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Note: Things have changed since these articles were featured years ago.
They are still here for fan reference. The link above will take you to the Giant Insider.

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About the Giant Insider -
If you read the major sports pages, or listen to sports talk radio and TV shows, you'll recognize some names as you look over the staff of the Giant Insider.
Along with Senior Editor Ken Palmer, are Associate Editors M. Jones, and Brian Spindler, Senior Reporters Jay Glazer and Paul Schwartz, and Senior Writer Jim Sabo.
Kevin Manahan is the Senior Columnist, and Staff Writers include Sam Borowski, Craig Evans, Jonni Falk, Keith Idec, S. Malinowski, David Rivera, and Art Stapleton.

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Last season, Special Contributing Writers included Tiki Barber, Sean Bennett, Ike Hilliard, Joe Jurevicius and George Martin.

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The following is just a small sample of what Giant Insider subscribers regularly get to see throughout the year.

Special Report - The Giant Insider reports on 19 Free Agents. As the report says, "Each season, New York signs a bunch of longshot hopefuls to the roster immediately after the Draft. And each year, a handful of these rookie free agents defy the odds and make the club." Here's a look at New York’s 19 recently signed free agents.

Special Report - The Giant Insider brings you a Q and A session with Steve Bush, the former head coach of Manalapan High School. Last year, Steve manned the secondary for the Orangemen and got to watch and interact with Giants' first round draft pick, Will Allen on a daily basis. Steve Scouts Allen.

Special Report - The Giant Insider reports on Mini-Camp. Here's an inside look at what the Giants saw when they worked out 48 players including draft picks, Jesse Palmer at QB, WR Jonathan Carter, DBs Will Allen and Will Peterson, and TE Marcellus Rivers, signed right after the draft. This position-by-position look checks out all the rookies, and even last year’s number one pick, RB Ron Dayne.

Special Report - The Giant Insider takes a close look at the top three draft picks: cornerbacks Allen and Peterson, and QB Jesse Palmer.
Round 1 - Giants do whatever it takes to land top-level corner.
Round 3 - Confident Peterson believes he’s among the best.
Round 4 - Strong-armed Canadian heir to QB throne?

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