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Sept 10, 9:00 pm (ABC) - Giants at Broncos
Game 1
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Giants 0 7 7 6 20
Broncos 7 7 7 10 31
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Giants couldn't keep up with the Broncos.
Kerry Collins was 19-of-34 for 258 yards and 3 touchdowns.
Amani Toomer had 5 catches for 78 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Punter Rodney Williams set a team record with a 90-yard punt.
Kerry Collins was sacked 3 times.

We knew it wasn't going to be easy.
"The Giants always seemed to be one step behind the Broncos, and then they fell way behind. They couldn't get pressure on Griese, and almost every thing he threw was completed. Terrell Davis killed us on the ground. Usually our defense keeps us in the game, but this time the offense hung in there and got things going, and I thought the defense would rally when they tied the score at 14-14."

Things actually got worse for us after that.
"McCaffrey took that clean hard hit from Sean Williams that broke his leg, and that was just terrible. Then I couldn't believe McCaffrey was waving to the crowd when they took him off the field. I would be huddled up in a ball with a broken leg like that. Anyway it spurred his teammates on, because they came up with a touchdown a few plays later, while the Giants seemed to fade for the rest of the game."

There were a lot of memorable things about this game.
"You said it! The replacement refs hated the Giants in the first half, and then they hated the Broncos for the rest of the game. There was that quick go-for-it on fourth down right at our goal line, when Broncos coach Mike Shanahan tried to catch the Giants off guard, and the Giants held. There was that kicking duel right at the end of the half where both kickers tried record setting field goals back to back, and the Broncos lost two replay challenges and blew their timeouts. Rodney Williams set a team record. This was some game."

Any final thoughts?
"You told me that the first half time of possession was 9:53 for the Giants and 20:07 for the Broncos. I was surprised that the Broncos were able to hang onto the ball for so long like that, against what's supposed to be 'one of the best defenses' in the league. Either the Broncos are a great team, or we have to do much better, because we gave up close to 500 yards."

What's your take on this one Mikefan?
"I think it's obvious now why we pay Sehorn so much money. No Sehorn, no Hilliard, and so it goes, no win. Tell me again why we didn't give Hilliard the contract he was looking for and keep him happy the way we did Toomer? Maybe he gets the cash he deserves, and would have had his foot surgery in time enough to play in this game. Anyway, it looks like we need all the talent on the field in the right places to beat the good teams. I guess Fassel didn't activate Jason Sehorn because he wouldn't have been able to play very much, and that extra slot let him activate both Pochman and Andersen."

What did you think about the replacement refs?
"As far as it affected the Giants, you have to remember that the score was tied 14-14 in the third quarter, and then most of calls went against the Broncos, so you can't blame them
for this loss. Also, they're at least as good as the old refs, because they don't like to overturn their calls on instant replay."

All the teams in the NFC East have lost so far.
"Yeah, the Eagles the Redskins, the Cowboys and now the Giants all bit the dust. The only NFC East team left unbeaten is Arizona, and that's maybe because they haven't played yet. That puts the Cards in first place."

Kerry Collins had some good numbers in this losing effort.
"He really played well, and a lot of time it looked like he was out there by himself. He outplayed the offense and deserves a lot of credit. Amani Toomer was also at the top of his game."

So, any final thoughts?
"It was a good game to watch despite the results for us Giants fans. As Gamegirl mentioned, there were a number of interesting plays. One funny thing is the Giants kicking game was a mess all through training camp and preseason, and now it's one of the strong points on the team.
Rodney Williams was great tonight setting a team record with his 90-yard punt in the third quarter and he had two more kicks over 60 yards. The Giants have enough confidence to let rookie Owen Pochman to try a 63 yarder. It's too bad we can't somehow instantly age our talented young corner backs and solve that problem too. Experience is hard to come by, and it's going to cost us here and there, as these kids learn the game."

Early Stats

Giants - Kerry Collins 19-34 for 258 yards, 0 INT, 3 TD.
Broncos - Brian Griese 21-29 for 330 yards, 0 INT, 3 TD.

Giants - Ron Dayne 6-30, Tiki Barber 10-28, Kerry Collins 3-5.
Broncos - Terrell Davis 21-101, Rod Smith 2-24, Mike Anderson 6-10, Brian Griese 5-8, Patrick Hape 2-0.

Giants - Amani Toomer 5-78, Joe Jurevicius 5-76, Tiki Barber 3-53, Greg Comella 2-13, Thabiti Davis 1-20, Ron Dixon 1-19, Marcellus Rivers 1-1, Kerry Collins 1-minus 2.
Broncos - Rod Smith 9-115, Ed Mccaffrey 6-94, Desmond Clark 2-55, Eddie Kennison 1-36, Dwayne Carswell 1-25, Terrell Davis 1-4, Patrick Hape 1-1.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 63
Broncos - 143

Net yards passing
Giants - 245
Broncos - 330

Time of Possession
Giants - 25:21
Broncos - 34:39


DEN - TD, Patrick Hape, 1 Yd pass from Brian Griese (Jason Elam kick is good), 13.51. Den 7-0.
NYG - TD, Amani Toomer, 43 Yd pass from Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen kick is good), 12:55. NYG 7-7.
DEN - TD, Ed McCaffrey, 16 Yd pass from Brian Griese (Jason Elam kick is good), 09:35. Den 14-7.
NYG - TD, Amani Toomer, 11 Yd pass from Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen kick is good), 10:36. NYG 14-14.
DEN - TD, Rod Smith, 25 Yd pass from Brian Griese (Jason Elam kick is good), 07:58. Den 21-14
DEN - FG, Jason Elam 37 Yd, 13:40. Den 24-14
DEN - TD, Mike Anderson, 6 Yd run (Jason Elam kick is good), 09:05. Den 31-14
NYG - TD, Marcellus Rivers, 1 Yd pass from Kerry Collins (Morten Andersen kick Failed), 01:51. Den 31-21

The game was officiated by replacements, because the NFL has locked out its on-field officials in a labor dispute.

Fassel had been 4-0 in season openers. This was his first opening day loss.

It was the Giants first defeat in an opening game since they lost to Buffalo in 1996 and their first such defeat on the road since losing at Chicago in 1987.

Williams' 90-yard punt set a team record and was fourth-longest in NFL history.

McCaffrey's touchdown catch was his 44th with the Broncos, tying the team record.

Next Game
Greenbay at Giants Sep 16 at 1:00 pm.

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