards at the half, but he might as well have stayed in the locker room, because those were his numbers at the end of the game too. Our defense also played tough this game, but sometimes they let up some big plays."

You mean like that 49 yard catch by Marvin Minnis.
"That was on the Chiefs' first offensive drive of the second half, and it was big all right. It set up the Chiefs for a field goal a few plays later. Hopefully Minnis is OK. He hit the ground hard on that play and looked really shaken up. Anyway, that field goal was the end of any scoring for both sides for the rest of the game."

Last time out Kerry Collins had 3 touchdowns. This time 3 interceptions.
"Right, and last time the Giants lost and this time they won. I remember on the deep passes to Toomer, that Collins had plenty of time. They were into the wind, and came down short. I have to guess that Collins just misjudged the wind factor. Luckily, none of the turnovers led to Kansas City scoring. In fact, this is the second time this season that the Chiefs got three turnovers, but still lost the game."

Fassel lost that replay challenge.
"He tried to get those 28 yards back on the reception by the Chiefs Chris Thomas. It looked like he was right, and he sure looked
mad when the officials upheld the play against the Giants. I guess Fassel should have been wearing his NYPD hat instead of the FDNY at the time, and maybe a billy club would have helped. One of the officials did have the decency to physically get in the way and block out Chiefs wide receiver Tony Gonzalez on a play soon after that."

The Giants handled Trent Green.
"Considering that previously Trent Green has thrown 7 TD passes and had only one INT in 3 games against the Giants, playing as a Redskin and as a Ram before this game, I'd say they did all right."

What did you think of that designed play where Kerry Collins ran the ball?
"It was very effective to fake the handoff, keep the ball and run to the opposite side. I think anytime a quarterback throws 3 interceptions, the coach will look to have him run with the ball so he'll be inspired not to do it again."

Funny thought. Anything else?
"We caught Kansas City at the right time. The Giants don't usually win against coach Dick Vermeil. He was 13-2 against the Giants in the regular season before this game. The Chiefs and their fans were great to the Giants under these circumstances, and it was classy of Jim Fassel not to go for the field goal when the Giants were on the Kansas City 7 and had a 4th and 2 with not much time left. I think it was his way of paying some respect back to the Chiefs."

Early Stats

Giants - Kerry Collins 20-34 for 208 yds. 3 INT.
Chiefs - Trent Green 17-34 for 184 yds. 1 INT.

Giants - Ron Dayne (16-46) Tiki Barber (12-33) Kerry Collins (2-10) Ron Dixon (1-0).
Chiefs - Tony Richardson (9-41) Priest Holmes (8-30) Trent Green (3-17).

Giants - Joe Jurevicius (7-90) Amani Toomer (5-51) Tiki Barber (4-30) Daniel Campbell (1-22) Greg Comella (3-15).
Chiefs - Chris Thomas (4-62) Marvin Minnis (2-48) Tony Gonzalez (5-43) Priest Holmes (3-17) Larry Parker (2-12) Tony Richardson (1-2).

Net yards rushing
Giants - 89
Broncos - 88

Net yards passing
Giants - 201
Chiefs - 178

Kick-off Returns
Giants - Ron Dixon (1-23)
Chiefs - Dante Hall (2-42)

Punt Returns
Giants - Tiki Barber (4-58)
Chiefs - Dante Hall (2-15)

Time of Possession
Giants - 32:30
Broncos - 27:30

Tackles (tackles-assists-sacks)
Giants - Michael Barrow 9-2-0, Will Allen 4-0-0, Sam Garnes 4-0-0, Jason Sehorn 3-1-0, Shaun Williams 2-1-0, Brandon Short 2-1-0, Kenny Holmes 2-0-0, Jessie Armstead 2-0-0, Keith Hamilton 2-0-1, Michael Strahan 2-0-0, Will Peterson 2-0-0, Cornelius Griffin 1-0-0.

Chiefs - Marvcus Patton 8-2-0, Donnie Edwards 8-0-1, Eric Warfield 5-0-0, Derrick Ransom 4-1-0, Greg Wesley 4-0-0, Jerome Woods 4-0-0, Ray Crockett 3-0-0, John Browning 3-0-0, Eric Hicks 3-0-0, Lewis Bush 2-0-0, William Bartee 1-0-0, Norris Mccleary 1-0-0, Taje Allen 1-0-0, Richard Owens 1-0-0.


NYG - FG 42 yard field goal by Morten Andersen (NYG) is good. NYG 3-0.
NYG - TD Ron Dayne (NYG) rushed up the middle for a 7 yard touchdown. Extra point by Morten Andersen (NYG) is good. NYG 10-0.
NYG - FG 34 yard field goal by Morten Andersen (NYG) is good. NYG 13-0.
KC - Todd Peterson 33 Yard Field Goal, 6:15 . NYG 13-3.

Giants are 31-1 when they go into the 4th quarter with a lead.

The Chiefs didn't score a touchdown for the first time in 65 games.

The Chiefs are winless under new head coach Dick Vermeil.

The Chiefs travel to Washington next, where the Redskins will play their first home game since terrorists crashed a hijacked jet into the Pentagon.

Next Game
New Orleans at Giants Sep 30 at 1:00 pm.

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