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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 10
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 3 3 0 0 6
Dallas 3 3 3 7 16

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Next week - Green Bay:

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Well, we had a little dinner party get together the other night. Mikefan and Gamegirl were there as well as a few others.
Yes, believe it or not, Mikefan and Gamegirl can sit nicely at a table together and not throw food at each other.
It was before the Dallas game on Sunday, so there was a bit of optimism and the table talk went to a lot of other things besides football. There is a whole world out there to take notice of, and this group certainly does do that.

Unfortunately after the loss on Sunday, it looks like it will be a short football season for Giants fans this year, and there will be no family squabbles over the Thanksgiving Day turkey about playoff tickets.
Gamegirl's comments on the game?

"It looked like we had a good shot at winning that game. At halftime the score was tied at 6-6, and even though
Emmit Smith was running a good game, the Giants were able to keep the big points off the board, and their running game was working also."

We asked Gamegirl about the gameplay.
"Both teams were clearly not at their best, but were playing hard. The Cowboys kept getting the best field positions, and coupled with the Deion Sanders edge, it was just too much for the Giants to overcome."

Mikefan on the game:
"The story of this game comes down to the Giants playing a good game, but not good enough against a Dallas team that has resurfaced, and has now allowed a total of only 19 points over the last three weeks.

It didn't help the Giants that Strahan was limited to playing only on 3rd down pass situations due to his injury. As a result, the Giants recorded no sacks this game.
The gameplay went like this:
After holding the Dallas Cowboys to a 3 point opening drive, the defense got to rest a bit and watch as the offense mixed things up real good on an 11-play drive. It resulted in a field goal to tie, and it looked like both units of the Giants team showed up ready to play.
Unfortunately Emmit Smith showed up to play also, and he nailed down the Cowboy team rushing record early on."
He needed 95 yards to pass Tony Dorsett (12,036), and looked like the Emmit Smith of old as he picked up 106 in the first half alone.
He actually broke the record with a 32-yard run early in the second quarter and finished the game with a season high 163 yards on 29 carries. Sanders had two good returns in the first half of 19 and 31 yards, but still with all this, the score was tied at the half at 6-6.

As Gamegirl said, both teams were not at their best, but they have Deion Sanders, Emmit Smith had a mission for this game, and Aikman is back."
That seemed like lots of praise for the the Dallas team from Mikefan. He nodded and smiled.

"Look credit where credit is due, win or lose!
I Give credit to our defense which is not at full strength and still held the Cowboys to 9 points off of field goals until the forth quarter when they were too beaten down to stop the Cowboys 84 yard drive."
We chimed in that the defense also had to overcome all those bad field positions during the game.

"That's right." Mikefan said, before going on, "Including coming on the field after an uncommon fumble by Calloway at the Dallas 34.
Also credit goes out to
Gary Brown who put on his own running show. One long one of 41 yards, and he got his 10th career 100-yard game and second in four weeks with 119 yards on 15 carries. All this since Fassel made him the running back of choice a few weeks ago."

This is important, because the Giants need to win almost every remaining game, hoping that Dallas does poorly from here on out to make it into the playoffs. Taking it one step at a time, Greenbay is bad at stopping the run."
Thoughts on next week's game Mikefan?

"Greenbay is coming off a Monday night loss, with a short week, and the Giants secret weapon is that it's hard for a contending team to take a 3-6 team seriously."


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