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Mikefan Gamegirl Reviews

Game 1
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Redskins 7 3 7 7 24
Giants 0 10 21 0 31

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Next week - The Oakland Raiders:
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Gamegirl didn't quite make it to the stadium. It seems that a 40ft Catalina and a three day weekend got in her way. She did get in touch with us by phone though. "I was squeezing in a bit of sun and sailing. After all, this was the last big weekend of the summer." Well, how was it we inquired.
"There was some good sailing at times, and the sun was no where near as hot here as that 120 degrees at the Meadowlands." It looked as though Gamegirl wasn't about to disappoint us and she was going to be able to report on the game, long holiday weekend or not.

She continued, "Of course I was happy that the Giants won the first game of the season at home, even if I couldn't be there in person, and it was nice to see them put 31 points up there on the scoreboard."
"A lot of people have the Redskins favored to finish over the Giants this season, so I'd say we're off to a good start." We asked what she thought of Jason Sehorn's replacement, Conrad Hamilton. "He did a real decent job. They were trying to see what they could get away with throwing to his side, and he's trying to fill some awfully big shoes. The rest of the defense was great too, and Michael Strahan was awesome."
How about next week? "The Raiders are a tricky team. You always have to watch out for them. Just because they're coming off a bad opening game doesn't mean that you can count them out." Then she broke away from the phone for a moment and mentioned something about supper, so we let her go for this week.

"Hey, when do I get a vacation around here?" Mikefan inquired after reading his counterparts review. We assured him that Gamegirl's sailing venture wasn't an all expenses paid kind of thing on us, and he quieted right down. Besides, we know that he's snuck off and done some sailing himself from time to time.
Mikefan got serious, "It was a good first game for the Giants.
The confidence and intensity of the Giants defense was really something to see, and you can sense that it's spreading to the offense.
They still have a problem sustaining long drives though. The running game is marginally better, but it's not enough, and there are those dropped balls. It was great to see Kanell hit Ike Hilliard with a few passes, and at least now the quarterback position seems to be solid. The special teams play hasn't improved, and the opposition knows that there is a soft spot where Jason Seahorn used to be, though Conrad Hamilton did a good job."
Mikefan paused as he referred to his notes. I'll take a win on opening day, but lets not forget that 21 of the 31 points came off of turnovers. The eight sacks didn't hurt either, and still the Giants won this game by only seven points.
You add it all up with that big 0 points in the forth quarter, and you have to worry. What I mean is that somewhere down the line, the offense has to carry and win a game on their own if the Giants expect to win the division again against this tougher competition.
Does he have any opinion on Wheatly not being played. "Most definitely. If you don't activate a guy like that when he's healthy, especially when you need help in the position he plays, it means one of two things. He's either gone, or is being treated to one big last chance warning. I think they want to see some real commitment from this guy.
The coaches will be happy to see him hit the holes fast and hard and plow straight through with everything he has."
How about this week's matchup. "Gamegirl is right about the Raiders. As I remember, they have a tendency to win the games you don't expect them to. They're always a surprise, and we have a young team that hopefully isn't too overconfident after the Redskins win. The Giant's face Dallas the week after the Raider game, and the trick here is for the players to keep their head in the game."

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