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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Week 7
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cardinals 0 7 0 0 7
Giants 7 10 10 7 34

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Gamegirl had a great day at the Meadowlands.
Everything was just perfect, including the weather and the outcome. She took her boyfriend (Jetfan) with her since her nephew suddenly couldn't make it (You see what happens to the young fans when the team plays like garbage for an extended period of time). Jetfan thinks her seats are great, and this time out, he had to wear a Giants hat and Tee-shirt.

"None of that green stuff for the Giants game." Gamegirl was decked out in her own Giant's ensemble. "I had my shirt, pants and hat, and my Giants lunchbag with me. Even a Giants Band-Aid", she added.
That last one caught us. You buy Giants Band-Aids? How about aspirins? Do you have any Giants aspirins in the medicine cabinet?

"Look, it was a give-away item this one time.", she replied.
We wonder about that. One day we'll have to sneak in and rummage through the place to see what other wonderful Giants items lie about.
"Hey, do you want to talk about the game now?" Gamegirl asked impatiently. We yielded on the Giants souvenir stuff, and she went on.

"It should be billed as 'The Return of the Giants'. They played like they should have all season long. There was a lot of excitement in the stands when Danny Kanell passed for those three touchdowns."
That matches his best output on touchdowns, and he also had a career high 259 yards and no turnovers, we added.
Gamegirl continued, "Gary Brown was looking good as he plowed away for some real yardage and for ball control time after time."

He gained a season high 108 yards on 24 carries, and that's the first time a New York back went over 100 yards this season.
Gamegirl nodded in agreement, "Yes, t
he offense showed that it was really in the game. The defense was there just as they usually are, and they really kept the pressure up. I think they got eight sacks."

Gamegirl was right about that, and Arizona was held to just 194 total yards, only 62 on the ground.

"Yes, the Giants are back!"

Mikefan seemed to have his own opinion on that.
"I see what Gamegirl said, but I don't buy it. All I can say is that you get a totally different perspective at the game. I know Gamegirl has good seats, but seeing the close-up shots of the Arizona players on the big screen, it looked like they were there to take their medicine. I would watch them line up, and if you read their faces, you came up with, 'Ok we're in position. Now go ahead and kill us.'
That team is so programmed to losing against the Giants, they can't accept even the thought of having any kind of chance against them."

"No, I'll disagree with Gamegirl here. The Cards just lay down in the mere presence of the Giants and we walked away with a win. Whether or not the Giants can fool themselves and use this easy win to get on the right track remains to be seen. I know the game numbers all look good for the Giants, and the only weakness seemed to be Tiki Barber dropping those passes. It kind of went unnoticed the way the Giants were steamrolling over the Cards."

"There's a whole week off of recovering from injuries and thinking nice thoughts before the Giants face Washington, and maybe they'll be able to come away from that game with even more confidence.
I guess it's not all that bad if the Giants go into the rough part of the season with an attitude of 'I think I can. I think I can. I think I can'."

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Team W L T PCT PF PA Home Away AFC NFC DIV Streak
UP Dallas 4 3 0 .571 174 115 2-1 2-2 0-2 4-1 3-0 L1
UP NY Giants 3 4 0 .429 146 152 2-2 1-2 1-1 2-3 2-1 W1
UP Arizona 3 4 0 .429 108 155 2-1 1-3 0-2 3-2 1-2 L1
UP Philadelphia 1 6 0 .143 79 162 1-2 0-4 0-4 1-2 1-1 L1
UP Washington 0 7 0 .000 93 227 0-3 0-4 0-2 0-5 0-3 L7


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