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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 12
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Eagles 0 0 0 0 0
Giants 3 0 7 10 20

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Next week - San Francisco

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Gamegirl was surprised that the stadium was filled up.
"Yes, the way things have been going lately, I thought that there would be more empty seats. It's kind of hard to get too excited about a win over the Eagles at this point in time, but there were plenty of cheers from the crowd once things got going. We haven't seen things like Sparks getting two interceptions in one game for quite awhile."

We told her that Mikefan had similar sentiments.
"Mikefan was lucky to catch the whole game at home on TV. The game was so boring at times, I thought they might have switched off to another game, or even a movie (she joked) just to keep viewers.
Anyway, Kent Graham got his shot and made the most of it. There weren't any miracle discoveries, but Jurevicius looked good on that 59 yard reception, and that's something else we haven't seen around here for awhile either.
I guess we'll see more of the younger guys as the weeks go on now, and that will be interesting to watch.

Next week is a Monday night game against San Francisco.
It's going to be a tough game no matter who is in there playing."

"I like what Fassel is doing. It's a good move to get some new blood in there.
These are guys who are dying to get on the field to show their stuff. The game is exciting for them as compared to the regulars who have to feel pretty beaten down from the past bunch of weeks.
Aside from the implied warning that a player could be replaced, Fassel has a bit of the Huck Finn thing going. You see others having a good time, and you want to get in on it too. Maybe all the players (and the fans) will benefit from this."

We know that Kent Graham benefited.
"Yeah, that's right. He got a chance to lead the team.
His performance wasn't much different than Kanell's, but he does have to shake some rust off and get comfortable with the first unit. They also have to build up some trust in him.
He probably earned a shot at starting again, and it would be another lesson for the players. Do well and you get more playing time."

How about Kanell?
Kanell needs a break. They're not about to dump him. Fassel has worked closely with both of these quarterbacks and obviously favors Kanell. Recently there has been so much pressure on Kanell that he's not playing his game at all.
He's trying to force plays to happen and accomplish a number of things the coaches want him to do on every play. He looks very uncomfortable out there, and this break is going to pay off for him in the long run.
It's also a chance for the coaches to get off Kanell and focus elsewhere. Maybe some of what they want from him just won't work for any quarterback.
Getting back to Kent Graham, it will be interesting to see him work next week now that he has a game under him. He feels that he's the answer for this Giants team, and it's what he's always wanted.
There's going to be a lot written over this whole Kanell, Graham, Cherry thing as it plays out, and we'll still be talking about it in the off season."

We asked Mikefan for his thoughts on the upcoming game.
"Don't get any hopes up from last week. Enjoy the individual plays and players.
I think that we're going to see some good things in the game, but the Giants haven't built up any consistency all year, and that's what you need against teams like San Francisco."

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Team W L T PCT PF PA Home Away AFC NFC DIV Streak
UP Dallas 8 3 0 .727 289 171 4-1 4-2 1-2 7-1 6-0 W4
UP Arizona 6 5 0 .545 227 274 3-2 3-3 0-2 6-3 3-3 W1
UP NY Giants 4 7 0 .364 189 226 3-3 1-4 1-1 3-6 3-3 W1
UP Washington 2 9 0 .182 211 318 2-4 0-5 0-2 2-7 2-5 L1
UP Philadelphia 2 9 0 .182 92 253 2-3 0-6 0-4 2-5 1-4 L2


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