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Sept. 30, 4:25 PM Saints at Giants
Game 4
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Giants lose to the Saints 33-18.
Eli Manning was 31 of 41 for 255 yards and 1 TD, and 1 fumble.
Saquon Barkley rushed for 44 yards on 10 carries and 1 TD, and caught 6 passes for 56 yards.
Wayne Gallman rushed for 6 yards on 2 carries, and caught 3 passes for 17 yards, and 1 fumble.
Sterling Shepard caught 10 passes for 77 yards and 1 TD.

Odell Beckham Jr. caught 7 passes for 60 yards, and had 1 carry for 10 yards.
Rhett Ellison caught 3 passes for 29 yards.
Russell Shepard caught 1 pass for 9 yards.
Scott Simonson caught 1 pass
for 7 yards.
B.J. Hill had 1 sack.
Aldrick Rosas kicked a 33 yard field goal.

"It was great to see the Giants hold the Saints to a three-and-out on their opening drive, and next go on to score a touchdown of their own. Then they held New Orleans to what should have been a three-and-out, but our old offensive coordinator Sean Payton, their head coach, pulled a fast one. Payton called for a fake punt, and it worked to get a first down. The Saints ended up with a field goal to make the score 7-3 in favor of the Giants.
The first quarter seemed to go really fast, and the second started off with the first of four field goals by the Saints. At halftime I was glad that the Giants were keeping them out of the endzone, but New Orleans had a 12-7 lead.
They added to their lead midway through the third quarter with another touchdown, and the Giants responded with a field goal. The way they were moving the ball, it looked like they would go all the way, but they couldn't move the ball from off the Saints 14-yard line. When New Orleans added another touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it 26-10, you kind of knew things were over.
Manning started working with a lot of no-huddle passes, missed on only one, and Saquon Barkley ended the drive with a one-yard run for a touchdown. Manning's pass to Sterling Shepard got them the two-point conversion they needed. There was some hope when the Saints botched the kickoff return and had to start at their own 3-yard line, but the Giants defense was having trouble containing running back Alvin Kamara. This time he broke free for a 49 yard touchdown run.
There was no way the Giants were going to overcome a 33-18 score with two minutes left, and the Saints got the win. I had such high hopes after the Giants scored a touchdown on their opening drive. I don't know why they couldn't continue it throughout the game. Hopefully they'll have something figured out before the next game with the Panthers in Carolina."

"Things were looking up last week after the Giants notched their first win of the season by beating the Houston Texans 27-22. Well, up turned to down as this game with the New Orleans Saints continued on. Except for the Giants scoring on their opening drive, and the defense keeping Drew Brees and his group out of the endzone for the full the first half, there wasn't much to cheer about.
The Giants couldn't continue an offense that looked as though things were coming together. They followed up their first successful 75-yard drive with a punt, a fumble, and a punt. At the end of the half they had only 97 yards of total offense. The Saints had scored on just four field goals, with one of them being set up by a Wayne Gallman fumble, allowing the Saints to start at the Giants 11 yard line. Drew Brees was completing only half his passes, and Michael Thomas, the NFL's leading receiver with 38 catches for 398 yards and 3 touchdowns going into this game, had just one catch for 12 yards.
The Giants were trailing 12-7 at the half, and the way the defense was holding up against this explosive team, it was very winnable if the Giants could get something going on offense. Unfortunately they didn't figure very much out on the halftime break, and Manning's opening drive featured a 10-yard holding penalty, one first down, a nine yard sack, and a punt. The Saints meanwhile did their homework and then some. By around the middle of the third quarter they were up 26-10.
Even though Saquon Barkley scored the Giants first touchdown since the first quarter on their very next possession, the defense was fading. The Saints were stuck back on their 3-yard line, but continued making good use of running back Alvin Kamara. He was held to just 32 yards in the first half, but in the second, drives of 80, 73, and then as it turned out 97 yards, featured Kamara making a touchdown run.
Overall this game was billed to be a big shoot-out between Eli Manning and Drew Brees, who was completing 80 percent of his passes. The defense held Brees to 18-of-32 for 217 yards, and no touchdowns. His season long top receiver Thomas had 4 catches for 47 yards. Kamara did the most damage with his running, carrying the ball 19 times for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns.
Eli Manning completed more passes than Brees, hitting on 31-of-41 for 255 yards and his one touchdown went to Sterling Shepard, who caught all ten passes for 77 yards. Odell Beckham Jr. caught 7-of-11 for 60 yards.
In the last two games the Giants defense has worn down in the second half, and maybe they will have Olivier Vernon and Eli Apple back to help in that area, but the offense still has to put points up to win. There looked to have been a few bad calls in this game that went against the Giants. In the end the Giants are now still 1-3, and will hit the road to face the Carolina Panthers next week."

First Quarter

Play: Sterling Shepard 2 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Aldrick Rosas Kick)
Drive info: 10 plays, 75 yards, 4:59
Giants 7-0

Second Quarter

Play: Wil Lutz 42 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 15 plays, 51 yards, 8:29
Giants 7-3

Play: Wil Lutz 34 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 69 yards, 3:31
Giants 7-6

Play: Wil Lutz 37 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 4 plays, -8 yards, 0:57
Saints 9-7
Play: Wil Lutz 26 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 7 plays, 40 yards, 2:21
Saints 12-7

Third Quarter

Play: Alvin Kamara 9 Yd Run (Wil Lutz Kick)
Drive info: 7 plays, 80 yards, 3:17
Saints 19-7

Play: Aldrick Rosas 33 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 10 plays, 75 yards, 5:14
Saints 19-10

Fourth Quarter

Play: Alvin Kamara 4 Yd Run (Wil Lutz Kick)
Drive info: 14 plays, 74 yards, 6:39
Saints 26-10

Play: Saquon Barkley 1 Yd Run (Eli Manning Pass to Sterling Shepard for Two-Point Conversion)
Drive info: 10 plays, 75 yards, 3:03
Saints 26-18

Play: Alvin Kamara 49 Yd Run (Wil Lutz Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 97 yards, 1:38
Saints 33-18


Giants scored touchdowns for the second game in a row on their first offensive series.

Giants Saquon Barkley is the 5th player with at least 100 scrimmage yards in his first 4 games.

Giants Eli Manning now has 344 touchdowns, and is 7th all time in passing touchdowns.

Giants have lost their first two home games for the second year in a row.
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Oct 11 Eagles at Giants.
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