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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 16
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Kansas City 0 0 7 0 7
Giants 14 7 7 0 28

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We asked Gamegirl if she was ready to maybe shell out for some playoff tickets the way things are going for the Giants.

"There's no playoff tickets even if the Giants make it." she replied. "The Giants would be a wildcard team, and all the playoff games are away."

She was right of course. We hadn't thought about it, not being season ticket holders ourselves. Gamegirl won't be able to attend anymore games. She'll have to watch at home just like Mikefan.
I guess we'll keep her around anyway though. What the heck!
Jetfan told us that he has playoff tickets. He wasn't rubbing it in, he was just happy after all these years to be able to go to a playoff game. Praise, praise and Hallelujah to Coach Parcells.
That guy can turn a turnip into a rose. We all know. He did it for us once, and it would be great to see Parcells take the Jets all the way to the Superbowl. Maybe Jetfan will give us some reports along the way. Anyway, back to the business at hand. Gamegirl had some stuff for us.

"It was a good game for the Giants. They are starting to look like a playoff team, and they should win the game next week against the Eagles. It's too bad they started so late in the season to put it all together."

Was she expecting to see Danny Kanell in that game instead of Mike Cherry?

"No, and I was glad to see Fassel give Cherry the call. We already know what Kanell can do, and we need to see Mike Cherry in a real game situation. It was a little late in the game and didn't work out to very much playing time, but it was the right move.
The odds are against the Giants playing more than one more game, even if they do beat the Eagles next week, and it will be interesting to see what player moves Fassel makes in that game."

Should we ask if anyone out there has Eagles tickets for Gamegirl? She laughed at that, and said,

"I think the next game I'll be seeing in person will be next year, and will have my old favorite, number 31 on the field."

Gamegirl is not the only one anxious to see Jason Sehorn take the field.
By the way, he writes an excellent column if you haven't noticed by now. The link is on the left.

Mikefan was definitely in a good mood, and anxious to talk with us.

"The key word for the Giants success these past two games is 'Balance'. They've been showing it on offense and defense, and beyond that I can't emphasize enough the importance of Kent Graham to this team. The defense did their usual great job against Kansas City, and the Kent Graham offense took the field like they owned it.
Graham's confidence has spread along the front line. The little things he does help out also, like going with the hard count. He's been very successful in drawing the defense offsides, and it helps to keep the opposition off balance throughout the game.
He puts the ball all over the field, and he connected with eight different receivers before they pulled him from the Kansas City game. That keeps everyone on his offense sharp and in the game, and leaves the defense wondering what's coming next.
Kent also can roll out from the pocket, and that keeps more pressure off of his guys."

Mikefan saw that he was blinding us with all this Kent Graham stuff, and he laughed a bit.

"Look, I'm not worshiping the guy, but he's doing everything right. He's been able to throw downfield, and that's opened up the door to everything else for the offense. Now the run is working, and they can throw the short stuff when they want to. Going downfield was key this year to getting things on track, and it's something that Danny Kanell wasn't able to do.
Maybe he's being way too careful, or maybe it's a confidence thing a quarterback has to develop. Kent Graham has had more games under his belt from playing at Arizona previously, and it shows in his style and confidence."

We asked Mikefan the same question we put to Gamegirl.
Did he expect to see Danny Kanell in that game instead of Mike Cherry?

"Well, actually, yes. I disagree with Gamegirl on this one. I'd like to see if Kanell can throw downfield now that Kent Graham has shown everyone that it's possible. Switching Kanell with Graham during a game, one for one, is going to shed some light on the quarterback situation.
I guess it would be nice to see Cherry, and all the young prospects, but putting him in there now won't prove anything. Give the guy some preseason game play to see what he has instead."

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Team W L T PCT PF PA Home Away AFC NFC DIV Streak
UP Dallas 9 6 0 .600 358 268 5-2 4-4 1-3 8-3 7-0 W1
UP Arizona 8 7 0 .533 309 365 4-3 4-4 0-3 8-4 4-4 W2
UP NY Giants 7 8 0 .467 267 299 5-3 2-5 3-1 4-7 4-3 W3
UP Washington 6 9 0 .400 312 398 4-4 2-5 2-2 4-7 2-5 W4
UP Philadelphia 3 12 0 .200 151 324 3-4 0-8 0-4 3-8 1-6 L2


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