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Nov 14, 4:15 pm (FOX) - Giants at Arizona
Game 9
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 7 7 0 0 14
Cardinals 0 10 7 0 17
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Giants lose to the Cards 17-14.
Kurt Warner was sacked 6 times, but did not turn the ball over.
Kurt Warner was 19 of 30 for 193 yards and 1 touchdown.
Tiki Barber rushed 21 times for 108 and 1 touchdown
Tiki Barber also had 5 catches for 52 yards.
Amani Toomer had 8 catches for 100 yards.
Jeremy Shockey caught 4 passes for 24 yards and 1 touchdown.

Game Notes:
"I'm confused. Did we lose two starters on the defensive line, or was it the offensive li
ne? OK, so I know we lost Michael Strahan and Keith Washington, but what's with the offense. Kurt Warner sometimes holds the ball too long, but he didn't have a chance in the second half.
If any idiot reporters want to see Eli Manning in there, they better issue him a suit of armor, because at least Warner knows how to take a punch.
The defense held up strong. The offense was effective for awhile, but just like last week they couldn't do anything in the second half. I hope they can figure out something before we face Atlanta next week."

Game Notes:
"I'm not the only one saying 'I can't believe they lost that game.'
Luckily for us, stronger teams are on the way so we can either 'believe that they lost that game' or be pleasantly surprised if they somehow manage to win. What surprised me in this game is that after sticking with Ron Dayne for so long, suddenly Kurt Warner became the sure go-to-man for short yardage. Against a team that has trouble stopping the run, actually ranks 26th against stopping the run, they let Warner do the quarterback sneak thing, not once but twice.
I'd say that the first time it counts as a sneak, but the second time they're on to it. The second time you send your quarterback, with a history of serious head collisions into that pile, it counts as a head coach hoping for a decision to be taken out of his hands. You see, putting backup quarterback Eli Manning in for an injured Kurt Warner raises no eyebrows and calls for no head coach criticisms.
Seriously though, that wasn't even the strangest thing in this game. The Cardinals were more than ready for that fake punt - Jeff Feagles pass attempt that didn't work, and finally when you go for your last chance 4th down and 2 play, why not put the ball in Tiki Barber's hands? I know they kind of gave up on Tiki in the second half when he didn't pick up huge yardage every single time he ran the ball, but after six sacks, Kurt was running for his life, getting no pass protection at all, and that deflected pass was the end of this game."

First Quarter
Play: Jeremy Shockey, 2 Yd pass from Kurt Warner (Steve Christie kick is good)
Drive: 11 plays, 80 yards in 6:35
Second Quarter
Play: Neil Rackers 41 Yd
Drive: 11 plays, 51 yards in 5:02
Play: Tiki Barber, 2 Yd run (Steve Christie kick is good)
Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards in 4:33
Play: Emmitt Smith, 2 Yd run (Neil Rackers kick is good)
Drive:9 plays, 68 yards in 2:39
GIANTS 14-10
Third Quarter
Play: Emmitt Smith, 3 Yd run (Neil Rackers kick is good)
Drive:7 plays, 37 yards in 4:11
Fourth Quarter

Game Stats:
Total First Downs    18 19
   By Rushing 8 10
   By Passing 6 9
   By Penalty 4 0
Third Down Efficiency 5-13-38% 4-13-31%
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-1-0% 1-3-33%
Total Net Yards 178 308
   Total Offensive Plays (inc. times thrown passing) 58 65
   Average gain per offensive play 3.1 4.7
Net Yards Rushing 104 147
   Total Rushing Plays 32 28
   Average gain per rushing play 3.3 5.3
   Tackles for a loss-number and yards 1-1 2-5
Net Yards Passing 74 161
   Times thrown - yards lost attempting to pass 2-16 6-32
   Gross yards passing 90 193
Pass Attempts-Completions-Had Intercepted 24-12-0 31-19-0
   Avg gain per pass play (inc.# thrown passing) 2.8 4.4
Kickoffs Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks 4-2-2 3-1-0
Punts Number and Average 6-46.2 5-46.8
   Had Blocked 0 0
FGs - PATs Had Blocked 0-0 1-0
Net Punting Average 40.0 33.8
Total Return Average (Not Including Kickoffs) 65 17
   No. and Yards Punt Returns 5-65 4-17
   No. and Yards Kickoff Returns 3-62 2-39
   No. and Yards Interception Returns 0-0 0-0
Penalties Number and Yards 3-15 10-97
Fumbles Number and Lost 2-0 0-0
Touchdowns 2 2
   Rushing 2 1
   Passing 0 1
Extra Points Made-Attempts 2-2 2-2
   Kicking Made-Attempts 2-2 2-2
Field Goals Made-Attempts 1-1 0-1
Red Zone Efficiency 2-2-100% 2-2-100%
Goal To Go Efficiency 2-2-100% 2-2-100%
Safeties 0 0
Final Score 17 14
Time Of Possession 26:33 33:27

Giants finally scored a touchdown on their opening possession after 17 games without doing so.

Tiki Barber has scored a touchdown in 7 consecutive games, tying the longest single-season streak in team history. It is also the longest current streak in the NFL.

Amani Toomer caught a pass in his 92nd consecutive game.

This was the first time in two seasons that Emmitt Smith had run for two scores in a game.

Next Game
Sun, Nov 21 - Atlanta at Giants 4:15 PM
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