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Steve Scouts Allen

Weve all heard and read what everyone around the Giants has to say about first-round pick Will Allen. So we decided to delve a little deeper and seek out Allens position coach from his senior season at Syracuse. Steve Bush, former head coach of Manalapan High School in New Jersey, now serves as SUs quarterbacks coach. However, last year, Bush manned the secondary for the Orangemen and got to watch and interact with Allen on a daily basis. Heres what Coach Bush had to say about Allen:

Q: What stands out about Will to you?

A: Oh, so much. Hes a great competitor; he has great speed, excellent feet. His change-of-direction ability is strong as well. He can tackle real well, and is an excellent cover guy. Hes a tough guy that will never back down from a challenge and a guy whos a real playmaker. Hes a very smart player, a real intelligent kid. He picks things up pretty quickly and retains it.

Q: Many of the so-called draft experts claim that Will had a better junior year than senior campaign. Did you find that to be true?

A: I dont know if thats true. I know a lot of teams shied away from throwing at him. I know a bunch of teams hardly threw the ball his way at all. He really took a lot of top receivers out of the game. In junior year, he was closer in talent to the other guys, but this year, there was a real disparity between our corners Will was a lot better. People came into the game thinking that theyd go after a younger, less experienced corner than Will, who had proven he could do the job in previous years. When they did throw at him, he was usually all over the receiver, especially in man coverage. So, after that, they stopped looking his way.

Q: Is he a coachable kid?

A: Yes, hes very willing to learn. A smart kid, he always picked things up pretty quickly. We have a multiple defensive system here, so hes used to doing a lot of different things. Hes shown that he can handle a lot of different things. If you tell him something once, thats it. You dont have to explain something to him a couple times before he understands it. Hes a student of the game who watches a lot of film. Hed always study his opponent, looking for anything that could help in the game. I think hell continue to do that, and get better and better because of it.

Q: Coming from such a diverse defense, do you think it will take him long to step in at this level?

A: I think he can make an immediate impact. Obviously the coaching staff there will determine exactly when, but I think hes a guy that can step in and be one of the starting corners, if not play as one of the nickel corners right away. I think hell be ready to handle whatever challenge they hand him and that hell pick up their system right away.

Q: We hear hes really fast. How much speed does Allen really have?

A: He ran a 4.25 here in the past. He has excellent speed and can run with anybody. He has great make-up speed. If someone did ever separate from him, he has the ability to catch up to them. Hes shown the ability to run with everybody, including top-notch receivers. Thats a great asset. To be a good corner, first off, you have to be able to run. He definitely has that ability.

Q: Was he much of a leader for you guys?

A: No doubt. He was definitely the leader of our secondary and all the kids looked up to him. Hes not a super rah-rah guy, but hell compete and get it done. Guys have a lot of respect for his ability and his will to compete. As a result, they had a lot of respect for what he had to say, and really listened to him. I think he can be an excellent leader.

Q: How is he on the kickoff returns?

A: Hes got the good hands, and coupled with his speed, he almost broke a couple for us this year. He had a bunch of long returns for us this year that he just missed breaking all the way. He was only one block away on a bunch of them. He definitely did a good job for us on that all year long and thats also something he can do.

Q: Is there anyone else on the college or pro level that Will reminds you of?

A: I cant really think of anybody off-hand. Thats tough. I dont want to compare him to anyone or lump him in with other players. Hes his own guy and Im sure hell make a name for himself.

Q: What kind of person is Will off the field?

A: Hes a good kid. He matured a lot in the last year or so. Hes married with a child now. He had to go through a lot up here, because he grew up right in the city of Syracuse. When he came to school here, he had to try to separate himself from all the problems that were going on with former friends and things like that. He did a good job of handling himself in that situation. Hes a kid who handles himself very well. Hes very likable and is a fun-loving guy.

Q: In a couple words, how would you describe Will Allen?

A: Id say hes a great competitor.

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