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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 13
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 7 0 0 0 7
49ers 7 7 7 10 31

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So, what did Gamegirl think of the game?
She pondered our question for a moment and then answered.
"It wasn't the game that everyone at work thought it would be. Based on how the Giants have been doing, it was surprising that it was a competitive game at all, at least for the first half of the game. I'd focus mostly on that.
Once the 49ers get rolling, not many teams can stand up to them.
Kent Graham was sparking the offense pretty good for most of the game, and I think he's going to lead the team for the rest of the season.

"We reminded Gamegirl that Fassel had said the quarterback switch was mostly for Kanell to take a break and clear his head.
"Yes, I know that, but aside for the fact that everyone will probably get a chance at some playing time for the last few games including all three quarterbacks, I think Kent Graham is in there to stay!"

We didn't argue the point with Gamegirl. She's pretty knowledgeable about this stuff, and if she sees a Testaverde / Foley (who?) like situation brewing here, we'll trust her sixth sense. We're sure Kent Graham won't complain.
"Despite the final score, the Giants had a credible showing, and I like the way they're playing less conservative than they tend to play.
Maybe it helps that there is a lack of pressure on the players since nobody is expecting very much from them at this point.

"When asked if she had anything else to add, she said, "Yes, one more thing. The injury to 49er tackle Bryant Young was very upsetting and all of us at Team Giants wish him the very best."

When we caught up with Mikefan, he flipped through some papers from one of the many stacks, found his notes, and then tossed the rest aside onto yet another stack. We wondered how he kept this messy filing system of his straight as he refreshed his memory.
He caught us looking at the different sized piles, so he casually neatened the stacks of paper (as if that would make a difference) while he turned and began his summary.

"It was another loss, but still, it was an interesting game to watch."
He finished with the papers and gave us his full attention.
"The Giants showed us a few things in that Monday night game."
The offense can mount an attack - sometimes.
They can run the ball - sometimes.
Kent Graham can gun one downfield - sometimes.
The receivers can make a big play - sometimes.
Tiki Barber can catch and hold the ball - sometimes.
All in all, the Giants can play good football - sometimes.
The 'sometimes' factor has been a problem with the Giants this year, and it's the same with most losing football teams. The lack of consistency hurts them."

He picked out a pad from one of the piles without even looking and held it up for us to see.
"Look at this, he said dragging his pen across the box score. San Francisco, first quarter - 7, second quarter - 7, third quarter - 7, and forth quarter - well 10, but they're so consistent, - and successful - it's sickening."
It was a good point, but we were really distracted by this filing system of his. It actually seemed to work. Mikefan smiled, and we guessed he knew what we were thinking. He put that pad down and continued.

"The 49ers moved the ball downfield easily on their first possession, but they didn't score. The Giants surprised them and the stadium fans with a 4 play, 80 yard drive that got them a quick 7 on their very first possession.
From those first two drives, it looked like it was going to be a rough game for the defenses on both sides, especially with the slippery field condition. The rain came on and off, and both kickers ended up missing 2 field goals apiece. The Giants couldn't follow up on that first drive and failed to capitalize on many of the good plays they made, and that one opening drive amounted to their total scoring for the game"

We asked Mikefan to elaborate on some of the good things.
"Well, Hilliard had six catches for 141 yards. Kent Graham completed 21 of 40 passes for 237 yards.
The defense played with heart time and time again, as they took the field and held Jerry Rice to just three catches in the game for 25 yards.
Don't get me wrong. There also were some stupid rookie penalties, those missed field goals, and poor tackling that killed off the good stuff. The announcers were particularly down on Tito Wooten, and Graham was high with many of his passes in the second half.
There was also that bonehead stuff near the end of the game.
With about 6 minutes left, the play by play went like this:

1st and 9, SF9 - Graham pass to Hilliard to SF11 for, -2 yards.
2nd and 11, SF11 - Graham pass to Cross to SF15 for, -4 yards.
3rd and 15, SF15 - Graham (shotgun) pass incomplete to Jurevicius.
------ Caught out of the end zone ------.
4th and 15, SF15 - NY- PENALIZED 5 yards for Delay of Game. No Play.
4th and 20, SF20 - Graham (shotgun) pass incomplete to Jurevicius.
The Giants couldn't take advantage of an obvious mismatch on Jurevicius and he finished the game with only 1 catch for 7 yards."

We asked Mikefan to sum it all up.
"Overall the effort was good, but the execution was bad.
Looking ahead, I think they'll be ready for next week's game against Arizona."

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