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Dec 18, 1:00 PM Lions at Giants
Game 14
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Giants win over the Lions 17-6.
Eli Manning was 20 of 28 for 201 yards with 2 TDs.
Paul Perkins rushed for 56 yards on 11 carries.
Rashad Jennings rushed for 38 yards on 18 carries.
Shane Vereen rushed for 11 yards on 2 carries, and caught 2 passes for 9 yards.
Odell Beckham Jr. caught 6 passes for 64 yards and 1 TD, and carried once for 9 yards.
Sterling Shepard caught 4 passes for 56 yards and 1 TD.
Victor Cruz caught 1 pass for 29 yards.
Will Tye caught 4 passes for 25 yards.
Jerell Adams caught 3 passes for 18 yards.
Leon Hall forced a fumble.
Olivier Vernon recovered 1 fumble.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had 1 INT.
Johnathan Hankins and Olivier Vernon each had .5 sacks.
Robbie Gould kicked a 47 yard field goal.

"This was it, the last regular season game the Giants would play at home, and they rewarded the soggy wet fans with a win. It was exciting from the onset. Rashad Jennings was running fine, and after Eli Manning completed a few short passes, it was great to see Victor Cruz make a 29 yard catch on the Giants opening drive. That put them right up to the red zone, and after Paul Perkins ran for six and eleven yards, a few plays later, Sterling Shepard caught a pass from Manning for a touchdown.
The Lions didn't get very far on their turn, and the Giants started theirs with a six yard gain by Perkins. That made it look like they were going to keep up their earlier pace, but Perkins was stuffed on his next run, and a 3-yard catch by Shane Vereen left them short by a yard and they punted. This time the Lions got going and their long drive took us into the second quarter. The Giants defense held them to a field goal, so the score was now 7-3 in favor of the Giants.
This time they tried three straight runs by Jennings that went 3 yards, 5 yards and then minus 3 yards and they had to punt. Matthew Stafford surprised the Giants defense with a deep pass, and he completed it to Golden Tate for 67 yards, with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie chasing him down to the 11 yard line. On the next play, they ran the ball hard for about seven yards when cornerback Leon Hall rushed up and forced a fumble, and Olivier Vernon recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchback.
That got the defense off the hook and Manning moved them from the 20 yard line to the Lions 23 where he was sacked and lost a bunch of yards. Shane Vereen took a short pass and ran it 25 yards when he fumbled, but Cruz picked it up and ran into the endzone. It didn't count though because of a penalty, with the Lions drawing one too, so it was no play. That led to a Robbie Gould 47 yard field goal and the Giants 10-3 lead carried into halftime
Detroit started off right away in the second half with a field goal, but neither team was able to score again until the fourth quarter. Two of Manning's passes went for big yardage on consecutive plays to Beckham and Shepard. Perkins got them close on two runs before a four yard touchdown pass to Beckham gave the Giants a two possession lead. Three straight Stafford incompletions, followed by an interception on the next possession, didn't help the Lions chances. The Giants 17-6 lead held up and now they are 10-4. My biggest regret was seeing Cruz lose out on that fumble recovery touchdown in front of the home crowd, but he will still have a chance to shine in the last two away games, and hopefully in post season the way things seem to be going."

"The Giants looked like the kind of team you were hoping to see on their opening drive, but they couldn't sustain that pace for very long. There was a good mix of runs and pass plays, and Eli Manning completed 11 straight passes before missing on one in the second quarter. He finished the half completing 14 out of 16 for 127 yards and 1 touchdown. Rashad Jennings and Paul Perkins had some nice runs in that first half, but you could see that Perkins was more effective at gaining yardage. By the end of the game they had combined for 94 yards, with Perkins averaging 5.1 a carry compared to Jennings 2.1.
Victor Cruz doesn't see many balls thrown his way. Over the past six games there were 14 and he's caught 5. Today he caught a big one on the opening drive for 29 yards. The only other was incomplete. Sterling Shepard caught four out of five for 56 yards, and Odell Beckham Jr. was his usual self. Beckham drops some easy ones (gifted a catch on one early on by the refs), and catches ones that amaze you. There was that play where Beckham had to reach out with his left hand, grab the ball, turn his body and and swipe it over the endzone for it to count as a touchdown on a third down play. Overall, Manning and his receivers should have done better in the second half considering that the Lions top cornerback Darius Slay was hurt in the first half and had to leave the game.
The defense didn't allow a single touchdown in this game. That was surprising, especially after top cornerback Janoris Jenkins took a knee to the back, and was down for a while. It looked bad, but Jenkins was able to walk off the field. He didn't return for the second half, but the defense held up except for one play soon after where Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was beaten on 67-yard pass to Golden Tate.
The Lions pulled a slick one to start the second half when the fielded a kickoff. The ball was near the sideline at the eight yard line, and their return man purposely stuck his foot out of bounds while grabbing it. The result was that Detroit was able to start off at their 40 yard line as a ball is considered a kickoff out-of-bounds if the player who fields it is out-of-bounds at the time.
That field position allowed them to get into field goal range, where they scored their only points in the second half. Their next best chance ended after Stafford threw a pass into the endzone, and it was intercepted by Rodgers-Cromartie with 1:58 remaining. There were no touchdowns scored against this defense thanks to that, and earlier when Eli Apple broke up a deep pass to Tate in the endzone, and when Leon Hall forced a fumble recovered by the Giants in the endzone. The defense held the Lions to just 56 rushing yards, and Tate had 8 catches for 122 yards, with most of the damage coming on that one 67-yard catch.
Overall the offense benefited from having left guard Justin Pugh and running back Shane Vereen back. Still, their output should have been better considering Darius Slay, the Lions best cornerback, was hurt in the second quarter and did not return to the game. Next up is a road trip to Philadelphia for a Thursday night game, with the Giants in contention for the playoffs."

First Quarter

Play: Sterling Shepard 6 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Robbie Gould Kick)
Drive info: 10 plays, 75 yards, 5:37
Giants 7-0

Second Quarter

Play: Matt Prater 48 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 11 plays, 40 yards, 5:27
Giants 7-3

Play: Robbie Gould 47 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 11 plays, 51 yards, 5:53
Giants 10-3

Third Quarter

Play: Matt Prater 33 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 12 plays, 45 yards, 7:20
Giants 10-6

Fourth Quarter

Play: Odell Beckham Jr. 4 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Robbie Gould Kick)
Drive info: 8 plays, 71 yards, 3:23
Giants 17-6


Giants have won in all 3 games when they have scored a first-possession touchdown.

Giants won their sixth straight home game, their longest six game streak since 2008.

Giants finished 7-1 at home, for their highest wins in MetLife Stadium since it opened in 2010.

Giants Eli Manning completed his first 11 passes, a career-high to start a game.

Giants Paul Perkins had a season-high 56 rushing yards on 11 carries.

Giants Robbie Gould's 47-yard field goal was the longest he has kicked for the Giants.
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