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Dec. 9, 1:00 PM Giants at Redskins
Game 13
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Giants win over the Redskins 40-16.
Eli Manning was 14 of 22 for 197 yards with 3 TDs.
Kyle Lauletta was 0 of 5 with 1 INT.
Saquon Barkley had 14 carries for 170 yards and 1 TD, and caught 4 passes for 27 yards.
Wayne Gallman had 14 carries for 38 yards.
Elijhaa Penny had 5 carries for 21 yards
, and caught 1 pass for 16 yards.
Evan Engram caught 3 passes for 77 yards.

Corey Coleman caught 2 passes for 43 yards.

Sterling Shepard caught 2 passes for 17 yards and 1 TD.
Russell Shepard caught 1 pass for 11 yards and 1 TD.

Bennie Fowler caught 1 pass for 6 yards and 1 TD.
Curtis Riley had 1 INT, and returned it for a TD.
Michael Thomas and Alec Ogletree each had 1 INT
Olivier Vernon had 1.5 sacks.
Lorenzo Carter, Sean Chandler, and Josh Mauro each had 1 sack.
Kareem Martin had .5 sacks.
Aldrick Rosas kicked 35 and 23 yard field goals.

"I was hoping this would happen. Let's get three more wins! Last week the Giants beat the Chicago Bears in overtime, and the excitement continued, but in different ways. In that Chicago game the Giants let their lead slip at the end, and the Bears tied it up. It had me wondering this week what was going to happen after halftime with the Giants leading 34-0. It turned out I didn't have to worry, as the Giants stayed strong, continuing the shutout through the third quarter, and even added another touchdown.
Aldrick Rosas missed on the extra point attempt, but now with the score 40-0, Pat Shurmur felt comfortable enough to let backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta see some game action. The Redskins had already subbed out Mark Sanchez for Josh Johnson after that last Giants touchdown. Both Washington quarterbacks were recently added to the team after Washington lost both Alex Smith and his backup, Colt McCoy, to leg injuries. Johnson actually got his team going, and his Redskins added 16 points in the fourth quarter.
Lauletta did not do as well, and to be fair, Saquon Barkley was not playing at this point. Wayne Gallman and Elijhaa Penny were taking all the running back snaps, but they were moving the ball. Lauletta also didn't have Odell Beckham Jr.,as he was out for the entire game today. Hopefully Beckham will be over his injury, and will be back playing next week at MetLife against the Tennessee Titans. It's always great for the fans to get to see Beckham on the field before and during the game."

"The Giants caught the Redskins at what was likely the worst point of their season, and hit them with 40 points before they could even get close enough to score. It was like an early 'Christmas day' for the Giants and all their fans today. Manning's present was that he could sit on the sidelines watching an heir apparent playing, without the circumstances being anything like what he had to endure last year. Pat Shurmur was gifted a 'when do we get to see Kyle Lauletta?' weight off his shoulders. Wayne Gallman and Elijhaa Penny were gifted more carries than they had seen in any other game this season.
Kyle Lauletta's 'gift' was more like a lump of coal, as the rookie threw one interception, and all five of his passes fell incomplete. The interception and good field position led to Washington scoring their first points of the day as quarterback Josh Johnson, subbing for Mark Sanchez (it wasn't his day either) ran the ball in for a touchdown. After a Giants three-and-out, Johnson hit Jamison Crowder with a pass that went 79 yards for another Redskins touchdown.
Following another Giants three-and-out. Johnson was doing a good job of moving the ball downfield, but in the process made the mistake of going to Josh Doctson for the third time in a row. The Giants defense ended any idea of Washington scoring another touchdown when Michael Thomas intercepted Johnson's last pass to Doctson.
The Giants moved the ball for nine plays on their next drive which was enough to kill the clock, and give them a 40-16 win over the Redskins. I almost felt bad for Lauletta taking a knee to end the game, as that minus two yards was also added into his already poor looking stats for his first outing. However, it was still a good opportunity to have Lauletta get into the game, and see it's not so easy out there. Next up for the Giants is a home game against the Tennessee Titans who are 7-6, but have taken five of their six losses playing on the road."

First Quarter

Play: Curtis Riley 9 Yd Interception Return (Aldrick Rosas Kick)
Drive info: 2 plays, -1 yard, 0:32
Giants 7-0

Second Quarter

Play: Aldrick Rosas 35 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 43 yards, 4:29
Giants 10-0

Play: Saquon Barkley 78 Yd Run (Aldrick Rosas Kick)
Drive info: 1 play, 78 yards, 0:12
Giants 17-0
Play: Sterling Shepard 3 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Aldrick Rosas Kick)
Drive info: 3 plays, 10 yards, 1:21
Giants 24-0
Play: Bennie Fowler 6 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Aldrick Rosas Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 82 yards, 2:32
Giants 31-0

Play: Aldrick Rosas 23 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 6 plays, 53 yards, 0:56
Bears 34-0

Third Quarter

Play: Russell Shepard 11 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Aldrick Rosas PAT failed)
Drive info: 9 plays, 81 yards, 5:40
Giants 40-0

Fourth Quarter

Play: Josh Johnson 8 Yd Run (Josh Johnson Pass to Vernon Davis for Two-Point Conversion)
Drive info: 5 plays, 33 yards, 2:05
Giants 40-8

Play: Jamison Crowder 79 Yd pass from Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson Pass to Michael Floyd for Two-Point
Drive info: 2 plays, 77 yards, 1:35
Giants 40-8


Giants won their first game against an NFC East opponent.

Giants Alec Ogletree registered his team-high fifth interception.

Giants Eli Manning is the seventh quarterback in NFL history with at least 55,000 passing yards.

Giants Kyle Lauletta is the first Giants rookie QB to throw a regular-season pass since 2004.

Giants Saquon Barkley's 13th touchdown (9 rushing, 4 receiving), is a new Giants rookie record.
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