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The Playoff Game
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Minnesota 0 3 7 13 23
Giants 6 13 0 3 22

What Happened ? ?

Shock, disbelief, horror, anguish !!
There are just not enough words to describe the feelings as the final minutes of the game wound down. Giants players, coaches, fans in the stadium, fans at home, Viking fans, even people in China, were astounded at the turn of events.

The Giants dominated the game for the first half, held steady for most of the second half, and then - they just blew it. They had to weather some player skirmishes in the second half, with "sparks" flying between Phillippi Sparks and Conrad Hamilton, but at that point in the game it looked like the players were just really into the game.

It looked like Minnesota was giving up as they foolishly let the clock run down. Through luck, against all odds, and with everything going exactly right for them, Minnesota managed a touchdown, onside kick, and field goal to steal the game away.

As the year turns, let's not forget that the Giants went to 10-5-1, bringing themselves up from last place to first to become the 1997 NFC East Conference Champions. Enthusiasm and excitement was apparent both on and off the field as the Giants grew into a formidable team.

First the defense jelled, and the offense struggled, but kept working and working and working at it. They didn't exactly jell, but at least began to develop some consistency, as the season drew to a close. Special team play wasn't one of the strong points this past year, but the coaching staff really showed their stuff, and can be counted on to bring it all together next year.

Game Notes:
This was the first wildcard loss for the Giants.
Daluiso kicked for a career high of 5 field goals, tying the NFL playoff record.
Eddie Murry, who kicked the winning field goal for Minnesota, is the oldest player in the NFL.
Fassel confirmed that Danny Kanell is the Giant's quarterback for the future.

FINAL STANDINGS PF     PA  Home  Away NFC    AFC     Div
UP Giants 10-5-1   307   265   6-2-0   4-3-1 9-2-1   1-3-0   7-0-1
UP Redskins 8-7-1   327   289   5-2-1   3-5-0 7-4-1   1-3-0   4-3-1
UP Eagles 6-9-1   317   372   6-2-0   0-7-1 4-8-0   2-2-1   3-5-0
UP Cowboys 6-10-   304   314   5-3-0   1-7-0 4-8-0   2-2-0   3-5-0
UP Cardinals 4-12-   283   379   3-5-0   1-7-0 3-9-0   1-3-0   2-6-0

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