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Mikefan - Gamegirl Reviews
Game 12
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Jets 0 7 0 21 28
Giants 17 10 7 7 41
Preview ESPN Scores ESPN Recap ESPN Stats
  CNN Scores CNN Recap CNN Stats

Gamegirl, what was different this week?
"Winning. No, I'm just kidding. I brought the 'Jet guy' with me so we could really get into it and enjoy the game. Everyone was pretty excited in the stands, and of course the Jet fans who were there thought they had the edge.
That all changed pretty fast as soon as the game started.
I think it didn't matter if you were a Giants or Jet fan, you couldn't believe what was happening on the field.
The 'Jet guy' was telling me before the game that the Jets on defense were coming on strong and were probably better than the Giants. Unfortunately for him and all the Jet fans, the Giants got it all figured out this week. They really outplayed the Jets.

Did everyone get along?
"I didn't see any fights at the game if that's what you mean.
When we were moving through the crowd, some people had several comments for us as we went by.
I was wearing my usual nice blue Giants stuff, and he was wearing all his ugly green stuff, and they were saying, 'One Giants fan and one Jet fan. I'll stay out of this.', or 'There's trouble coming up'.
Overall It was definitely a Giants crowd and a great day weather wise to be at the Meadowlands. The mixed crowd was pretty good around us. No one was cheering at player injuries or anything.
It too bad that once again we lost Jason Sehorn in this game.
Suddenly they were just driving him off the field, and we didn't see where anything had happened to him. Of course it was horrible to see Brian Williams go down. We certainly could use these two guys for the last four game stretch.

Anything else?
"Yes, it seems that some of the Jet fans (I won't say who sitting near me) were distracted during the last part of the game.
It seems there was this lady sitting by the goal post area seats, drinking and getting all the guys worked up. She showed her top. Some in front of her missed out and after after much encouragement from everyone around her, she did it again and then later, a usher came over.
He was probably sent over there by Bill Parcells who was maybe anxious to help keep his players focused for the rest of the game.
At least some of the Jets fans in her area, and at least one other I know of, went home happy with their spirits raised.
I know that Mikefan gave me a hard time when I said that it wasn't so bad losing to 'Uncle Bill" and the Jets in the preseason game. (Preseason Game 3)
He thought I was wrong, so I'd just like to bring that up right now and say how it didn't matter."

Mikefan, what was different this week?
"Right, when something like this happens you look for what was different, and there were quite a few things as the Jets found out this week.
The Giants had their QB Coach Sean Payton doing the play calling.
They had a running back who commanded respect taking the ball up the middle. They didn't turn the ball over. They cut down on the dropped balls, making mistakes and turning the ball over.
As a result, Bill Parcells no longer has any claim to the Giants.
He will always be revered for his accomplishments with them, but by standing up to Bill and his Jets team, the Giants have proved to the media, the fans and themselves that they no longer have to live in his shadow."

Joe Montgomery's numbers weren't special except for total yards.
"That's right, but it doesn't matter. All you can remember from that game is Montgomery running and running. Time of possession for the Giants was 35:50. Joe had 38 carries for 111 yards, which comes out to 2.9 per trip. He has the ability to do the job, and the defense has to put the right players up against it. That makes them less capable defending against the passing game.
Believe me, if the Jets had decided to take it up a notch more on Collins, the passing yardage would have been less, but Montgomery's numbers would have been that much better. The end results would have been the same. The Giants would have controlled the game and scored points."

What else have you got?
'What I've got is a need to do some celebrating. I saw your hot notes list, and this week they really tell the whole story, so just put them up."

On the Game
It was the most points the Giants have scored under Jim Fassel.

It was most points the Jets have given up under Bill Parcells.

It tied for the 2nd most points allowed by a Parcells coached team.

It was the first time in club history the Giants had a 300-yard passer, a 100-yard rusher, and two 100-yard receivers in one game.

It was the least rushing yards allowed by the Giants since 1993 when they gave up 11 against New Orleans.

Jets rushed for only 15 yards, their lowest total in 33 years.
Jets lowest total was 5 yards against the Bills in 1966.

Jets had given up a total of only 44 points in their previous 4 games, and gave up 41 to the Giants.

Jets chance of a third straight winning season, achieved only once in team history, is gone.

Joe Montgomery's 38 carries were the most ever in a game by a Giants rookie.

Joe Montgomery's 38 carries are the most by a Giant since Rodney Hampton carried 41 times in '93.

Amani Toomer became the first Giants receiver to catch 3 TDs in one game since Earnest Gray in 1980.

Jim Fassel and defensive coordinator John Fox, were awarded game balls by Jessie Armstead.

Redskins losing yesterday moved the Giants back within one game of first place. The Cowboys lost also.

Final Notes

Jason Sehorn's Giants - Jets game history.
Last year, Sehorn tore up his right knee during the Giants' annual preseason game against the Jets and missed the entire season. Yesterday, Sehorn broke his left fibula.

If you are playing in a Giants - Jets game, you don't want Jumbo Elliott on your team. He has been on the losing side of all of them.

Quote by Bill Parcells, "We were outplayed, outprepared, outcoached, out-everything, and I'm ashamed." He called it one of the most embarrassing losses of his career. "This is the first time in three years I've been ashamed."


Giants - Kerry Collins 17-29 for 341 yards, 3 TDs.
Jets - Ray Lucas 31-48 for 284 yards, 4 TDs.

Giants - Joe Montgomery 38-111, David Patten 1-27, Tiki Barber 4-9, Sean Bennett 1-4, Kerry Collins 1-1, .
Jets - Ray Lucas 5-20, Curtis Martin 6-4, Dwight Stone 1- minus 9.

Giants - Amani Toomer 6-181, Ike Hilliard 6-121, Pete Mitchell 4-46, Tiki Barber 1- minus 7.
Jets - Keyshawn Johnson 10-98, Wayne Chrebet 7-84, Bernie Parmalee 5-52, Curtis Martin 6-24, Eric Green 2-17, Richie Anderson 1-9.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 152
Jets - 15

Net yards passing
Giants - 338
Jets - 276

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