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Giants - Jaguars
Game 12 preview
Sun Nov 30, 1:00 PM - Giants at Jaguars

Giants (3-8) vs Jaguars (1-10)
The Jaguars are having a tough season and last week was no exception. They traveled to Indianapolis and were able to score just one field goal. The Colts won that game 23-3.
The Giants came close to winning last week when they held a four point lead over the Cowboys with just three minutes remaining. Tony Romo needed only two minutes to score a touchdown to put his team up. The Giants were unable to come back on their turn and lost the game 31-28.
Giants - Cowboys Wrap-Up

Jacksonville Jaguars
How would you like to be the owner of an NFL football team? That would be great of course, but the one you bought happens to have an average of winning just three games a season since you plunked down your hard earned cash and there's a no return policy. They had slowly improved on winning 2 games in 2012 to 4 games in 2013, but they would have to take all the remaining ones this season to improve by even that simple 'twosie' progression. Right now they are still at a 'onesie' after eleven games.
They have been adding championship free agents to their roster and working in top draft picks in an effort to get to the next level. For their current outlook, the easiest teams on the Jaguar's schedule right now, going just by win-loss records, are the Tennessee Titans with 2 wins and next up the Giants with 3.

Jacksonville Jaguars Offense
Few rookie quarterbacks star in their first season and Blake Bortles is no exception. Bortles was the third pick overall in the 2014 draft and he took over as their starter after replacing Chad Henne at halftime when they were down 30-0 against the Colts. It was the Jaguars third game of the season, their home opener, but there was no happy comeback storybook ending for the fans as they lost 44-17. Bortles has been the starter ever since, has won one game, but just had one of his worst outings last week. Bortles threw for a career-low 146 yards, with only 39 coming in the first three quarters and the rest followed only after the Colts were up 20-3.
Some of this let down can be attributed to the fact that the Jaguars were without their best wide receiver, rookie Allen Robinson. He led the team with 48 receptions and was just placed on injured reserve last week with a broken foot.
Running back Denard Robinson had his best game rushing for 127 yards when the Jags beat the Browns for their only win. He was doing well in the games after, up until last week against the Colts, where his 14 carries netted him only 25 yards. Robinson did catch 4 passes for 47 yards in that game as 9 of Bortles 15 completions went to running backs.

Jacksonville Jaguars Defense
This group gives up lots of yards against both the pass and run, but they are third in the league in sacks with 33 on the season. Their best pass rusher is Chris Clemons who played with the championship Seahawks last year. Clemons leads the team with 7 sacks and picked up three of them, and a forced fumble on Andrew Luck last week. To strengthen their pass rush, d
efensive end Andre Branch looks to be back.
Branch recorded 3 sacks in seven games prior to getting hurt in their last win. The Jaguars have missed him over the last four games which were all losses. Red Bryant is a good run stuffer who lines up in several spots and he also played with the Seahawks last season. The secondary has been their weak area, but will be at full strength when they face the Giants this Sunday. Overall this defense knows that Eli Manning tends to make mistakes when pressured and they will be coming.

Giants offense
Eli Manning's offense came up with 28 points, but it wasn't enough for a win last week against the Cowboys. They hadn't scored that many points since their last win in early October against Atlanta. Odell Beckham had another standout game and running back Rashad Jennings stated this week in practice that he now feels as he once did before his injury earlier in the season.
Against the Cowboys he averaged 2.7 yards a carry, but as a receiver he was second only to Beckham, catching 8 passes for 68 yards. Justin Pugh may or may not be back and better blocking from the tight end position would be a big help for the running game and Manning's protection from a good pass rushing team.

Giants defense
The Giants have been beating themselves up all week for allowing Tony Romo to cruise downfield and score an easy touchdown to put them ahead at the end of the game. One way to look at it was that they tried to generate a four man pass rush against an effective offensive line or that the people on the field to do that were not the best to use in that situation. They catch a break this week in facing a rookie quarterback so some mistakes will go unnoticed, but watch out for read-option plays. Bortles is second on the team with 228 rushing yards.
The Jaguars are regressing on offense and gave up four sacks last week. Their head coach, Gus Bradley, took some heat off his offensive line, commenting that quarterback Bortles held onto the ball too long at times and was slow with his decision-making. Bortles is still learning as he goes and the Giants have an opportunity to take some chances in this game against a weaker opponent, especially if their offense has put up some points on the board to fall back on.

The Giants had some chances in the last two games, but came up short and continued their losing streak. The missed opportunity last week against the Cowboys took them out of the division race. Then on Thursday when the Lions beat the Bears, they were officially eliminated from obtaining a playoff spot. The best the Giants can hope for now is to finish with an 8-8 record which is possible only if they win all their last remaining games. They do face some easier competition over the next few weeks, with the Jaguars, Titans, Redskins and Rams, which have a combined 10-34 record, but their last game is with the division leading Eagles.
The Jaguars put it all together on offense and defense when they won their one lone game this season at home against the Cleveland Browns 24-6. That broke a nine game losing streak, but the Jaguars weren't able to build on that win and have dropped the last four games since then. Right now their rookie quarterback is throwing more interceptions than touchdowns as he learns his role with the pros, and like the Giants, they're probably eager to face another team with a losing record in their search for another win.

NFC East
On Sunday at 1:00pm, the same time the Giants are playing the Jaguars, the Redskins (3-8) will be playing their game in Indianapolis against the Colts (7-4). The Eagles (9-3) won their game with the Cowboys (8-4) on Thursday. The Giants are favored to win their game in Jacksonville. The Colts are favored to win over the Redskins. Check out.
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Giants Tom Coughlin will coach in his 300th regular-season game.

Giants are 3-1 when they rush for at least 100 yards in a game this season, 0-7 when they don't.

Giants are only the sixth 3-8 team since 1978 to be a road favorite.

Jaguars Blake Bortles became the fifth Jaguars quarterback to start a game during his rookie season.

Jaguars Blake Bortles leads the league with 15 interceptions.

Jaguars have lost 36 of their last 42 games.

Jaguars will play their 40th straight game as an underdog.

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