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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 11
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Packers 7 13 10 7 37
Giants 0 3 0 0 3

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We checked in with Gamegirl, and she was surprised with one aspect of the game. "How did all those Cheeseheads get tickets? The parking lot was 'packed' (pardon the expression) very early."
Well, we know how one guy got tickets. He (Jetguy) is dating Gamegirl who has two tickets, and he's big on the tailgating thing.

"I was freezing there in the windy cold parking lot for a few hours before the game. It was like torture with the bad weather and all the Cheeseheads. I don't know why so many of them were there. You would have thought that they were Superbowl champions or something!"
Good dig on the Packers from Gamegirl, but that was about it for the day.

"Jetguy even had to wear a giant (don't pardon the expression) Cheesehead! It was totally embarrassing."

Gamegirl's idea of tailgating is more like sitting in an exclusive skybox, sipping champagne while the activities commence around her, and certainly, with no oversized Cheesehead hats anywhere near her.
We know that the Jetguy provides Gamegirl with the best food at these tailgates. He cooks up the steaks himself for her, and does the best he can to make Gamegirl as comfortable as well as can be expected in a windy parking lot environment.
Maybe a bottle of champagne would help, but then again for this particular game we guess you're talking wine with cheese-head. Gamegirl got down to filling us in on the game.

"Anyway, the first quarter was a sleeper. It was boring with no excitement, and by the end of the second quarter you could tell where this game was going. The Giants were down 20-3 and had nothing going for them.
The only highlight of the day was the dog during halftime who caught every frisbee thrown. The hometown fans finally had something to cheer about, and they went wild for ten minutes or so.
There was a moment of hope when Wheatly made that good run of his near the end of the third quarter, but that didn't last too long. I thought that they made the quarterback switch way too late.
If you really want to see what Kent Graham can do, you kind of have to give him some time to get things going. Green Bay continued to control the game, and in the end, only the die-hard fans were left as the Giants continued their slide from first to last."

Yes, we agreed that it was disappointing to see the way things went this year. There was so much hope at the beginning of the season.
The Giants had locked in some key players with good contracts, and made some smart looking draft picks. Then almost as an omen, Sehorn got injured in that preseason game.

Gamegirl picked up the conversation, "It would have been interesting to see what would have happened with Sehorn and Cory Miller in there, and with a healthy Strahan. Hilliard was back this year. It could have been a great season with the Giants defense really controlling the game while the offensive unit grew and developed into a
stronger role as the year progressed."
That being said, we went off to interview Mikefan.

Mikefan was also very disappointed with the game.
"Well, the Packers gave it everything they had and the Giants gave it everything they had. Unfortunately, at least for this year, that results in a 37-3 Packer win.

Things went good for the Packers coming off their Monday night loss.
They discovered a running game with Darick Holmes who had 27 carries for 111 yards, and a touchdown.

That was almost as much as the Giants gained in the air and on the ground, which was 127 yards. That's how bad things went for the Giants

The Packers also might have discovered a rookie star defensive lineman in Vonnie Holiday who had an outstanding game. All in all, they put 37 points up on the board, and are now officially tuned up for their big game with Minnesota next week.
The Giants on the other hand can now deal with a quarterback controversy as they prepare to face off against the Eagles. Get ready to see if they will sink to the lower depths and take the next to last spot just over Washington.
Of course, if they do lose to the Eagles this coming week, even that will be hard to hold with San Francisco, Denver and Kansas City coming up."

We asked Mikefan if there was anything that looked good.
"The Giants gave up 37 points, scored only 3, gained only 127 yards while giving up 433. Time of possession was about 20 minutes compared to Green Bays 40. Third down efficiency was low as usual, 2 for 11.
What looks good right now is next year's draft pick."


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