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Mikefan - Gamegirl Reviews
Game 16
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 0 0 3 15 18
Dallas 6 10 7 3 26
Preview ESPN Scores ESPN Recap ESPN Stats
Giant Insider CNN Scores CNN Recap CNN Stats

The Cowboys got off to a fast start
Cowboys Jason Tucker returned the opening kickoff 79 yards.
Once again, the Giants got nowhere in the first half.
Giants Defense couldn't get to Troy Aikman.
Cowboys go on to a wildcard game with the Vikings.
Giants finish the season at 7-9.

Gamegirl, looks like that was it.
"Yes, the season is over, or should I say finally over. These guys don't play for Fassel. Even Wellington Mara couldn't budge them.
I remember at the end of October, when the Giants were 5-3
, and the Jets were 1-6. The Jets play for my Uncle Bill. They play for Parcells!
The Jets with all their injuries and a 3rd string quarterback went 7-2 for the rest of the season. Meanwhile the Giants went 2-6.
I don't know how we beat the Jets in that stretch, but it all goes to being in the right mindset to play. Fassel is just a nice guy, an overrated quarterback coach playing way over his head. He just can't do it!
The players on this team just don't respect him. How else can you explain one of the top players on his team saying things against him when he's off burying his mother?"

Don't hold back Gamegirl.
"I won't. I'll have my say now, and I know I'll still go off and buy my season tickets next year just like all the other Giants fans, but I have to say this now. This team needs a new head coach, and the Giants should be looking around over the next few weeks to see who they can get!"

How about the last game against Dallas?
"The last game? Forget it. The Giants had a chance to show what they were made of, and they blew it. They never touched Aikman, couldn't stop Emmitt, were lousy on special teams, couldn't get the long ball downfield against a weak secondary, and to sum it up, couldn't show that they were a team worth rooting for.
There seems to be just a few who really care on this team. Tiki Barber is one of them, and his going after Toomer in the game says it all.
There are a bunch of talented individuals playing for themselves on this team. That's where the head coach comes in. He's supposed to get these players together into one unit and make it all work.
Just look at the roster and start calling off names, and think if they seem like a team player to you or not. See how many names you come up with. Do you think Jim Fassel is capable of getting this group to work together?
They should give Jim Fassel back to the Cardinals.
In fact, the way this season went, they should just merge the Giants and Cardinals and make one big lousy team instead of two.
I don't even know if I'm going to do any reports next year.
I'm so turned off to Giants football right now. In fact, this is my last report. I'm done."

We sure got some report so far Mikefan
"It sounds like Gamegirl went ballistic on you, and who can blame her?
It was a disappointing season for all the fans. If the players don't care, why should we care? The Giants lost six of their last last eight games, even after changing to their fancy new quarterback.
Where were they during the last three games of the season against St. Louis, Minnesota, and now Dallas?
Dallas lost to New Orleans just the week before, and the Giants who rededicated themselves to the cause after hearing words from owner Wellington Mara, started this game off by letting Jason Tucker return the opening kickoff 79 yards.
All four of Dallas' possessions in the first half turned into points.
Most of Collins' passes were short ones. The Giants couldn't score a touchdown until the 4th quarter when the game was already over.
Not too long ago the Giants beat the Jets and Bills, got their record to 7-6, and had a shot at making the playoffs. Then they faded.
I know Gamegirl is upset. We talked once over the phone and came to the same conclusion. The Giants showed splashes of promise all season long, but they seem to be missing something.
Maybe that something is a new head coach as Gamegirl suggests.

You think the Giants would do that?
"Well, Fassel has one year to go, and it's tough to coach players if they know you won't be back the following year. So the Giants will have to either get rid of him, or give him an extension. Wellington Mara made it sound like he was behind Fassel as recently as last week, but that could have just been a show of unity for the players.
I think they have to step back and evaluate the coach here as well as the players. This was a losing season for the Giants, who could have gotten into the playoffs with an 8-8 record. They've been inconsistent all year, and I think the head coach has to inspire players to step up and become leaders. The Giants have gone from 10-5-1, to 8-8, to 7-9 under Fassel. That's something to evaluate.
I think if Wellington Mara really wants to send a message to the remaining players, he should do it with actions instead of talk."


Giants finished 3rd in the NFC East with a 7-9 record.
Giants will have the 11th pick of the draft in April.
Giants will draft 11th in every round.
Giants next year play the Lions, Jaguars, Steelers and Rams at home. Giants next year play the Bears, Browns, Oilers, and the winner of tonight's Falcons-49ers game, on the road.


Amani Toomer established a team record of 79 receptions, breaking Earnest Gray's record by one catch
Tiki Barber set a team record with 13 receptions.

Giants - Kerry Collins 31-48 for 314 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD
Dallas - Troy Aikman 23-32 for 288 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD, Deion Sanders 0-1 for 0 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD.

Giants - Joe Montgomery 12-36, Sean Bennett 3-35, Tiki Barber 1-3, Kerry Collins 1-0.
Dallas - Emmitt Smith 22-122, Chris Warren 3-28, Robert Thomas 1-1, Troy Aikman 3-minus 2.

Giants - Tiki Barber 13-100, Greg Comella 5-37, Ike Hilliard 5-37, Joe Jurevicius 3-86, Amani Toomer 2-35, David Patten 1-14, Brian Alford 1-7, Sean Bennett 1-minus 2.
Dallas - Raghib Ismail 7-62, Jason Tucker 4-122, Chris Warren 3-18, David Lafleur 3-17, Jeff Ogden 2-28, Emmitt Smith 2-19, Chris Brazzell 1-19, Mike Lucky 1-3.

Dallas - George Teague 1 for 0 yards.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 74
Dallas - 149

Net yards passing
Giants - 306
Dallas - 288

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