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Mikefan - Gamegirl Reviews
Game 15
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Vikings 0 14 7 13 34
Giants 3 3 3 8 17
Preview ESPN Scores ESPN Recap ESPN Stats
Giant Insider CNN Scores CNN Recap CNN Stats

The Vikings showed they are playoff ready.
The Giants looked good on the opening drive, but that was it.
The Vikings used star player Cris Carter to full advantage.
Giants Defense couldn't get to Jeff George, the Vikings QB.
Giants can still make the playoffs.

See Game Stats below, and also at the above links.

Gamegirl, it wasn't pretty.
"No, not at all. I think I did see effort from all the players, but it wasn't enough just to want to win, you have to actually go out and do it. It's kind of like matching an old banged up car against a better model.
It just can't do the job, and our team just wasn't good enough against the Vikings. They had enough to stop Randy Moss, but they couldn't handle both him and Cris Carter.
In the very beginning things looked good. The defense looked tough forcing a 3 and out on the Vikings, and the Giants opening drive brought them all the way down to the goal line area.
I think they were at the 5 yard line. Everyone was cheering, and even though they had to settle for a field goal after Minnesota hung tough, you felt like it was going to be a good day for the Giants.
Then, the more you watched, the more you knew that if the Giants won this one, it wouldn't be because they were the better team, but just a lucky one. It seemed like every time the Minnesota offense took the field, the Giants were in trouble, and they kept adding to the score throughout the game. By beating the Giants the Vikings put themselves into the playoffs."

The Giants can still make the playoffs.
"That's true from what I heard, but not on my dime. If they get in, it will be away games, so I'll be watching from home. That's probably better this year, because it's less disappointing to see them lose on TV than in person. One click on the dial and the season is gone with the last losing game. That's better than walking out into the parking lot with all the other disappointed fans. Maybe Mikefan has the right idea watching from home on the big screen. In fact, maybe the smaller the set the better as well. You'll have to ask him."

Mikefan, got any thoughts on this game?
"We'll, I'm disappointed of course. I read alot of stories over the last week, and a lot of the players sounded pretty dedicated to winning this this game, controlling their own destiny and so forth.
Once again, the defense couldn't put enough pressure on the opposing quarterback, Jeff George.
Our two pro bowl players, Jessie Armstead and Michael Strahan, couldn't prevent him from getting the ball to Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Andrew Glover, and Robert Smith when he needed the big plays. Robert Smith and Leroy Hoard ran all over our defense, and it made for a long day.
On the other side of the ball, Kerry Collins put up big numbers, but not points as the Vikings stopped the Giants when they needed to.
Our offensive line couldn't give Collins that extra second a quarterback needs, and they can't block good enough for our running game to really take hold.
It's still one of our big weaknesses, even if Kerry Collins and Joe Montgomery make them look better than they did earlier in the season."

Anything else?
There were too many sacks on Collins, not enough yards on the ground, the kickoffs were poor, as well as the coverage for them.
They let the Vikings break through a number of times.
When Robert Smith broke out for a 70-yard touchdown, it put the Vikings up by 17 points, and you could tell that the Giants weren't going to come back this game. In the end, Minnesota made all the big plays, and the Giants didn't.
Fassel's decision to cut Jose Cortez seems like a poor one as the Giants gave away good field position on the kickoffs again.
It might have cost him Cary Blanchard and the field goal consistency.
Gamegirl is right.
If the Giants get into the playoffs, you don't want to be spending your hard earned cash on it. For them to make it, the Giants have to hope that the Cards beat Green Bay at home next week, while they do the same at Dallas.
If Green Bay wins, the Giants can still get in the playoffs by scoring something like 60-70 points over what the Cowboys put up on the board.
As for what Gamegirl said, I started watching the games on the big screen at the beginning of the year, dusted off the old 25 inch console with the slightly green picture, and used that during the middle of the season, and currently I watch all the Giants games on a 9 inch TV.


Giants - Kerry Collins 31-51 for 297 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD.
Vikings - Jeff George 10-21 for 185 yards, 2 INT, 0 TD, Randy Moss 1-1 for 27 yards, 0 INT, 1 TD.

Giants - Joe Montgomery 19-55, Tiki Barber 5-11, Kerry Collins 3-10.
Vikings - Robert Smith 16-146, Leroy Hoard 6-21, Jeff George 1-4, Moe Williams 2-3.

Giants - Amani Toomer 9-99, Tiki Barber 8-56, Ike Hilliard 5-62, Joe Jurevicius 3-39, Pete Mitchell 3-21, Howard Cross 2-4, David Patten 1-16.
Vikings - Cris Carter 5-131, Randy Moss 3-44, Andrew Glover 2-28, Robert Smith 1-9.

Giants - Percy Ellsworth 1 for 0 yards, Jeremy Lincoln 1 for 0 yards.
Vikings - Anthony Bass 1 for 4 yards.

Missed Field Goals
NY Giants - Cary Blanchard 39.

Net yards rushing
Giants - 76
Vikings - 174

Net yards passing
Giants - 268
Vikings - 204

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