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Sept 22, 4:00 pm FOX - Seattle at Giants
Game 3
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Seahawks 3 3 0 0 6
Giants 0 0 3 6 9
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Giants struggle to win a close one over the Seahawks 9 - 6.
Kerry Collins was 23-for-38 for 282 yards.
Amani Toomer had 4 receptions for 100 yards.
Michael Strahan recorded his first sack of the season.
Will Peterson had an interception for the second week in a row.
Matt Bryant made field goals of 33, 21 and 47 yards.
Ike Hilliard had 4 catches for 54 yards, all at the right time.
Tiki Barber continued to be a double threat with 50 yards rushing and 59 yards receiving.
Ron Dayne had an impressive game with 11 carries for 44 yards.

It wasn't pretty, but the Giants come away with the win.

"Seattle put up a good fight. There was no way they wanted to go 0-3 on the season. So it was a real battle, but it wasn't the most enjoyable game to watch. I mean, you see the Giants moving the ball, making first downs, and still you look at the scoreboard and we have no points. How does that happen? It didn't exactly sound like 'Fan Appreciation Day' in the stands, especially at the end of the half when the Giants were losing 6-0 and failed to score on that fourth and one play."

It happens because the Giants can't convert in sort yardage situations.
"It looks that way. Also, I guess we didn't always have good field position when we got the ball, so we had a lot of ground to cover just to get into scoring position. They covered that ground, but then ran out of steam when they got close. You can't blame Ron Dayne for that either. Unless I missed something, they never gave him the ball on a third down play, and today might have been the day to do it. Ron Dayne must have taken his 'I know I can be a running back for the Giants pills', because he came up with some nice gains and looked good doing it on a number of plays. It was his best game so far. In fact, I think he had gains on all his carries. Maybe he should have gotten that fourth and one call?"

You didn't like some of the calls?
"Fassel's choices of when to go for it on fourth and one didn't make much sense. Even if the Giants had made it, it wasn't the right call. I'm talking about when the ball was at the Seahawks 1 yard line with less than 20 seconds left in the half. Considering this looked to be a low scoring game, and the Giants had no points on the board, you should always take the easy field goal, and make it a tighter 6-3 game. They were sure points and by failing here, the Giants didn't get the good turn you usually get when you don't make it. The Seahawks didn't have the problem of doing something, starting with the ball at their own 1 yard line because there was only 10 seconds left on the clock.
Later, before the 3rd quarter was less than halfway gone, the Giants have the ball at the Seahawks 15 yard line with 4 to go for the first down. Now Fassel goes for the field goal when that would have been a good spot to gamble. If the Giants didn't make it, the Seahawks would take over at their own 15. It would have been their worst field position to work with since this game started. Of course, because Fassel made the earlier bad decision putting him 3 points deeper in the hole, I'm sure he didn't even consider going for it here."

What else?
"The special teams unit is better than it had been, but week after week, they continue to lose ground to the other team. Daryl Jones didn't do as well this game on returns as he had in the others. The Giants had some real bad starting points. One of their best was the 33 yard line for their opening drive, and they wasted it going three and out. The rest were at the 14, 28, 14, 16, and the 4 yard line. The next one was at the 46 but only because Jeff Feagles had to punt from the Seattle 3 yard line. The Giants didn't return it, and they were able to cap off that short drive with a field goal to tie it up. The next time they got it on the 5, and then the 41 after the interception."

Last thoughts?
"Everyone will remember that just like last week, Will Peterson got an interception that essentially ended the game. Of course, that was a big play, but the game wasn't over yet. There was still 1:35 on the clock, and Seattle had all three timeouts left. Everyone knew that the Giants wanted to keep the ball on the ground. Ron Dayne rushed up the middle for 6 yards, and Seattle called a timeout with 01:27 remaining. If you didn't know it last time, you had to know that with 2nd and 4, it would be another running play. Still, Dayne was able to rush to the left side for 5 yards and the first down, and that meant the Giants could down the ball to end the game."

Early Stats:
Tiki Barber 21-50, Ron Dayne 11-48, Kerry Collins 3-MINUS 4
Kerry Collins 23-38 for 282 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD
Amani Toomer 4-100, Tiki Barber 7-59, Ike Hilliard 4-54, Jeremy Shockey 4-48, Charles Stackhouse 1-11, Ron Dayne 1-8, Sean Bennett 1-6, Ron Dixon 1-MINUS 4
Omar Stoutmire 5-1-0, Shaun Williams 5-4-0, Dhani Jones 4-1-0, Will Allen 3-0-0, Michael Barrow 3-0-0, William Peterson 2-0-0, Brandon Short 2-0-1, Cornelius Griffin 2-0-0, Keith Hamilton 2-0-0, Michael Strahan 2-2-1, Kenny Holmes 1-2-0, Ralph Brown 1-0-0, Frank Ferrara 1-0-0, Jason Sehorn 1-0-0
William Peterson 1 for 1 yards

Shaun Alexander 14-37, Darrell Jackson 2-2, Trent Dilfer 2-1
Trent Dilfer 16-25 for 118 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD
Darrell Jackson 7-54, Bobby Engram 3-39, Shaun Alexander 2-8, Koren Robinson 1-7, Mack Strong 2-5, Jerramy Stevens 1-5
Isaiah Kacyvenski 9-1-0, Chad Brown 8-1-1, Reggie Tongue 7-2-0, Shawn Springs 5-0-0, Rocky Bernard 5-0-1, Marcus Robertson 4-2-0, Antonio Cochran 4-1-1, Marcus Bell 4-2-0, Ken Lucas 3-1-0, John Hilliard 3-0-0, Doug Evans 2-0-0, Lamar King 2-0-0, Willie Williams 1-0-0, Tim Terry 1-0-0, Harold Blackmon 0-1-0, Anton Palepoi 0-1-0, Chad Eaton 0-3-0, Jeff Feagles 0-1-0, Cedric Woodard 0-1-0

First Quarter

SEA - FG (8:36)
Drive: 9 plays, 34 yards in 4:55.

Second Quarter
SEA - FG (10:55)
Drive: 9 plays, 39 yards in 3:21
Third Quarter
NYG - FG (6:54)
Drive: 16 plays, 69 yards in 6:54
Fourth Quarter
NYG - FG (3:13)
Drive: 7 plays, 50 yards in 3:55
NYG - FG (3:13)
Drive: 11 plays, 65 yards in 6:00

Game Stats:
  Giants Seahawks
First Downs 21 7
   Rushing 5 2
   Passing 16 5
   Penalty 0 0
3rd-down Efficiency 8-18 4-12
4th-down Efficiency 0-1 0-0
Total Net Yards 351 145
   Total plays 76 45
   Average gain 4.6 3.2
Net Yards Rushing 94 40
   Rushes 35 18
   Average per rush 2.7 2.2
Net Yards Passing 257 105
   Completed-attempted 23-38 16-25
   Yards per pass 6.8 4.2
   Sacked-yards lost 3-25 2-13
   Had intercepted 0 1
Punts-average 5-41.8 6-47.8
Return Yardage 2 45
   Punts-returns 3-1 3-45
   Kickoffs-returns 3-33 3-76
   Interceptions-returns 1-1 0-0
Penalties-yards 3-24 6-37
Fumbles-lost 0-0 0-0
Time Of Possession 36:50 23:10


Matt Bryant who was cut by the Giants in preseason, but re-signed three days before the start of the season when Owen Pochman was placed on injured reserve, was responsible for all the scoring for the Giants.
He converted field goals of 33, 21, and 47 yards, and is 9 for 9 on the season.

Giants have scored just one touchdown in 10 trips inside the 20-yard line this year.

Giants defense held the Seahawks to just 7 first downs and 145 total yards.

Darnell Dinkins, who made the team mostly as a special teams player, broke his left foot.
The Giants had plans designed for Dinkins this game that would have helped.
He will be sidelined four-to-six weeks.

Next Game
Sun, Sept. 29, Giants at Arizona, 4:00 PM ET

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